WIN The Perfect Christmas Stocking Fillers – Spotner and Milky Foot

Are you struggling with ideas of what to buy for a good friend, sister, mum or special other for Christmas this year? Then treat them from head to toe with Milky Foot Exfoliating Pads and Spotner Sunspot Corrector Pens.

Milky Foot Exfoliating Pads

Milky Foot is a luxurious at-home pedicure treatment, which removes hardened skin through its intense peeling action after just one application. No effort required. No tiresome foot filing or messy ointments. Milky Foot’s handy little foot exfoliation socks do all the work for you.

Milky Foot’s formulation uses almond milk (mandelic acid) to help fast-track treatment time. In just 45-60 minutes, feet will start to feel the softening benefits of the salicylic acid-free formulation, that’s especially tailored for sensitive skin.


Milky Foot boasts a 3D fitted boot that helps maintain contact between feet and the cooling formulation, providing a more comfortable and rapid treatment.

Once treatment is complete, the intense peeling effect takes place from about 3-5 days after first application and is usually complete and at its optimum in only a week.

Spotner Sunspot Corrector Pens

Spotner Sunspot Corrector Pen revolutionises the treatment of sun spots or age spots. Spotner’s precision pen applicator and unique formulation combine to visibly reduce the appearance of these spots. With a simple twice daily treatment, results may be seen in as little as two to three weeks.

Spotner contains hexylresorcinol – the next generation in age spot correction along with a combination of botanical extracts and alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA’s) to gently accelerate exfoliation and skin regeneration without irritation.

Spotner Two Pack  Pen 20NOV13 Light

And unlike creams and lotions, Spotner’s precision pen applicator targets the treatment exactly where you want it – on the sun spot, so there’s no ring or halo effect.

With Spotner, you can treat your sun or age spots at‐home easily and effectively without the need for expensive and timely salon treatments such as laser therapy, chemical peels or microdermabrasion.


Milky Foot is available in regular or large sizes nationally in pharmacies inc. Priceline or Chemist Warehouse ($29.95). For more info

Spotner is available in pharmacies nationally inc. Chemist Warehouse in 2 version: Spotner Hands & Body and Spotner Face & Decolleté a gentler more delicate formulation for those sensitive areas (RRP $29.95 each).  For more info

We have 1 x Milky Foot Regular and 1 x Spotner Hands & Body and Spotner Face & Decolleté to give away valued at $89.85. If you would like to win this pack tell us in the comments section below your number one beauty secret.

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119 thoughts on “WIN The Perfect Christmas Stocking Fillers – Spotner and Milky Foot

  1. For general skin care make sure you eat plenty of the right foods, your skin reflects your diet. Plenty of fresh apricots and fleshy fruits in my diet always makes my skin look and feel better. Not sure if that is the flushing effect or the goodness of the fruit….Of course there is what you put on your skin too, but if the diet isn’t right, nothing will make you look your best. For more beautiful feet, get out of those tight shoes! Air your feet as much as possible and keep them clean, dry and moisturised.

  2. Mix a bit of salt in your dollop of facial wash, and use this to wash your face twice daily. It has really balanced the PH of my skin, and I hardly ever get rashes or skin irritations since doing this 3 months ago!

  3. I too keep my feet well moisturised with a no frills body lotion. Before bed apply the lotion then put on cotton socks. My feet are always well nourished and kept smooth

  4. I moisturise my feet every night and give myself a pedicure to get rid of dry skin at least once a week

  5. Avocado oil! It does just about everything you can imagine. I use it as a hair mask to hydrate and moisturise my hair. I mix it with water to remove makeup and I even use it on face when my skin is dry!

  6. An oldie but a goodie which I adore is a glass of warm water with a good squeeze of fresh lemon as soon as I get up.

  7. Nourish and hydrate your skin from the inside out. I think how your skin looks is a direct reflection of what you are putting into your body. I try to drink more water and eat a diet rich in anti oxidants, lots of berries, add chia seeds in my smoothies for that natural radiant healthy glow!

  8. 2 cups of baking soda, two cups of listerine and two cups of hot water and soak your feet for 10 minutes to help remove dead skin from your feet and moisturise them but leave some on the skin and place socks on over night.

  9. I follow a skincare routine of moisturiser,toner and cleanser everyday without fail,always remove my make-up before going to bed and use sunscreen.

  10. No one beauty secret is never ever go outside without protection from the UVRays of the sun always use sunscreen.

  11. Mix a teaspoon of honey through your conditioner before applying it to your hair. When rinsed off it creates a beautiful lusture to your hair and oh so soft.

  12. I always get up about 5am, have a glass of warm water and go for a walk for 40 to 60 minutes which gets me energised for the day.. When I get home I have a glass of cold filtered water and a cool shower. I drink water all day

  13. Looking after my feet is important to me, they carry me every I want see. Whether I’m dancing or maybe just prancing using Spotner and Milky feet would be a real treat. Such luxury for li’l ol me!

  14. I use a foot scrub lotion and foot file in the shower to eradicate dead, flaky skin and once dry, before bed, put on a foot cream. This keeps my twinkies lovely and soft and gone are dry calloused feet!

  15. I love to make my own DIY AHA mask, just like the original beauty queen, Cleopatra. Simply juice some fresh papaya and pineapple, and apply to your face for 15 minutes, then rinse. You will love the silky smooth result.

  16. I use a repair balm around my eyes every night to stop winkles and I look younger than I am I get asked for ID

  17. For me right now my number one tip is “Don’t squeeze because it just leads to more frustration and acne scars!”

  18. i’ve found the perfect way to keep your feet feeling fresh and relaxed i use macadamia oil every night, its great for your face too you only need a small drop, its also great on wrinkles. i also found that it help when me son had hives, it seemed to stop the itching and visibly reduce the hives in a shorter time than the prescribed creams

  19. I put my feet up every night and even when I iron most days I sit down not the best way but it gives my feet a bit of a reprieve which they need after work

  20. This will sound really cliche… but happiness is my number one beauty secret! I can spend hours on my appearance, but I’ve noticed that the times I’ve received the most compliments are when I’m glowing from within with happiness.

  21. I moisturise A LOT but my number 1 tip is to do something youthful that invigorates me from the inside, like blowing bubbles in the park with my kids!

  22. A healthy diet, exercise everyday and drink lots of water, all make me feel and look healthy on the inside and out. Also drinking green tea makes me feel and look great.

  23. As much as it’s tempting to stand under a long, hot shower try to resist the urge. The hot water will begin to compromise your skin’s lipid layer that holds in precious moisture. Turn down the heat or shorten your shower time, and moisturise straight after the shower while your skin is still damp, using a cream that creates a barrier to stop moisture from evaporating. Also apply a creamy-based mask once a week as a moisture booster.

  24. My beauty secret is simply – SLEEP. And plenty of it. A good nights rest will make you look and feel great.

  25. Nourish your inner child by playing every day and seeing the magic in everything. It makes you glow like nothing else can!

  26. I was putting rich night cream under my eyes before bed but I created little lumps. Beauticians have since explained that the eye area is very delicate and only specialised eye creams should be used.

  27. I think there is nothing more beautiful than a great smile. So my beauty secret is to make a paste of baking soda and a little lemon juice and use as a whitening toothpaste. It’s so much cheaper than commercial products and is just as affective, plus best of all, you probably already have these items in your home. The baking soda works as a natural abrasive and the lemon juice helps to whiten the teeth. If done on a regular basis there will be a noticeable difference in the colour of your teeth. Then go out and smile with confidence…. there’s nothing more beautiful that that!

  28. water, water, water – most people (including me) don’t drink enough water. If you’re well hydrated everything is better, your skin looks fresher and younger, your brain works better and you don’t eat so much by confusing thirst and hunger.

  29. Eyes and skin radiate beauty. Drink lots of water, keep out of the sun, get lots of sleep and smile with your eyes.

  30. Flax seed oil is the holy grail of lash boosters. It contains vitamins, lecithin and several omega fatty acids which stimulate growth and repair damage. Dab a bit on your eyeline every night to get lashes that would make the likes of the Kardashian clan quiver in their Louboutin heels! Bless x

  31. Keep your hair scrupulously clean and well cut, ensure your nails and feet are always well cared for, and somehow it doesn’t matter if you have no makeup on, you still look presentable!

  32. Cleansing the face but especially at night to rid me of the dirt & grime from the day & always use SPF don’t want any nasty skin cancers appearing.

  33. Number one beauty secret is water. When you are hydrated your skin looks 100 times better, even on those days when you have had a late night

  34. Mix brown sugar and water and honey together to make a paste , great exfoliater to remove dead skin on hands and feet.

  35. No matter how tired you are at the end of the day, always remove all of your make-up before going to bed. It only takes a minute to do and then make sure you do use an eye cream around the whole eye and night time moisturiser. Start this routine in your teens and you will see the benefits as you get older.

  36. I keep two teaspoons in the freezer, and if I wake up with dark circles or puffy eyes, I pop them over my eyelids for 10 seconds and waalaah, my eyes look fresh again.

  37. I think the most important thing to remember is to take the time hydrate & moisturise. Being well hydrated helps your body flush out toxins and gives you a natural glow While moisturising on top of this gives you the perfect base for any beauty regime!

  38. Change your moisturizer when the season changes.
    Skin has different needs and it will ensure you are always looking your best!

  39. I use olive oil for my hair leave for 30 minute wrap your hair in a warm towel then wash as normal good for dry hair .For my spot on my hand I rub lemon on it leave for 10 minutes and then wash it off.

  40. Most importantly ensure your shoes fit correctly. It they are too tight across your toes they can be bent at joint/s. About 3 years ago my feet were swollen during Summer and my shoes became tight so I am stating this from experience. Unfortunately the latest designs of Ladies’ shoes imcluding sports ones have narrow toes width. Apparently Podiatrists have been seeing more patients as a result of this.
    It is important to mositurise your feet regularly, also remove “dead” skin.
    Routines are essential for your health and well-being.
    On all exposed skin, not just your face apply a good quality moisturiser containing Suncreen SPF30+ or stronger. Some cosmetics contain Sunscreen SPF30+.
    Drink plenty of water. Not only does it keep the inside of your body hydrated it helps your skin too.

  41. We’ve only got one body, the same one that our kids rely on for so many things, for a shoulder to cry on when it comes to friends and the one that we take pride to dress up when there’s important occasion to go to do its only apt to treat it well too

  42. My beauty secret is being healthy on the inside so that it shows on the outside: drinking plenty of water and eating lots of fruit & veggies is my #1 secret!

  43. I laugh every day, and give thanks for all that I have. By doing this, I have a genuine smile, a positive attitude, and I glow from the inside out.


  45. Sleep. Lack of can make everything sluggish,from within, to the outside.A 20 min power nap makes a huge difference, and it shows!

  46. I never use soap on my face instead I use sorbolene it makes my face
    feel wonderfully soft and supple without the tightening feel that soap gives.

  47. MILKYFOOT– just the perfect pumping m “tootsies” need after pounding the pavements Christmas shopping…. and Spotner Sunspot Corrector Pens: just what my Mum needs after years of exposure to the terrifying tropical sun.

  48. My beauty secret was told to me by my Mum who sadly passed away this year. She said ‘If the house looks better than you do you are doing something wrong’ Words to live by!

  49. My number one beauty secret is to be confident in your own skin and let your naturally beautiful skin shine through!

  50. External beauty is 70% what you put on the inside. Sleep and good nutrition is essential for great skin. And also take acting lessons or think good thoughts always, because anger, for example, can make the most beautiful face off-putting.

  51. Live your life as enthusiastically as you did when you were five! Wide eyed and excitable – that kind of youth is eternal!

  52. Exfoliate your body from head to toe each week to remove dead skin and open up pores so it lets the moisturiser in.

  53. My feet are always rough but I don’t like using rough pumice stones or similar on them. I would love to try Milky foot and I would give my mum the corrector pen.

  54. Use Milky Foot products on a regular basis, they’re best for at home pedicures. They’re the easiest way to look after your feet.

  55. Sunscreen is queen!
    protection is always better than cure,
    so slathering on the sunscreen,
    means my skin stays youthful,
    and I’m happy to be seen.

  56. Prevent dead-skin pileup by using a pumice stone for your feet and an exfoliation scrub for your body when you shower.

  57. You can’t drink too much milk for your skin, or miss using those Milky Feet. My spotty bits on arms & hands need to go away as well.

  58. Beauty comes from within and if you can be a thoughtful, kind and happy person those traits will come through your every cell and the beauty will be priceless 🙂

  59. When driving don’t forget to put sunscreen on arms and back of hands , as they are exposed to th sun while driving

  60. Beauty is inner deep
    To make you shine get lots of sleep
    Laugh a lot do not stress
    lifes meant for fun ignore the mess

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