Our feet are one part of our body that deserves a bit of extra TLC but are so often neglected. If you suffer from hardness and cracking on the soles of your feet, we have found two products that will help to bring back the softness.

The Milky Foot Exfoliating Pads is the first step, and as the name suggests it is quite an intensive treatment that exfoliates your skin to remove any rough patches.

After washing your feet, they are placed inside the Milky Foot pads with your socks on top. It is important that you schedule some relaxation time for this process because once you have them on you need to wait 60-90 minutes. Please note, you will need to rinse your hands and feet to remove any of the solution.

milky foot

When a few days have passed (the instructions state 5-10 days which is pretty accurate), you will start to notice some peeling  and your feet might look a bit strange, don’t panic because it is completely normal and means the product is doing it’s job. Once the process has finished you will be left with silky soft feet…I can certainly notice a the difference!

It can take 2-3 weeks for the peeling to stop, if you have a big event planned I would recommend doing the Milky Foot Intense Exfoliating Foot Pad treatment well in advance.

The second, and new, product is the Milky Foot Essence. For best results, you should use it in conjunction with the exfoliating pads (after the peeling has finished), but you can use it on its own if your feet aren’t too bad. It comes in a glass bottle with a medicine dropper. Used twice a day you apply a few drops and gently massage it into the affected areas on your feet.

MilkyFoot Essence

The Foot Essence gives your dry feet a softness boost and will become a summer essential as you wear open shoes! I will continue to use this every day, it makes a difference and is quick and easy to apply.

Milky Foot Exfoliating Pads and Milky Foot Essence are available in Priceline stores nationally for $29.95 each.

25 Members of our Beauty Chick Chat Panel are currently testing the Milky Foot range from Bio Revive. Please read their comments below – or add your own if you have tried either of these products!

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64 thoughts on “BEAUTY CHICK CHAT: Milky Foot

  1. This girl on a mission finally sat still for a full 90 minutes as the Milky Foot booties went to work on my feet. Easy to use, and quite nice sitting back having my feet in warm squelchy bags for a while. The smell was OK, but not the nicest in the world. Now that I’ve washed it all off, my feet feel dry and horrible.. All I want to do is slather them in moisturiser, and a fluffy pair of socks as I do each night before bed, but am reluctant to do so as the instructions don’t say whether it should or shouldn’t be done (immediate moisturising), so best not take any chances because I don’t want to possibly ruin the process and outcome. I’m really concerned though that ‘to much skin’ is going to come off, and it will hurt or bleed. Time will tell 🙂

  2. I put the Milky Foot Exfoliating Pads on last night it felt a little strange at first , it felt a little squishy but got used to it after a while. The smell didn’t really bother me too much its ok could be improved . Iam looking forward to the peeling process as i have some really rough and cracked heals. I did not put any moisturizer as im not sure either, could you please email me regarding this matter. Looking forward to trying the Foot care essence. Thank You. 🙂

  3. I just ignored mine and eventually they sorted themselves out and now feel lovely – but I will check with BioRevive to find out what is allowed xx

  4. I was excited to receive Milky Foot to try as have never had much success using a pumice stone to remove the hard skin from under my tired old feet. I found the product super easy to use. I tore open the plastic gel filled slippers and slipped my footie’s in. I forgot to wear socks over the top of them as instructed and found the slippers had leaked, but enjoyed putting my feet up for just alittle over a restful therapeutic hour. The gel washed off easily and I cannot wait until 5-10 days for the peeling transformation to begin.

  5. I was really excited to be chosen as a participant in this product trial as I’ve hard rather ugly looking callouses on the soles of my feet since I was a teenager. The Milky Foot packaging is really quite appealing although I felt quite nervous when I seen the picture of the peeling feet as to me that looks quite painful and not something that I would want to willingly subject myself to!
    The instructions on the packaging where straight forward and easy to follow although I think it would be a good idea if the sachet inside also had the instructions written in English and not just pictures.
    I slipped the little booties on with a pair of socks over the top and sat quietly for 90 minutes, they felt quite dangerous to walk in as they were very slippery. There’s not much to report about this stage of the process as you can’t feel anything happening, so I guess I will have to keep waiting a few more days and see what happens. So far the skin on my feet doesn’t look any different. But I shall be keeping a close eye on them over the following days.
    I’m a little anxious about how they will look when they start peeling as the weather is rather hot here at the moment and I don’t want to have to wear covered shoes when I’m out in public. Also will I wake up in the morning and find bits of skin in my bed? LOL
    Thanks Beauty and Lace and BioRevive for this great opportunity.

  6. Thanks for choosing me to trial these products Beauty and lace… I love the opportunities offered to us, and the Carmex lip-balm trial was one of the greatest things to road test!

    However, when I received the milky foot products, I realised the exfoliant was nothing like I’d imagined and you could not control where it was applied to. I read the instructions, and it said to consult a doctor if you had any open wounds & even sensitive skin… I did so, and unfortunately I have been advised that I am not to use the exfoliant as I have an open wound on one foot – an issue that is not likely to be resolved soon. Not only that, but I did find the picture of the peeling skin/feet very off-putting and would advise Milky Foot that perhaps the picture will not drive their sales.

    So I have opted to go straight to trialling the Milky Care foot care Essence, with assistance of an emery board/pumice stone before application. I hope this will not exclude me from any future trials, as I have followed the instructions & medical advice – and will in future and as you would have noted with the previous trial, provide[d] detailed reviews (with follow-up impressions). As such, I will post my impressions of the Milky Foot foot Care Essence soon 🙂

  7. I gave these Milky Foot Exfoliating Pads a go last night. The picture of the peeling feet on the box looks a bit painful so Im hoping its not. I put the gel socks on and my socks over the top, waited 90 mins and washed them well. The smell is kind of like diluted nail polish remover, not extremely pleasant but not unbearable. After washing gel off my feet I found my feet to be dry and hard in places that they werent before but Im keen to see if these will work. Also the instructions on the box are not in english – lucky they pictures but maybe they could put them in english too.

    Will update again when something happens.

    1. I am still waiting for my feet to stop peeling. They started peeling about 2-3 days after the initial exfoliating pads were used. They have almost stopped now so in the next day or so I will try the foot care essence. I didnt think they would peel for this long and I must say it has been very unattractive, the skin that peeled first isnt overly soft anymore compared to the freshly peeled skin. But I havent lost all hope yet, will update again when the next step is done.

      1. Ok so I have been using the Foot Care Essence and I’m a little bit dissapointed. I found that they weren’t any softer then after the peel was done. Could be just my feet so it’s worth trying.

  8. I put the Milky Foot Exfoliating Pads on last night. As instructed, I left the get socks on for 90 minutes. They made my feet feel tingly all over and I wasn’t too impressed with the smell. My feet now feel very dry and I am so looking forward to using the Foot Car Essence.

    1. Well, what an experience, the peeling was amazing and now with the foot care essence, my feet and so soft. I haven’t had soft heels like this for a very long time. Thank you for the experience, I highly recommend this product.

  9. Used the Milky Foot Exfoliating Pads yesterday. Pretty straight-forward to use, kept the pads on for 90mins, the liquid on the pads was very strong smelling but not overly bad. Have not noticed any difference to my dry heels as yet but it does say it should happen in 5-10 days, hopefully it will work because I have been battling dry, cracked heels and callouses for a long time.

    1. six days since ive used the Milky Food Exfoliating Pads, have noticed no difference at all, no skin peeling off as yet …..

  10. Oh gosh..I havent received mine as yet but 90mins with my feet up sounds wonderful…lol
    Im guessing mine will arrive on Monday so i will report back on Monday night.

  11. Can’t wait to receive mine as I am dying to get the thick, hard skin off the bottom of my feet. Look forward to leaving my thoughts as soon as I can.

  12. I put the Milky Foot Exfoliating Pads yesterday, and it felt a little strange at first. I found the product super easy to use. I tore open the plastic gel filled slippers and slipped my feet in. The smell was not the nicest, and certainly could be improved.
    The gel washed off easily, but afterwards my feet felt very dry and also looked very dry! I am looking forward to the peeling process as I have some really rough and cracked heals, but on the other hand I am also quite concerned how much skin is going to come off, and how it will look – (to the point I was looking at the box for over a day before getting enough courage to trial!!) The next week is rather hot in Melbourne and I would hate having to wear closed shoes in 30-35C heat.
    Look forward to using the foot care essence.

  13. Thank you for choosing me to trial this product!
    I received it with thanks on Friday and am in the process of using it tonight… I cannot wait to give some feedback in the next fortnight I am so hopeful that this product works on stubborn callouses and dryness it will be an absolute God send!

  14. I tried the Milky Foot Exfoliating Pads yesterday and my feet feel lighter already, the exfoliant worked almost immediately.

    The squishy slippers were great to sit back and put my feet up, easy to use though I’d definitely recommend using with the windows open as the smell is slightly off putting – that’s my only gripe.

    I’m a little worried that the peeling effect will be quite intense – like someone else has mentioned, it’s going to be a hot week next week and I’m slightly worried about leaving a trail of dead, flaky skin wherever I walk… Hopefully this isn’t the case – Stay Tuned! 🙂

  15. I tried the milky foot exfoliating pads. there were weird to wear around the house and a bit slippery.
    just waiting on the peeling process now hopefully it happens quickly. my feet feel dry and grose at the moment

    all very easy to use.

  16. Hi ladies, glad you all have your Milky Foot pamper packs and are trialling them. Please note a few things 1) if you have actually put your feet up on a couch or foot stool whilst using the booties, it won’t work as effectively as all the gel runs to the heel of your foot so you may only get peeling there. 2) Keep your feet flat on the floor. 3) If you can’t wait and want to enhance the peeling process, soak your feet in warm soapy water each night until they start to peel. 4) Some people will peel a heap more than others and that’s just the way it goes – we don’t have a panacea for everyone! The pads work ok on my own feet but the Essence works brilliantly for me. 5) Try to hold off using the Essence until all the peeling has stopped – it’s kind of pointless using the 2 at the same time as the dead skin has to be shed. 5) Unfortunately the peeling might be more obvious on some people than others but you can always do step 3) and peel the skin off yourself. Good luck ladies and can’t wait to hear more.

  17. Thanks Beauty & Lace for the opportunity to trial these. I liked the packing (apart from the lack of English) but the pictures made them simple to follow. The fragrance wasn’t the nicest but once on the gel was quite soothing. After finding the best position to place my feet, flat on the floor I chilled and let them do their job. I found after I washed my feet they were extremely hard, but I resisted the urge to nourish. They still feel hard so I can’t wait until the 5-10 days to be up to use the foot care essence. I would have thought that they would have some in a small size, (only Regular and Large). They were miles to big for my feet (size 6 shoes). Maybe they should put a self adhesive tab on the back and on the top to make the foot pads fit more snug. Look forward to reading more feedback. Cheers Jan

    1. Well, the peeling process was an experience. I think I became a bit OCD when this started and kept peeling away. My heels, soles and toes were amazing. The serum left my feet feeling so soft and smooth that I made it last for as along as possible. It is around 2 weeks since I finished the serum but my feet are still smooth and soft. What a great product “I just love Milky Feet” and would recommend it to everyone. Thanks heaps that was great fun.

  18. Tried the Milky Foot Exfoliating Pads on Friday night, were very easy to use but one size does not fit all and would be great if they made a slightly smaller size as well. The instructions on the back of the box were easy to understand but would be interested to know if you could reuse the product if needed to apply a second application after 2 weeks if the skin on your feet still feels hard in places as the instructions state. After washing off the gel my feet felt very soft and still feel soft after 3 days so far. The smell isn’t the most pleasant but you get used to it and didn’t bother me at all. Am looking forward to the peeling process as have tried many products that say will work in a short time but never seem to work that well. Will keep you posted after the 5-10 days to see if this product really works as well as it says.

    1. The peeling started around 6 days after using the product. Did not bother wearing enclosed shoes as too hot for that. I have not had any problems with peeling, my worse section was my heels which were getting very hard and thick but since usingthese Milky Pads I no longer have this anymore and also have very smooth heels now which I am extremely happy about. Have not tested the Exfolitating Essence as it says to start after 2 1/2 weeks which will be next week. Will keep you posted as to what I think of this once started. But again am very impressed with the Milky Pads.

      1. Have started to use the Exfoliating Essence for a number of days now and am happy with this product. Am still peeling in parts even after starting the Exfoliating Pads nearly 4 weeks ago. Have found the Essence is keeping my feet soft during the day and is also helping with the peeling process. I am not sure that I would pay $29.95 for this, maybe if it was a few dollars cheaper I would buy the Essence all the time if it helps with the cracked heels.

  19. Thanks so much for the opportunity to try these. It’s always been on my list of things to do!
    Like everyone else I have relished the opportunity to put my feet up for an hour and a half. The slippers were extremely easy to apply and fit my feet well as soon as I put my socks on over the top. The smell didn’t bother me that much. Am looking forward to the results but am also worried about the peeling and how much it will be. Guess I’ll be wearing socks to bed for the next few weeks!!
    I have to agree at this stage that it would be helpful to have english instructions on the actual packaging as well.

  20. I like the cute pink writing on the package. The product was easy to apply after tearing the top of the outer silver pack, then cutting along the line of the inside packaging. You slip the plastic booties on, slip some normal socks over them and sit for an hour to let it do it’s magic. Rinse off in warm water and you are done.

    No unpleasant sensations or odours from the product.

    I will be interested to see when my hardened skin starts peeling off.

  21. Hi again, as I couldn’t use the Exfoliant pads due to a wound (but don’t worry, I am passing them onto my aunt who will write a review for you which I will also post here) I have already started trialling the Foot Care Essence.

    It is day 3 and already, despite the extreme heat and thongs/flip-flops, my feet feel much softer. I used a emery board on the first day before use, and will probably touch up with that again soon, but even without touching up the skin feels noticeably smoother and moisturised. The smell is appealing, yet natural (flower essences etc). This is something I always find favourable in such a product. The bottle with the dropper is very easy to use and apply. The essence absorbs into the skin quite quickly, with no fuss.

    Although, when used alone, the product is not an immediate fix for cracked heels, I did find that it actually helps speed up the skin repair process. I had a hard fold of skin which I had to cut off to smooth out the appearance of my feet, and usually the skin stays a little uneven for a while if you do that. However, the foot care essence actually smoothed this right over and you can barely see where this was. The heels haven’t become any more cracked even with open shoes & extremely hot weather, and I’ll be interested to see if, with continued use, this will last into the full week and longer. I’m hopeful for this product Ladies, and will provide an update later down the track.

  22. Hi,
    Thanks Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to try out Milky Foot. I have always had the worst dry, cracked heels and feet, so I’m really hoping this system does work.
    I received my Milky Foot yesterday, so I used the exfoliation booties last night, I sat with my feet up for 90 mins. It is the weirdest feeling, the plastic booties are so cold and gluggy and it feels even weirder when I placed my socks overtop.
    It was very easy to use, a little messy as the moist product kind of got everywhere but that’s easy to wipe away. Easy to wash off afterwards. So now I’m just waiting, hoping to see my feet begin to peel in a few days or so. Fingers crossed it works.xxxx

  23. Last night I tried the milkyfoot.
    I wasn’t worried that the bootie packs didn’t have writing in English on them as i felt the instructions on the box were pretty straight forward and easy to understand.
    Putting the milky foot booties on was initially cold and uncomfortable but that only lasted for a few seconds. I didn’t mind the smell as it wasn’t over powering and you only have to deal with it when putting the booties on and taking them off so it wasn’t like it was an issue. I sat for the full hour and a half. Last night i had a crazy dream that all my nails had fallen off…lol…they haven’t of course. So now my wait begins…my heels feel worse then before i applied the booties but i have faith this product will work.

  24. I’ll admit I was a bit put off by the “peeling for a few weeks” thought – but this would be excellent for those post-winter feet! I’m used to much more vigourous exfoliations and pedicures, so it was a little strange to just sit and squelch, but my feet have already peeled off a layer or two and some cracks which have been there forever may just have to go! I’m looking forward to using the essence and cracking out the sandals again.
    I would definitely use Milky Foot again – just not in the middle of summer!

    1. Ok, loved the second part! The Milky Foot Essence was delightful and has delivered milky-soft feet! I would love to keep using it to “maintain” and then crack (haha) out the booties before summer for my pretty pretty feet, but I’m all out 🙁
      I will use this again!

  25. Thanks for the Trial Beauty and Lace

    I finally got round to trying this baby out! The box is a bit scary to be honest when it talks about peeling skin… but I’m counting on milky foot to work. The smell is bearable. It just all feels so strange! Placing my feet in the booties was the strangest sensation! I’m excited to see the final product and have some soft feet in a few weeks 🙂

  26. Thank you to Beauty and Lace for letting me trial Milky Foot. I sat down with the box and instructions (albeit that they weren’t in English, but could still follow the steps with the images provided), and the peeling images on the box were a bit scary!
    Anyway, putting on the booties felt strange and a bit uncomfortable, and the smell took a bit to get used to, but I did have trouble with the sizing, as I have a size 10 foot and the booties themselves were a bit on the small side for me. After keeping the booties on for 90 minutes, I then rinsed them off and am now waiting for the peeling process. My feet did feel dry afterwards and I really wanted to moisturise them, but held back, as it wasn’t in the instructions. Not sure how it’s going to fare, as the weather is quite warm at the moment, and having to wear enclosed shoes all the time does worry me! Maybe a trial during winter would have been more appropriate given the current temperatures!. Will give more feedback shortly.

    1. Well, it hasn’t even been 10 days, but the skin is starting to peel off my feet, which looks quite horrible, but feels wonderful! After reading some of the other users comments, I will wait a little longer before I start using the Exfoliating Essence, as per instructions. Not happy to wear closed in shoes during summer, but will endure for a little while more!

      Stay tuned for more to come.

      1. So, it’s been almost 3 weeks since I starting using the Milky Foot Exfoliating Pads, and am now using the Exfoliating Essence. It is so nice to be finally moisturising my feet after all this time, as they had become quite dry and flaky. I am now onto my 4th day using the Essence, and am noticing how smooth and good my feet look and feel.
        Thanks to Beauty and Lace for giving me this chance to try this product out, but I don’t think that this product is suitable for everyone, especially during the hot summer months.

  27. 6 days after using the Milky Foot Intense Exfoliating Foot Pads my feet have started to peel.
    I actually started to think that nothing was going to happen at all.
    I guess we all like instant results.
    Im excited that things are now happening.
    Will be so wonderful to have lovely soft feet.

  28. Thanks so much for giving me the chance to trial this interesting product. I have been complaining of my dry feet for ages – so if Milky Feet work I’ll have a new routine – what better excuse than to relax and look after myself (or feet) for 60 – 90 minutes. Worried that I would not be able to move around I set myself up on the couch half way through a movie, with a cup of tea, phones, remotes and a book (should my movie finish before my treatment did). I read through the instructions again but then was a little worried what ‘keep your feet horizontal’ meant – was it legs and feet or just feet. I decided to keep my feet flat on the floor so I am hoping this is right. The squishy feeling when you place your feet into the slippers were actually pretty nice – weird but nice. The smell didn’t worry me and since rincing off my feet feel a little dry but refreshed. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next. Thanks again for the opportunity

    1. Hi All
      I have been using the Milky Foot Essence but haven’t really found much change. I didn’t have a great amount of peeling either after the exfoliating pads – even though I followed all directions, and nothing like I was expecting after the pictures enclosed with the packaging. The Essence is easy to use and smells ok , but I did have a little trouble the first few times getting the amount to use right – I got a few drops on the carpet as it rolled of my foor – but then that was just me…. Considering I do nothing to my feet normally I’m sure they have appreciated a little attention. Thanks again for letting me try it

  29. Milky Foot took effect after seven days. My feet started to peel, however they only slightly peeled and only around the areas on my feet which have hard skin. The actual hard skin did not peel off. 🙁 I followed the instructions by immersing my feet in warm water daily, to aid peeling, but not much happened. Am alittle disappointed. I have started using the Exfolitating Essence morning and evening and hope this helps to soften these hard, stubborn areas.

  30. Wow it’s been two weeks now and three days after using the exfoliating pads the skin on my heels lifted (painlessly) off, like enormous blisters. I was amazed! For the next few days the skin on my feet was coming off in chunks, except for the bottoms of my big toes which is really disappointing as they are the area’s of my feet with the hardest skin that needed this treatment. Peeling stopped earlier this week and I began using the foot care essence. It doesn’t moisturize my feet at all, leaving them feeling dry and horrid. To the point that I have to wash them and apply my usual moisturiser.
    The exfoliating pads are great (and amusing as on the side of the box it refers to feet as ‘feets’), but I’d not waste my time with the Essence again.

  31. Ok….WOW!!! When I read some comments regarding the foot peeling that occurs, I did note that people were saying that the peeling effect was quite amazing, but nothing prepared me for what actually happened.
    At first I though it wasn’t working for me, cos about 5 -6 days after using the exfoliating booties my feet still were just the same, no peeling at all, so I was beginning to think it wasn’t gonna happen. Then a couple of days after that (so this is like 7 days after using the booties), I was walking around the house and looked down for some reason, and I could see this “thing” hanging off the bottom of my foot, I thought something had gotten stuck there. So I went and sat down and lifted up my foot and MY God!!! My whole heel area was just skin hanging off. It looked like I had had a huge blister that popped. For about 5 days after that, I was peeling the biggest pieces of skin off my feet, it was unbelieveable. In between my toes, even reaching the top half of my foot. I’ve never experienced anything like it. And the skin that was underneath is so baby-bum soft. It’s now the 3rd of Feb and I used the booties on the 23rd Jan (so it’s been 11 days) and I still am getting little bits of skin here and there. I am unable to use the essence still as it says to wait for 3 weeks!!!
    One thing is that the Milky Foot Exfoliation didn’t work on my really tough parts of my feet, where I have really hard skin and build-up, these parts haven’t peeled at all, I’m hoping they will though.
    I would definately use this again, I love how soft the majority of my feet feel. Can’t wait to be able to use the essence so I can make the most out of the regime.

    1. Update: It’s now the 24th Feb, so I did the exfoliating booties now around a month ago. My feet are still peeling in bits and pieces here and there, no big pieces anymore, just little bits. I love the Milky Essence, it feels lovely when I use it on my feet, and I love that it absorbs and dries within 60 secs, so I can get up and walk around and not have to worry about moisturiser getting everywhere. My feet aren’t as soft as they were when they first began peeling, they’ve kind of started to harden up again, so I think I’ll definately use the exfoliating pads again in the future so I can keep up the care for my feet. They’ve been so dry and hard for so long that it will probably take a few goes to make a huge difference.

  32. Im starting to use the foot essence today and will report back after 3 days.
    My feet were so bad to start with that i think i actually needed to do a second Exfoliation as it does say on the box that some people may need to do it twice.

  33. Firstly, the exfoliating pads did just that – my feet peeled and the skin underneath – though slightly dry – was fresh and new, The pads got rid of the tough spots mainly around my heel which was fantastic.
    I tried using the Foot Essence a couple of days ago and wow! Love this product. It nourishes the skin amazingly, without the slimy feel of some moisturisers.
    Loved this product – if I had to narrow it down, I’d say that I preferred the Foot Essence simply because it wasn’t as messy or involved as the Exfoliating Pads.

    Both products worked amazingly, they did what they said they would and now, all I need is a fresh pedi and a cute pair of open toed flats to show my freshly groomed tootsies off! 🙂

  34. The Exfoliating Pads started to work and my feet started peeling after 7 days. However, they did not peel as much as I thought they would, and the very hard and tough skin on especially my heel and under my big toe hardy peeled off at all. I used the pads as instructed; leaving them on for 90mins, but sadly no large chunks of dry skin has come off my feet. As instructed, I tried help the peeling with warm foot bath, but it didn’t seem to make any difference. All in all, I have actually felt that my feet are drier and look worse than before using the pads, simply because they look so dry!
    It has now been 21 days, and today I have started using the Exfoliating Essence, and what a relief to finally be able to put some moisture back into your feet. A so much easier product o use, and without the mess of the exfoliating pads. I’m now hoping the Essence will make a difference.

  35. Hi again,

    The peeling process i did not like at all my feet are still peeling 3 weeks later and they are dry and horrible! i would rather pay 40 dollars to get myself an hour pedicure.

    unfortunately this product just didnt do anything for me

  36. When I first received the Milky Foot Products I thought that the packaging made the product look like it was something for babies and my 24 year old daughter asked me with some concern why i had stuff for babies in the bathroom…lol
    I applied the exfoliating pads one night while i sat watching tv for 90mins. It said on the box 60 – 90mins and i opted for the longer time as my heels and big toes were pretty bad. The exfoliating pads are more what i would have called booties. Its like putting your feet into a bootie of jelly. Initally its cold and gooey but the jel like substance soon warms up and then it just feels a little squishy. Once the 90mins was up i removed the booties which had been held in place by a pair of socks and gave my feet a good clean. My skin started to peel off about 5 days later…just slightly but after a week my looked disgusting with skin peeling all over the place. When i would soak my feet in warm water each night i noticed that it seemed to soften things and made some of the skin peel off much easier. The worst thing was that i would find bits of peeled skin in my bed..eck. After 2 weeks i started using the foot essence which is liquid with the same consistancy as water. It comes in a bottle with a glass dropper that is attached to the lid so you do have ease of application. I liked that. I applied it to my feet and although i liked appling it because more so now then before i feel like my feet need moisturising but i havent wanted to use any other products on my feet for fear of messing with the process. Im not really sure that the essence is helping me at all.
    My feet do look better then when i started but because my feet were so bad to start with i think i should have perhaps used the exfoliating pads again after 2 weeks as i noticed it said on the pack that if your feet were really bad thats what you should do. So my feet are better but no where near baby soft at this stage and i feel that certain areas like my toes are really screaming out for a good moisturising.
    Im not sure if this is a product i would purchase and try again. Im in two minds over it at this stage.
    A huge warning to anyone thinking of using this prior to a special occassion is do NOT use it close to the special event…leave yourself a window of at least a month as you have no control over how fast or slow this process goes and you could be left with feet that look disgusting and are only half way through the peeling process.
    It was certainly an interesting product to try.
    Thank you Milky foot and Beauty and Lace.

  37. The peeling process started about 10 days after using the Foot Pads. I was a bit disappointed as the peeling only occured on the sides of my feet where the skin was already soft, no peeling on the hard, tough heels at all. The peeling lasted about a week and then i started using the Milky Foot Foot Care Essence. At this stage I was rather annoyed as my hard and cracked heels still looked the same as when I started! But after using the essence for about a week and a half i can notice a change in my heels. The hard bits are gradually disappearing and hopefully will disappear with further use. So in conclusion, Milky Foot Intense Exfoliating Pads did not work for me, but the Care Essence has started to get rid of my awful hard, cracked heels.

  38. My feet started to show signs of peeling about a week after using the pads which i found really fascinating. It was really interesting how all that skin could be peeling off my feet without me experiencing any pain. I found that they really needed to be soaked on warm water to make the skin peel off more easily and quickly. But I have had great results and now have feet which look far more presentable. I’ve also been using the essence as well now that the peeling is finally complete and its brilliant. I love that its not a thick cream or ointment which leaves my feet feeling all warm and sticky. Its easy to apply and readily absorbed.
    I would be keen to use these two products again in the future but would be more inclined to use the pads during cooler weather when my feet aren’t exposed as much as the peeling process was quite unsightly and I was also worried about the new delicate skin becoming sun-burnt.
    All in all a wonderful product!

  39. I finally received my products after Aust Post lost the 1st set! I tried them on Saturday afternoon while my partner took the kids down the park. I was glad that I had read all the other experiences, and set myself up so I didn’t have to move the entire time. My feet are extremely small and they were big for me, but nothing that keeping still didn’t fix. They were extremely squishy but a good book distracted me from the feeling. I have extremely thick skin on my big toe and heels so I opted to leave them on for the 90 minute option. I had a foot bath of water ready to rinse them and have been wearing a footsie at night in case the peeling begins. Will report back when that occurs!

    1. I am so pleased with the results. During the last week I have had the hardest part of my soles peel several layers. The side of my big toe, the sole under my big toe, and my heel are now softer than I have been able to have them in the last 20 years. I’m just waiting for the last bits of skin on the sides to stop peeling and then I am going to proceed onto the essence. All in all I am very pleased with the product and would use it again. Can’t wait to try the essence and see if it keeps the skin soft after I start back on my nightly walks.

      1. I have been using the essence for several days now, and my feet are loving it! They have readily absorbed the moisture and feel great afterwards. I hope my feet keep in this condition for a prolonged period of time as I love the soft soles that I haven’t had for a long time. Thank you for the opportunity to trial these products.

  40. I found that if I kept using the milky essence every day my feet remained soft, but if I skipped it for one-two days they began to become dry again. Therefore if you are happy with prolonged use of a product it does a great job, but if you are looking for a long term fix I think it isn’t the answer.

  41. Ek my feet are still peeling. I wasn’t game enough to use the moisturiser because I thought I had to start after 3 weeks but think I will start using it tonight. Hopefully that will ease the peeling. As mentioned in previous posts do not use this for at least a month before an important event!!

  42. Here is my aunt’s review of the feet pads (which I couldn’t use due to a wound):

    I spend a lazy 90 minutes with my feet in these plastic bags full of slime, held on by my socks. My feet smelt like nail polish remover, and there was a slight tingling, but nothing serious. A few days later, I thought my feet looked slightly stained – which I had not noticed on the day of the soaking. Today, I looked down at my feet to see them peeling – much like after a bad sunburn – large pieces of skin coming away. So, I got out the foot file, hoping to get rid of it quickly. I think it will be a couple of days but, it really does exfoliate your feet! You can tell Beauty and Lace that it works!

  43. I would love to try this i suffer badly with my feet and with all the stories about those salons i don’t want to go back any chance of getting a sample

  44. After going through the peeling process i start to use the Milky Essence, i liked the fragrance. I found using the dropper a little uncomfortable i would prefer a gel or cream. I have to say that the Milky Essence worked very well and within minutes it did absorb into my heals leaving them feeling very soft. I would definately use this product in the future. Thank You for the opportunity to trial this Wonderful Product.:)

  45. After having dry feet for a few weeks after using the pads, it was so nice to finally start using the Exfoliating Essence and start getting some moisturiser back into the feet.
    The Essence has a nice fragrance, and while I also liked the dropper, I would have preferred if it was a cream instead. Instantly after application, the feet feel soft and smooth. Using the essence daily my feet remained soft and looking nice, but if I skipped for even a single day, they would suddenly become very dry again. After using the Essence for about a week, I started to notice a change in my feet, and they were starting to look nicer, and hard bits (that had not peeled off after using the Exfoliating Pads), were not slowly disappearing.
    I have to say that I much preferred the Essence over the Exfoliating Pads, for the one reason that the Exfoliating pads are a bit messy. I also did not like how it made my feet peel, and that I for the weeks following I felt very conscious about my feet when going out. So the Exfoliating Pads are definitely not a product recommended to use during summer when you want to wear sandals, or if you have any special events coming up. I will continue to use the Essence and hopefully maintain my now soft feet, but as for the Exfoliating Pads, I will not be purchasing that again – then I would much prefer to spend a few extra dollars and get a professional pedicure with instant results.
    Thanks again to Beauty & Lace and Milky Foot for letting me try the Milky Foot products.

  46. I have now been using the Milky Foot Essence day and night for a couple of weeks. It seems to keep the skin on my feet from drying out. It is the most helpful product for my crocodile feet.

  47. Firstly – thank you for the opportunity to review. I must admit I did a little research into the product before I used it.

    The idea of such full on peeling freaked me out a little!
    I am happy to report that it wasnt anywhere near as scary as I had expected! Although I must confess peeling feet are really rather horrid.. and wearing thongs became a little embarrassing… which was frustrating in the middle of summer.

    However after the peeling phase I moved onto the Foot Essence which I found rather pleasant.. It really did help get my feet looking and feeling smooth and pretty !!

    Overall I am pleased with the end result but to be honest not sure I would do it again.

  48. The foot essence has definately helped with the peeling. And it is readily absorbed so in the morning you can pop your shoes on after about five minutes.

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