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An all-natural way to be pong-free this summer!

For Australians young and old, summer means holidays, the beach, spending time outdoors and maybe even a summertime romance, but for many, if not all, the season also means overcoming sweaty situations in soaring temperatures.  

As we head into the warmer months, many of us may find ourselves overdoing the deodorant or anti-perspirants to avoid sweating and smelling. 

Australia’s favourite anti-odourant, No Pong, is here to help! No Pong is giving away 10 x twin packs of its original formula and a bicarb-free formula to ensure Beauty and Lace readers can be pong-free this summer. 

Unlike its anti-perspirant counterparts, No Pong is an easy to apply lotion, developed and made in Australia. All-natural ingredients work together, neutralising odour rather than blocking pores and obstructing the body from doing its job. 

Natural products have continued to grow in popularity over the past few years with consumers becoming increasingly aware of the ethical and health benefits of natural skincare and beauty products. However, many remain sceptical with common misconceptions including the ineffectiveness of a natural alternative and a higher price tag.  

Melanie McVean, Co-Founder of No Pong is out to set the record straight by busting these myths and explaining how her brand is addressing them.   

“With the abundance of beauty claims, tips and old wives tails out there, it’s no wonder consumers are confused,” Melanie said.  

Melanie addresses the three most common assumptions about natural products to help you make an informed choice:   

  1. Natural products are not effective  

Long gone are the days when choosing an eco-friendly product meant sacrificing scientific results.  

“Nowadays, many products have pushed the boundaries of conventional skincare, finding new ways to extract the effectiveness of natural ingredients such as oils, herbs, berries and fauna to achieve results.  Many conventional products use chemical preservatives to extend the lifespan which means you may see short-term, temporary results but unlikely to achieve long-term benefits,” she said.  

“No Pong is made of simple, natural ingredients and we’ve had thousands of customer testimonials backing the effectiveness of our products”.  

  • Natural products are designed for vegan, hippie types 

“Natural products are never designed for just one audience in mind!” 

“Natural products provide just another option for all consumers to consider. We have a very diverse customer base and our product continues to stand up to the rigours of all their different lifestyles; from lounging around at home to elite athlete training.  

“We’re seeing Aussies demanding more ethical alternatives to every product they consume. It’s our mission to provide them with an extremely effective, all-natural deodorant product that they and the environment deserves,” Melanie said.  

  • Natural products are more expensive  

“As with any product, you may find high-end organic skincare products but there are also natural alternatives that cost less than your conventional products. At times, the price difference can be made up from the fact that the natural product contains a high concentration of natural ingredients meaning less product needs to be used, making it last longer.  That being said, we work really hard to ensure that No Pong is affordable for everyone,” said Melanie.  

Not all natural products are created equal. When considering a natural product Melanie recommends: 

  • Reading the ingredients on the product– this is a great indication of how ‘natural’ a formulation truly is; 
  • Familiarise yourself with plant-based ingredients – becoming aware of the effectiveness of certain ingredients and looking at where they are positioned on the ingredients list will let you know how high the concentration is; 
  • Research the brand and ask questions about their ethical ingredient sourcing policy. 

For more information on No Pong, visit: today! 

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