USER REVIEWS: Spotner Agespot Corrector Pen (Face)

Age spots, liver spots or sun spots – call them what you will, they appear on most of us and become more noticeable as we age. Whether caused by too much sun or hormonal changes in our body, age spots are a common beauty problem for Australian women.

You don’t have to be old to get age spots. These flat grey, brown or black spots are often caused by prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun. UV light accelerates the production of melanin, creating a ‘dark spot’ to help protect the deeper layers of the skin. Hormonal changes in our bodies such as we experience during pregnancy can also cause an increase in melanin production resulting in age spots.

New Spotner Agespot Corrector Pen revolutionises the treatment of age spots. Spotner’s precision pen applicator and unique formulation combine to visibly reduce the appearance of age spots. With a simple twice daily treatment, results can be seen within just two weeks.

Spotner Face Pack

Spotner contains hexylresorcinol – the next generation in age spot correction along with a combination of botanical extracts and alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA’s) to gently accelerate exfoliation and skin regeneration without irritation.

And unlike creams and lotions, Spotner’s precision pen applicator targets the treatment exactly where you want it – on the age spot, so there’s no ring or halo effect. Once Spotner dries, you can easily apply your favourite cosmetics, skin care or sunscreen over the treated area.
With Spotner, you can treat your age spots at‐home easily and effectively without the need for expensive and timely salon treatments such as laser therapy, chemical peels or microdermabrasion.

Spotner is now available online or in pharmacies nationally in two versions, Spotner Hands & Body and Spotner Face & Decolleté a gentler more delicate formulation for those sensitive areas – RRP $29.95.

Note: If your age spot rapidly increases in size, has an irregular edge or is accompanied by itching, redness, tenderness or bleeding, please consult your healthcare professional.

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35 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Spotner Agespot Corrector Pen (Face)

  1. I’d LOVE to try this I have my 1st age spot on my hand & a few popping up on my face…….guess 1/2 a century old has taken it’s toll but I’d love to banish or even fade them !.

  2. ‘SPOTNER,YES PLEASE’. I have been wanting to try this for so long.I missed out on the last trial and my face is such a good candidate for this product.I have age spots everywhere and some big freckles in places.Would love a chance to review.

    1. Please let us know if it worked for you. I can’t afford to be ripped off as I’m low income yet I have ugly spots on my face I would like gone yet I have bought a product promise to remove spots and all it did was causes redness and blisters so if this work for you can you let us know please?

  3. I’d love to try Spotner as I have some dark spots appearing on my face and have a had quite a few on my hands for a few years now. It would be an exciting relief to finally find a product that really does remove, or at least lighten existing ones and takes care of future spots.

  4. Spotner Yes please face and hands 47yrs old would love to finally have them banished if it works Im your perfect candidate

  5. would love to get rid of some age spots that i have. So I am interested in being part of this amazing chance to try this product.

  6. So hoping I get to trial this product. I can’t find it in pharmacies and have been looking for ages. To trial it would be so much better.

  7. I just received the Spotner sample in the mail today and have eagerly tore into the packet and gave the Spotner tube the biggest hug of its life. I cant wait to try it particularly on my decollete area as i have neglected this area for far too long and currently look like i have a join the dots game going on (attractive I know). The packaging is great as it has all the benefits on the front of the package so i don’t have to turn over and find this information hidden in small print (like most packages). I have already tried my first application and found it simple to follow and the tube is really easy and quick to use. The tube is also great and the top of the pen ensures no messy spillages. I will definitely keep you all informed if this miracle cream can work wonders on my skin!

  8. Delighted to receive the Spotner package today – beautifully packed and the product inside the packing is beautifully presented. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. I’ve applied it with the really easy to use pen to a large spot on my hand – I KNOW it’s for my face and that’s where it will end up, but it specifically says to test it on a small. inconspicuous area first – and I don’t have any INCONSPICUOUS spots on my face!!!

    All in all, at first response it looks incredibly simple to use with the pen concept allowing you to use it just where you need to. Looking forward to using it properly.

  9. Thank you for choosing me as one of the lucky people to trial this product. I received it today and from reading the box it sounds amazing! I have some age spots on my face and some hormonal acne scarring which I will test the product on and I can’t wait to start. I’ll use it twice a day and see what results!
    The pen looks easy to use and it looks as though targeting the exact spot will be a breeze. The tip looks soft and I also like the fact that it is slim and easy to store, not taking up loads of room in my makeup case. The instructions sound easy and clear and the fact that you never have to touch the cream as the tip rubs it in is extremely appealing and hygienic.
    Stay tuned for my next update in a few weeks when I will post the results.

    1. Here is my second update for this amazing product. I have to admit that I thought there was little that could be done about age spots but after using this product for just over two weeks I have to admit, it works! The results weren’t instant but, particularly over the last week, I have noticed a definite improvement. From applying twice daily the edges seemed to have blurred and the spots have faded slightly. There is also a slight improvement in my acne scarring although I was cautious with this and only applied it once daily. I’m super impressed with the applicator which is easy to use and apply. I take no hesitation in strongly recommending this product!

      1. Hi Rachel

        Thanks for the update and sharing your progress 🙂
        Congrats for getting on the trial, I missed out on the trial, but your results sound very promising. I like the sound of the applicator for precise application of the product. I must keep an eye our for this in the shops now.
        I have a couple of very stubborn age spots I would dearly love to rid off.
        I hope you continue to get great results 🙂

  10. I am trying Spotner for the first time today, I found the corrector pen really easy to use I didn’t have to twist the bottom as many times as it said before I could use it. With the soft tip application was effortless and rubbed in quickly. The cream was light and wasn’t greasy which i like a lot of face creams tend to make my skin feel heavy and greasy after application.
    So far I am pleased with Spotner It’s like I haven’t even put anything on my face.
    I will update you with my results over the next few weeks with my results, can’t wait to be spot free.

  11. Recevied my Spotner yesterday and used it straight away last night and again this morning. The first thing I did notice was the writing on the packaging, was so easy to read. The pen itself is light and easy to hold. It says to twist about 10 times for the cream to appear but it came out for me on the 6th twist. Just a dab of cream came out and that is all that is needed and there was no wastage. Easy to apply on my two brown spots on my face and I was able to rub it in with the plastic tip on the end. It blended in easily and after a few minutes I was able to apply my moisturiser on top. Looking forward to continuing with the trial and seeing what results we will see.

  12. I have received my Spotner and am excited to use it and see the results.
    When I first looked at the packaging, the front explains clearly what the product is used for, where to apply it and the applicator is in a shape of a pen for easier handling and applications.
    However; the product seems to target women because of the picture of a lady on the package; many men would be interested in using the product but would feel embarrassed to purchase it. Having a non-descript picture would probably make it more accessible to both sexes.
    Using Spotner: first thing I noticed was how light the pen is. When you turn the bottom of the pen a few times the cream comes out nice and slowly. The tip of the pen is good to rub the cream into the skin and it dries quickly without leaving a sticky feel.
    Will post again in a few weeks to report the outcome.

  13. I received my Spotner yesterday and tried it out last night. I found the instructions easy to follow and I like the fact that it’s easy to hold and apply as it’s designed perfectly. After application I found it dried pretty quickly which is an advantage. There was no sticky or greasy residue left on my skin. The applicator makes it easy to apply and there is no waste of product as just the right amount comes out. I’m excited to try this for the recommended amount of time, twice a day, and await the results!

    1. I’ve been using Spotner for four weeks now and can’t say that I’ve noticed any real significant changes in the colour of my sunspots. I’ve been using it on the back of my hands as well as on the sun damaged brown marks above my cheek bones and some spots on my face. I’ve noticed a slight lightening of some of the spots on my hands but not too much difference on my face. If there are any changes, they’re very slight. Maybe I need a little longer to test this product to see if there are any further changes.

      Spotner is easy to apply, and even though I sometimes suffer from sensitive skin, I had no reaction to the ingredients in this product which was an added bonus. I guess it’s safe to say that it’s a gentle product that can be used on sensitive skin. I will continue to use Spotner until it runs out and will let you all know if I see any major changes – Fingers crossed! 🙂

  14. Thank you for choosing me to test the spotner. I started using it yesterday as I have some aging spots on my face. Eager to see the results.

  15. I received my Spotner package just before Christmas.. with the chaos that Christmas brings I have just had the opportunity to open it up and read last night. Instructions are clear and packaging is simple. Tube is quite small (only 2ml) but the applicator is precise and easy to use. Fingers crossed results are only days away!

    1. I have been using my Spotner trial since New Years and I have to say have been pretty impressed with the results. I had quite a few age spots on my cheekbones and I really do think it has helped a lot. A few seem to have disappeared all together and one has significantly lightened.
      It is really easy to incorporate this product into my daily routine. Product is physically small and easy to keep in makeup bag.
      I would recommend 🙂

  16. Received my Spotner just after Christmas and was dying to try it. It comes as a pen applicator in a box. I’m now on Day 5 and only just getting around to writing my first review. None-the-less … I have been using it daily as part of my routine. My initial thoughts are – the applicator is small but great and very easy for use, allowing you to measure out just enough each day. The pen style makes it very easy to precisely touch on individual spots. I must say, I found it takes longer than 10 mins to dry… or maybe I am just impatient ;-). I’m still yet to reap the results but hope they will come. Will keep you posted.

  17. This is my second review for the product. Mine lasted 10 days in total – The applicator has got 2ml in it. I used it everyday, twice per day after cleansing my face. Sadly I didn’t really see any specific results and was a little disappointed with the product. I hadn’t used it before the trial and was excited when I was included – the product claims good results, however this one didn’t seem to work for me. I wonder if I would have got better results if the applicator had more cream in it, so I could have used it over a longer span of time. Thanks for including me anyway though. Glad to see that this one worked for others though 🙂

  18. well my 4 week trial is up and i can’t believe the results. After only 2 weeks my spot was almost completely gone, so i started using it on other spots as well as the almost gone spot. I must say I was really happy with the results of the spots it worked on but on others it didn’t work at all. I’m just guessing that the other spots weren’t sun spots or just spots that the cream doesn’t work on. I will use this product again and I have told others about it so i hope it works for them. I do like this product and i still have some left over and i will continue to use it 🙂 . Thank you very much for choosing me to trial this product

  19. I know dealing with removing brown spots do take their time so I have now been trialling Spotner for 5 weeks twice a day. I had started on two spots but decided to concentrate on just one brown spot so the product would last longer.
    At about 3 1/2 weeks I could see things were happening but I knew it wouldn’t happen overnight but 5 weeks on, definitely faded. I had a brown spot just below my cheek which I just plaster with concealer half the time. At the moment, I do not have to use concealer before foundation so I am really happy with the results.
    I am really elated with the results and have been to the website yet again to now find….yayyyyy…..I can buy it a chemist not far where I live.
    I will be buying this product again and certainly interested in now trying the body one as I have a few brown spots forming and I want them to just fade into nowhere land.
    I had no side effects or any bad reactions from using the product. It’s all very simple to use as I mentioned in my first review.
    I have no hesitation of recommending it to others (which I have already done) and can’t wait to keep using on other spots.
    Thank you to B&L for giving me the opportunity of trialling this fantastic product and to bioRevive for making us a cream to trial for brown spots.

  20. This is my final review for Spotner Agespot.
    I have used the product twice a day for a couple of months. Although I must admit, I have forgotten a few times.
    While using the Spotner Agespot it did not give me any irritations to my skin nor dry it out. This cream is light and fast drying, allowing you to apply foundation/cream straight afterwards. The pen point is easy to use and is very accurate.
    Spotner Agespot has not completely removed my sun spots, age spots or my discolouration but has lightened them considerably.
    There is one thing I would like to add to the pen and that is a clear strip down the side to allow the user to see how much is left.
    Overall, I am happy with the results.
    Thank you for allowing me to trial this product.

  21. This is my final review. I find this an outstanding product and would thoroughly recommend it. I went to a plastic surgeon quite a while ago who told me that I just had ageing spots and just deal with it. This has proved that I can deal with my ageing spots. Thank you.

  22. So I have been using this product for a few weeks now and has made a drastic improvement on my sun spots. It was a gradual process however the spots on both my face and shoulders have lightened dramatically. I now dont need to use 2 different foundation shades on my face. I feel if i continue to use this product I am only going to get bettert and better results. It is definately worth a try.

  23. I started using the Spotner pen twice a day but I found it left a shiny mark on my skin where I had applied it. Because of this I used it twice a day on days I was staying home but only at night days I was working. The instructions were easy to follow and the pen a breeze to use. It works! My spots though not completely gone have faded considerably. I wish the pen held more than 2ml of product as when you have lots of spots to work on 2ml doesn’t go far. I’m going to keep buying this and working on my skin. Hopefully by protecting my skin from the sun I wont see any recurrence. Thank you for selecting me for the trail and introducing me to this great product.

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