WIN – Mother’s Day: Murphy & Daughters “Just Rub It In” Hand Cream

You can never go wrong when gifting hand cream, and the “Just Rub It In” range from Murphy & Daughters are a lovely choice this year. There are three to choose from with:

  • Bergamot, Pink Grapefruit & Rose Geranium in the pink tube
  • Cold Pressed Lime, Mint & Violet Leaf in the green tube
  • Sweet Orange, Mandarin & Jasmine in the orange tube

Like all the products from Murphy & Daughters, they have that beautiful vintage style packaging that will impress before they are even opened. The hand creams themselves are enriched with Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Carrageenan and Rosehip Oil – as you can imagine, they leave your hands feeling soft and moistured. In addition you will also find Avocado Oil, Macadamia Seed Oil and Vitamin C on the ingredient list. There are no parabens or PEGs, and they are suitable for sensitive skin.

The “Just Rub It In” hand creams leave a subtle scent, and although they are all divine – the Bergamot, Pink Grapefruit & Rose Geranium is my favourite, I keep smelling my hands!

These have an RRP of $22.95 and are available from

We have one set of hand creams up for grabs, for your chance to win tell us in the comments section below what appeals to you most about the products.

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80 thoughts on “WIN – Mother’s Day: Murphy & Daughters “Just Rub It In” Hand Cream

  1. Sounds good enough to eat, Sweet Orange, Mandarin & Jasmine what a great combination moisturiser with added benefit of great fragrance.

  2. After a few hard weeks of renovations and using mineral turps getting paint off my hands I could only hope to be able to try these products to again soften my hands. The list of ingredients of Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Carrageenan and Rosehip Oil would definitely leave my hands very soft and the fragrances they have used would add to the luxuriousness of these products.

  3. I love the Just Rub it In – not greasy, smells great, and a choice of scents as well. I’d love to win this for my Mum for Mother’s Day. She is a keen gardener and needs a great hand cream.

    P.S. I hope I’ve entered in time – closing date 5/4/16.

  4. Who could resist the gorgeous packages this hand cream is presented in and the lovely scents they leave on your hands.

  5. The scents sound wonderful, the ingredients natural and gentle on the skin and the packaging so good looking I will love having it on display.

  6. Love that the predominant ingredients are natural oils. And the choice of scents sound delicious.

  7. No parabens or PEGs
    So much goodness in one cream,
    Beautiful soft hands that smell divine,
    A busy mummas’ dream.

  8. I like to leave my beauty products out on display so this vintage packaging appeals highly to me as well as a major drawcard is it’s combination of having a glorious scent and being for sensitive skin. Well done!

  9. I leave my beauty products out on display so the vintage packaging highly appeals to me, plus the combination of being scented and being for sensitive skin is excellent. Well done!

  10. The natural ingredients after using alchohol rub all day at work (nurse) I love to pamper my hands when I get home with natural and beautiful smelling products.

  11. The Sweet Orange, Mandarin, and Jasmine really appeals, the scent combination sounds glorious and because it’s sustainable and completely Australian further reasons to love it!

  12. The fact that ‘there are no parabens or PEGs, and they are suitable for sensitive skin’ is amazing and makes them high up on my to buy list!

  13. The gorgeous packaging compliments the beautiful sounding scents so well. Am finding it hard to decide which colour and/or scent I like best!

  14. I love that these are great for sensitive skin and have such amazing and unusual scents. How wonderful it would be rub this cream into your hands whilst being transported by the scent to a calm and relaxing destination, only limited by your imagination.

    Ah the sweetness of the simple pleasure of moisturizing your hands.

  15. Australian made beautiful fragrances that are not overpowering, are created from sustainably sourced ingredients and leave your skin feeling soft and well-nourished!

  16. The ingredients of aloe vera, shea butter, carrageenan, rosehip oil, vitamin C etc: the list of beautiful products in these hand creams is incredible. Now the scents that Murphy & Daughters have used in this range would be so hard to pick a favourite they all would smell devine.

  17. i love that the ingredients are good for my skins whilst containing no PEGS or parabens. The scents sound divine!

  18. Recovering from bi lateral breast removal 8 weeks ago, and everything that could go wrong, did. I feel I need some ‘me’ time pampering. What a lovely way to do it, and enjoy the heavenly scents at the same time

  19. Like a trip down a colonial memory lane are Murphy&Daughters products inside and out. I love how they use all those gorgeous, natural ingredients like Aloe, Macadamia, various Citrus and Rosehip from this beautiful but harsh land – they are truly moisturising devout!

  20. An Australian company, I just love to see them in the forefront of healthy products for our bodies.
    These sounds divine, rich in essential oils, and nutrients they really are total nourishment for your hands.

  21. if I opened a present and saw that beautiful packaging I would know that inside there will be something wonderful, I support Australian company’s xxxxx

  22. Apart being great for sensitive skin and Australia made the different scents very unusual thanks for the chance

  23. Bergamot, Pink Grapefruit & Rose Geranium sounds so girly and perfect and I think it will be lovely and gentle on skin I love it

  24. The promise of soft moisturised hands. My hand alway feel so dry over winter with the cold weather so this sounds like the perfect hand cream!

  25. The fragrance combinations sound lovely and the tube is a great handbag size, perfect for anywhere anytime!

  26. All the lovely soothing and smoothing oils in this hand cream appeal to me. My hands are really dry at the moment and winter is just around the corner!

  27. They’re made for sensitive skin and contain no “nasty ingredients”.The subtle fragrances are also very appealing as well as the gorgeous bright Retro Vintage packaging.

  28. I love the health benefits. The natural ingredients like herbs and essential oils would help heal and repair my skin. Having a beautiful cream to use after hand washing would be a sneaky way to encourage me to do it more often too!

  29. Having a hand cream, which will offer intense hydration, a lingering scent, and stylish packaging, for the long haul flight I am taking later in the year (as part of my 40th birthday celebrations, & first European holiday).. Oh, and being able to gift my close girlfriend, and travel bud, with one also appeals!

  30. Love my mother dearly but I’ve inherited from her sensitive, dry skin. Together we could address our problem skin with these wonderful, natural ingredients, products with no parabens or PEGs, Beautiful bonding opportunities for Mother’s Day and beyond.

  31. Murphy & Daughters,,,what a name! Just love that this is an Australian product made by an Australian who uses a company that employs disabled people for the packaging and wrapping. That is what will make me choose a product. And then there’s the scents, graphic design…the list goes on!!

  32. No parabens or PEGS is something I always look for it a hand cream plus the gorgeous array of natural ingredients in “Just Rub It In’ makes me wish that hand kissing was back in fashion.

  33. Great moisturising ingredients and lovely sounding scents would be treat for nourishing my hands!

  34. They sound new and refreshing scents I have never heard of 😀 and they come in lovely packaging great for gifting as well. 😀

  35. I love that these products have no parabens or PEGS and include all of the highly nourishing ingredients that my hands need. I’ve had a phobia about my dry, old looking hands since high school and my concerns were founded by other people’s comments even back then. Hence, a good hand cream has always been on my beauty bucket list.

  36. I love the vintage packages, natural healing and rejuvenating ingredients and delicious scents simply irresistible ❤

  37. The unique natural oil combinations, great for their scent and for my skin and effective products too! Thank!

  38. I love the list of ingredients. I can almost smell the fresh citrusy aroma. Package is lovely as well. sounds good enough to eat, as they say….

  39. I love that these hand creams have got the most simplest of names “Just rub it in” but have the best ingredients for leaving hands feeling soft and looking good.

  40. I like that there are no parabens or PEGS. It’s nice to give a product, knowing that it’s free of nasty things that might do harm – and for myself, I’m increasing looking for products that don’t add unnecessary nasties.

  41. Murphy & Daughters Gifting hand creams look so divine!
    Their range of fragrances are just sublime….
    Enriched with shea butter, macadamia oil and vitamin C
    These gorgeous hand creams are the perfect Mothers Day gift for me!

  42. Apart from the heady, intoxicating scent combinations available….I adore the products packaging. The tubes are so pretty, they’d look perfect on my bedside table 🙂

  43. The beautiful range of scents & the fact they rub in completely and don’t leave a greasy residue.

  44. I love that they have no parabens as I have sensitive skin & often can’t use lovely scented creams on my skin

  45. I love the pretty packaging; it captivates our hearts
    Luxurious moisture/hydration, an exquisite part
    Beautiful hand cream to admire and treasure
    Pampering thanks to Beauty and Lace, indulgent pleasure.

  46. Pretty colours on the bedside – orange, pink and green.
    Floral/fruity fragrances – girly and serene.
    Smooth, silky hands? Do I dare to dream?
    Healthy, natural ingredients, safe for my bloodstream.
    Oh Murphy and Daughters, I just want to scream!
    I’ve discovered a treasure – “Just Rub It In” cream.

  47. The combination of oils – macadamia, avocado and especially rosehip – would pump my skin full of healing antioxidants. I slather my face. It’s rare my hands get a healing dose of the good stuff.

  48. All the wonderful natural ingredients in this hand cream are very appealing. It would be so nourishing. I love scented hand cream and all these scents are really nice. The tubes are gorgeous too. I like the bright colours.

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