User Review: Qsilica Naturally CLEAR Blemish Control

Blemish prone skin can be a nightmare, and it’s not always easy to deal with. There are many products on the market to help with this, and they are often filled with harsh chemicals or are concealers which can clog pores.

Qsilica have formulated a a Skin Cleanser and a Spot Gel, which work together to support blemish prone skin.

The Skin Cleanser is formulated to cleanse, refresh and clarify the skin with a gentle and effective foaming action. And the Spot Gel is a 100% naturally derived, light, non-greasy topical gel formulated for blemish control and support.


The Qsilica Naturally CLEAR range is formulated with silica – an essential beauty mineral – that when paired with natural herbs, essential vitamins and minerals, supports the cleansing, anti-inflammatory and healing actions needed for problem skin.

Qsilica products are formulated with skin-loving natural actives, organic extracts and natural aromas. They do not use parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, artificial colours or synthetic fragrances.

We have 5 Skin Cleansers and Spot Gels for review by Beauty and Lace Club Members, consisting of 100ml Qsilica Naturally CLEAR Skin Cleanser + 25ml Qsilica Naturally CLEAR Spot Gel. You can read what they thought in the comments below.

RRP: $ $42.95 (inc. GST)

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6 thoughts on “User Review: Qsilica Naturally CLEAR Blemish Control

  1. Wow!!!! I’ve never used this product before and I’m so thankful that I was able to receive them for the review. Every since I was pregnant (with my now almost 5yo daughter), I have had a blemish problem. They would always pop out of nowhere and my face hasn’t been clear since. But within 7 days of using the Qsilica Naturally CLEAR Skin Cleanser and Qsilica Naturally CLEAR Spot Gel I haven’t had a break out at all!!!!

    Both products are clear, there’s no colouring whatsoever in them. The cleanser has a very aromatherapudic aroma which was lovely. It lathers up a bit and doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped at all. The spot gel glides so easily over my skin (I basically covered my whole face), and a little goes a long way. It absorbs very quickly too.

    This is now on my definitely must buy list as It’s the only thing that has worked to control blemishes.

  2. Before this review I had only seen Qsilica capsules at a pharmacy and I had no idea they had skin/beauty products as well.

    I love the packaging of Qsilica it’s dark, moody and modern. I love the black packaging, something about black packaging I really like.

    I tried the Qsilica Naturally Skin Cleanser – 100 ml,, it doesn’t sound allot but I can see the tube lasting me quite some time. I have been using it with my Clarisonic and the results are great. The product is clear and the smell is Jojoba, a really nice fresh natural smell. I love that Qsilica cleanser uses no artificial colours or fragrances. You only need a really small amount to do you whole face and it lathers up nicely.

    My skin feels really fresh afterwards and my skin noticeably clearer. I suffer from a horrible hormone rash around my mouth since having my baby, and I have had trouble finding a gentle product that helps clear this up. Using Qsilica everyday my rash has nearly completely gone, amazing!!! I am also suffering from a few pimples under my chin due to that time of the month and it’s helping clear them in conjunction with the Qsilica spot gel.

    I will happily repurchase the Qsilica skin cleanser and the spot gel, beautiful natural skin care that is gentle yet effective on my skin.

  3. I suffer from horrible blind pimples under my chin and on the side of my face from that dreaded time of the month!! ARG.. They are sore and raised!! I have been applying the Qsilica spot gel of a morning and of a night to the spots.

    I have seen a big difference just overnight you can tell it has dried them and the spots not as sore. I love that you only need such a tiny amount, and the little nozzle is great at delivering such a small amount. I could see this tube lasting me a year!

    After three days my pimples are almost gone. I have been raving about it to my hubby who suffers from adult pimples. He is keen to try.

    Will repurchase this product once used! It’s great love that it’s natural, no colour and has no smell.

  4. OHHHHHHH I love this product it smelt wonderful ( no smell )and it WORKED being outside a lot is cleared up blemished and left my shin feeling great .I have already brought some for georgi to use

  5. Love!!! My skin is prone to hormonal breakouts and medication break outs from my migraine meds and I also suffer from dermatitis around the nose and eyes. Started using this a couple of weeks ago and my spots cleared beautifully!! This cleanser was also very gentle on my dermatitis and did not aggravate it, if anything it help calm it down. The spot gel also worked great on a couple of blind pimples that were hiding on my neck. I would definitely recommend this to all my friends and family. Thanks for the trail and have a Merry Xmas 🙂

  6. Great Product, i also have my son using the Qsilica Naturally CLEAR Skin Cleanser and Naturally CLEAR Spot Ge, There is no fragrance, which is perfect for me as i don’t like using skin care products that contain scents on my skin. My son works outside so there are a lot of elements which affect his skin on a daily basis, his skin looks very clean and soft, he has only a few blemishes which disappeared after using the spot Gel. My skin also feels clean after using Clear Skin Cleanser. I find this product very safe and will recommend it to my Family and Friends, Thanks very much for allowing us to trial this wonderful Product.

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