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Australia is going through a ‘natural’ revolution, with great focus on getting back to nature and removing preservatives from daily rituals and consumption.  Redwin Perfect Naturals is the latest generation in natural skincare formulated around the nutritional benefits of superfoods and containing no nasties.

The range including body lotions, balms, oils and butter was developed to offer consumers beautifully fragranced and affordable skincare solutions that naturally feed and nourish the skin.  Natural personal care products market is growing at rapid pace in Australia. Rising concerns for health safety, increasing green consciousness and growing consumer’s awareness about the hazards in synthetic chemicals have fuelled the demand for natural personal care products.

Some of the key ingredients in the range includes 100% Certified Organic Coconut Oil, Goji Berry, Acai Berry, Pomegranate, Chia Seed Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil.  


Products from the Redwin Perfect Naturals range that our users have been roadtesting:


With Certified Organic Coconut Oil, one of nature’s most nutrient-dense moisturising superfood miracles, Redwin Coconut Body Butter provides superior, lasting hydration and nourishment for your skin. Infused with Shea butter, this luxurious silky formula feels light on your skin and absorbs quickly. Your skin will feel smooth and nourished while the discreet coconut scent indulges your senses. Use daily as needed


With Certified Organic Coconut Oil and an infusion of the naturally moisturising papaya Extract and Jojoba Oil. Not only relieves dry, chapped lips but helps to heal them. Can also be used as an intensive moisture boost on skin that is very dry and cracked, as well as helps heal burns, cuts and insects bites.


Discover the goodness of nature’s most nourishing and nutrient-dense moisturising superfood miracles – Certified Organic Coconut Oil. This incredible light oil is easily absorbed and is an amazing moisture boost to your skin, providing superior, lasting hydration and nourishment. Your skin will feel silky, smooth and nourished while the discreet coconut scent indulges your senses. The versatile usage of this super-hydrating oil makes it beneficial to use all over the body and specially dry areas such as knees, elbows, hands and heels, and to smooth dry frizzy hair. Use daily as needed.

It is also what isn’t included in Redwin Naturals range that makes it so fabulous for your skin… it contain No NASTIES including;

  • No SLS
  • No SLES
  • No Sulphate
  • No Parabens
  • No Propylene Glycol
  • No Animal derivatives
  • No Mineral Oils
  • No Artificial Colours
  • No Harsh Detergents

Find out more about the range at Redwin Perfect Naturals

30 of our members have been testing this product range, find out what they thought in the comments section below.

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28 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Redwin Perfect Naturals

  1. I have had the pleasure to test the “redwin coconut body oil” it comes in an easy to use pump bottle. I have been using it all over my body and loving it. It smells really coconuty which I adore. I put a small amount on my palm and rubbed both of my hands together and wiped it through my hair then I brushed my hair and I was amazed at how nice my hair felt and the frizz was gone, my hair looked almost normal,lol. I’ve used it on my face all the way down to my feet , everywhere feels and smells wonderful, It does take a bit longer to absorb because it is natural but that’s not a problem, it just gives me that little bit more me time, this product is wonderful I am feeling very moisturised, soft and supple, I do believe I will be using this for a long time coming.

  2. Amazing product! The Coconut Body Oil is an easy to use, easy to spread oil mixed with a cream in an easy to use pump bottle. I love the fact that only a small amount of the oil comes out with every pump which encourages you to use less as you dont need alot! A small amount covers a large area and the subtle smell of coconut takes me back to summer in the sun. This product is as good on the body as it is on the hair, yes, on the hair! A small amount brushed through your hair a couple of times a week makes your hair shine and it feels silky.

    Highly recommend.

  3. Redwin Coconut Oil smells so delicious, you want to put it on all day. I am amazed by how great it is to apply. Unlike many oils , it stays in place and doesnt drip everywhere…a definite plus!
    I’ve used it on my elbows and knees, whole body, hair to make it less frizzy and even my face. It is wonderful as a facial moisturiser, it’s thick and although it’s not meant for the face, my skin feels so soft.
    I am rushing out to buy some more , its going to replace my usual body oil and face cream. It’s a pleasure to put on, unlike sometimes in winter when you don’t want to put oil on coz it’s so cold!
    Thankyou so much to Beauty And Lace for sending me this beautiful product to try. You have yourself another customer, Redwin!

  4. It has been a pleasure to review Redwin Coconut Body Butter & will be using it for years to come. Not only is it a smooth absorbing butter but the wonderful after smell of coconut reminds me of the tropics.Easy to use smooth & creamy & on the second day I had already noticed that the small cracks on my fingers had all but disappeared & my hands,elbows & legs were as smooth as”butter”Love that there are no nasties in this product & hope for more similar products from this range.Once again it was a pleasure trialing this product.

  5. I have been using the Redwin Coconut Body Oil for around a week and can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it is! It smells amazing and although a little oily at first it quickly absorbs compared to other oils!
    I have been using it on my badly cracked feet (my mother says she has never seen such bad feet) which were dry and deeply cracked. I have used every type of expensive moisturiser and numerous other products with no great results but this stuff is truly amazing. In less than a week most of the dryness has gone and I am only left with the backs of my heels which are still cracked but nowhere near as deep. I anticipate that with further use they will heel completely. I have also been using it in my hair to tame fly aways and for the first time ever feel I’ve finally tamed the curly, frizzy mane!
    I can’t believe the results! I wish I had taken a before and after shot but to be honest I was sceptical that something so cheap could be so effective . To me this product is worth more than it’s small price tag and the fact that it is 100% certified organic is an added bonus.

  6. I have been using Redwin Coconut Body Oil for the last 7 days and am very impressed with the results.
    Due to working in a Hospital as a Cleaner, I am exposed to cleaning products and air conditioning, resulting in dry patchy skin.
    Using the Coconut Body Oil twice a day has remarkadly improved my skin, it is definately more hydrated, softer and some dry flaky patches has become smaller and softer.My elbows and knees are definitely a lot smoother.
    My skin has absorbed the Coconut Body Oil and the little left on my hands was rubbed through my hair – no more blowey bits, it is silky smooth ( I even had compliments at work on shiny my hair looks!!!)
    A bonus I discovered was the Coconut Body Oil protected my skin from Sandfly bites!!!!
    I loved this trial and have already recommended Redwin Coconut Body Oil to quite a few people.

  7. Thankyou so much ladies for giving us all the opportunity to trial these awesome products !
    I trialled the Coconut body butter….it is extremely moisturising and kept my skin soft all day. It is very thick however so applying it is weird. Kind of has the feel of sorbolene when you are applying it. But if you can get past the thickness of the butter, it really is amazing. Love the low tox approach by redwin!

  8. I was lucky enough to be selected to review Redwin’s Coconut Balm. It comes in a 25g tube and I’ve been using it as my new lip balm. I’ve always been a fan of PawPaw and this is quite similar – for users of pawpaw they know the quality is high and this product is in my opinion of equal quality. I’ve used it over the past week and have had wonderful results. My lips are soft. The smell is divine, the texture is soft and easily applied. I find it works well on dry elbows too – I now need to buy the body oil so I can use it on the rest of my body.
    I love that this product range is Australia made, against animal testing and quite natural (added bonus since I’m currently pregnant)
    I brought my new balm into work and everyone who used it loved it!
    Easily 5/5 for this balm.

  9. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review the Redwin Coconut Body Oil. The first thing I noticed was that it comes in a handy no-mess pump pack. This is good because it’s easy to dispense and use .. the only downside being that when the weather is really cold the oil is a bit harder to pump out.

    I have tried this product on my hair, face and body and found it to be very gentle and effective. It smells lovely and absorbs easily. I especially like to use it on the extra-dry bits like knees and elbows. I would definitely like to use this product again!

  10. Firstly, many thanks for giving me the opportunity to try Coconut balm.
    It was a very nice surprise. I always have suffered of dry and cracked lips , especially during Winter. When I applied this balm, instantly my lips felt soft and moisturised.
    I also like the fact that ingredients are natural, no chemical ingredients and no tested on animals.
    As an extra bonus, I applied on my hand as I burned while I was cooking. It provided immediate relief.
    I shared this balm with my best friend and she liked a lot.
    Many thanks!

  11. I have been fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to trial Redwin Coconut Balm for the last week. It also co insided with Queensland getting a taste of Winter and winds, thus needed thus product more than ever.
    It moisturised as well as keeping my lips feels fresh and the scent was devine.
    It ticks all the boxes being Australian made, No Chemicals, Not tested on Animals..
    I also got to try it on mosquitoes bite, after walking in the rain , it sooths the area, which is promising.
    Thanks again for this opportunity I am most happy to have this new Redwin Coconut Balm to use .

  12. I’ve been trialling the Coconut Balm for about a week now. My first problem was when I opened the tube – it was very hard to get the first bit out, and in fact I thought there might be a clear film sealed over it! Now I’ve been using it a while though it’s ok.
    The Balm is quite a bit thicker than normal lip balm from a tube which is probably what helps it keep lips moisturised for longer. I’m a habitual lip licker but with the Balm I found that when I did lick my lips they didn’t actually need it and overall are feeling more moisturised. The coconut smell and taste is very strong so if you don’t like that smell/taste this may not be the product for you, at first I wasn’t sure but I’m getting used to it now.
    I put some of the Balm on scratches from weeding and I did find it quite soothing, it would be good for dry patches but is quite greasy so I wouldn’t be using it other than for areas that needed it. I prefer my lip balms in a stick so I don’t get greasy fingers when applying it.
    The Balm is full of natural oils, not tested on animals and made in Australia. It also doesn’t contain petroleum products which is important to some users. It says it lasts for 24months once open and at its low price it is definitely a bargain.

  13. I have had the pleasure of testing the new Coconut Balm. Having suffered from dry & cracked lips my whole life, I am always looking for new products to try. Well, I had a pleasant surprise, as not only did it instantly moisturise my lips, the product actually lasted much longer on my lips than most others I have tried. I also like that the product is not tested on animals & is natural. I would hightly recommend this product 🙂

  14. Having trialled the REDWIN COCONUT BODY OIL for the past 10 days and I am very impressed. Upon using the pump bottle a luscious aroma of rich coconut overcomes you. The oil is surprisingly thicker in consistency than I would have expected and glides on very easily. One squirt easily glides over your whole face and neck area. A 2nd squirt I apply to my hands.

    The oil over the 10 days has made my face super soft and smooth, with no breakouts and it absorbs into my skin very well, leaving no oily residue.

    I did try to apply it to my hair, one of the suggestions for its use. However it left my hair very oily, even the next morning after sleeping with it in overnight. I wouldn’t recommend it if you were planning on going out before your next hair wash, so for me it wasn’t a big hit for my hair. I had to rewash my hair next day to get out the oily slick look. It may however do wonders for your hair but in my case I didn’t leave it in long enough or persevere with it.

    I will continue to experiment with it further and am keen to apply it to my feet next.

    I’m thoroughly loving this Redwin product.

    The generous bottle size will assure many long weeks of continual use.

  15. Thank you for the opportunity to trial the coconut oil. Lovely smell, not too strong, which brought back memories of the old coconut oil we used as teenagers but thats where the similarities ended. Great to use, and yes I tried it on my frizzy hair (smallest amount after rubbing into my hands) and not oily at all. Unfortunately we had a cold snap and after a few days I could not get any out of the pump bottle. Not sure if I was meant to shake the bottle to give a good mix when I first used it as there were no directions on the actual bottle. But the days I did use it, I used it on all as much of my body as I could. Did not need to wait for it to be absorbed, just rub in and go. Would try again.

  16. I trialed the COCONUT BODY BUTTER recently and really love it. It’s not oily, and it’s smooth and easy to rub into the skin. It didn’t leave that greasy feeling like many other dense body butters do and I especially treated my feet to that lovely coconut aroma. Thanks for including me in the Product Testing campaign.

  17. Thank you Beauty and Lace and Redwin for this absolutely amazing trial. I have loved using this coconut oil, and I will now be replacing one of my moisturisers with this product instead.

    After reading a bit about this coconut oil and the company Redwin, I really really wanted to try it. The coconut oil first appealed to me because it is an Australian company, Redwin does not test on animals and its vegan. The ingredients are super beneficial for my skin and do not contain lots of product that can irritate my skin like some products by other brands.

    This coconut oil comes in a 125 ml bottle with a pump for dispensing the product. I love how easy and hygienic the pump bottle is to use. The best bit is this coconut oil is suitable to be used all over the body (especially elbows, hands and heels where the skin can be super dry) and can be used on your hair (as a leave in treatment, or daily for smoothing hair).

    To use I applied this oil to my skin and massaged it in. It takes a tiny bit of time to absorb, but not much more than my normal moisturiser. The coconut oil has a soft coconut scent, and did not irritate me at all. I love this scent. There is no oily residue either. The coconut oil has been super soft and gentle on my skin. My skin is now much more hydrated. I have had no irritations or breakouts whatsoever. I also used this coconut oil on my face and I have noticed how much clearer, brighter, and softer and hydrated since using this coconut oil. It has made my hair soft and shiny, and reduces all the frizzy flyway’s.

    At RRP $12.99, it is an affordable product. I give this coconut oil 5/5 and I would recommend this product to others. As I said earlier, I will now be using this coconut oil instead of one of moisturisers, as it has been so great for my skin. Thanks Beauty and Lace and Redwin!!!

  18. I had the pleasure of testing the coconut balm and I am in heaven. I love the smell, the texture and it makes me lips oh so soft. I often suffer from dry lips especially during the cooler months, but using the redwin coconut balm its been amazing. It does have quite a strong concentrated coconut smell, but I like it, but keep in mind it may not be everyones taste. The balm lasted quite a while on my lips so I didn’t have to apply it as often my normal lip balm. The tube it came it doesn’t do it justice as its not really appealing but once you use the product, your not going to care how it was packaged. I really like the idea of a tube over a pot but it was quite hard to get out of the tube especially for the first few times that I used it. Overall I love this product and want to try more Redwin products in this range.

  19. I had the opportunity thanks to Beauty and Lace to trial the Redwin Perfect Naturals Coconut Balm. First of all I would like to say I love that companies are realising that we consumers want natural products with either less or no chemicals in them. So great work Redwin, I really admire a company that is open to change and improvement! I am also a big advocate of buying cruelty free products wherever I can – and the product was not only cruelty free, but vegan also!

    I must say, the Coconut Balm was AMAZING! Comes in a perfect size tube to pop in my bag, or have by my bedside. I felt that it was perfect for my dry skin that I start to get in Winter time – my lips were peeling really bad, and I popped some of the balm on, and over the next few days they were back to normal! Not only can you use the balm on your lips, but on cracked skin, cuts, burns and insect bites! I thought it was such a versatile product because of the multiple uses. The scent was also good, not too overpowering.

    I liked the results of using the Coconut Balm, however I did not like the consistency of it. It was just a bit too thick. This was ok when using on lips, but when I was using it on my hands I just did not like applying it and the feeling of it – however the results outweighed this.

    Overall after trialling the Redwin Perfect Naturals Coconut Balm I would definitely buy the product again! Thanks again Beauty and Lace – I loved the trial.

  20. Thanks Beauty and Lace for giving me the opportunity to try the Redwin Coconut Body Butter. This beautiful smelling coconut body butter is lovely and thick and just right for my dry, stressed winter skin. It comes in a tub and looks like whipped butter, this cream is really thick and I found it spread further and absorbed more quickly when used on damp skin.

    As my skin is very dry I used it all over paying particular attention to my neck, hands, elbows, knees and feet. After a few days my skin was less itchy and looked much more hydrated and smoother.

    The Redwin Perfect Naturals range also uses 100% organic coconut oil and is not tested on animals, it also has the added bonus of not having any of the other nasties such as parabens.

    This Coconut Body Butter is definitely going onto my future shopping list because I love the results and because the coconut scent brings a lovely hint of summer on cold winter mornings.

  21. I trialed the Coconut Body Butter and have used this product straight after showering for the past 2 weeks.It has a heavenly soft coconut fragrance that is not too overpowering and it leaves my skin totally moisturised and feeling soft and supple.The product is quite thick and I find that by applying it in small amounts it is easiest to spread on the skin.The tub container is great for easy application.I would definitely buy this in the future.

  22. I got to try to coconut balm. My lips are often very dry in Winter but not this time. The balm used twice a day has left them soft and supple and increased my lipstick wearing time. I also used it on a bite I got from an insect and it relieved the itching and stingy immediately. This product will be a staple in both my skincare and first aid cabinet.

  23. I have happily trialed the Coconut Balm. Firstly, it smells just amazing. It is such a feel good smell. The quality is excellent. I have very sensitive skin and have to be so careful about what I put on my face and my lips. I can’t wear this every day because of that, but when I can it feels just lovely. It doesn’t just disappear into your skin so you don’t have to reapply too often. I also used it a bit on the back of my hands and my elbows which was really great. It is a handy travel size which is also a good thing if you need to cut down on products to make room for other things. Like shoes. You can never have enough room for shoes. So it’s just a win all round.

  24. I was lucky to be chosen to trial the Coconut body balm.. and it was so lovely on my skin , it smelt gorgeous and soaked perfectly into my dry skin. The butter left my skin feeling hydrated and smelling really nice. It is wonderful that Redwin Naturals range has no nasties in their products, for example no artificial colours or harsh detergents and 100% certified oil in the body butter.

  25. With winter comes dry skin. So these products are perfect and you can use them any time, not just the winter but also the summer. I would really love to see my skin hydrated with these amazing products.

  26. I was given the balm to trial and am now converted. To begin with the product comes in a handy tube. This give you the convenience of either applying directly to your lips or with your finger or a cotton tip. The scent is amazing. Yummy coconut but not too overpowering. Do not be fooled by the thin consistency as once applied the balm provides a rich moisturizing effect to your lips. It soaks in as well as applying a topcoat sheen. Having tried this I will be giving away the other products and sticking with this . It’s an amazing product both effective and ethical. I cannot wait to try others in the range.

  27. Hello! I know about Redwin Coconut Body Oil while travelling through Australia, but I live in Spain and couldn’t find any dealer on Europe to buy It again.
    Does anybody know where could I buy It in Europe?


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