Sponsored Video: Vaseline – DIRECT RELIEF CAMPAIGN 2016

When I think of Vaseline I think of chapped lips, sore winter noses and dry elbows, the little pot of wonder that has so many uses! A staple in most first aid kits, this iconic brand is more than meets the eye.

Watch the following video to see how Vaseline are making a difference to more than just our cosmetic needs:

So far they have reached 1392211 people, with a goal of helping 5 million people by 2020. Every time you buy Vaseline it counts as one donation. Find out more at http://www.vaseline.com.au/thehealingproject

One thought on “Sponsored Video: Vaseline – DIRECT RELIEF CAMPAIGN 2016

  1. It truly is an amazing product. Enjoyed the video. I bought one a few weeks ago but that video shows a new container with a flip lid. Now that I do like.

    Will have to buy more so donations get sent 🙂

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