Skinstitut Hydrating Mask

A couple of winters ago we featured the Skinstitut Hydrating Mask, and it is time to give it another plug. This is made for dry and dehydrated skin, and with this weather this is something most of us are experiencing. The product is suitable for irritated skin and it protects and repairs while offering soothing properties. After cleansing, apply this mask to the face and neck and leave for 10 minutes. You can use as needed, I like to go once a week, either day or night depending on your preference. The key ingredients are Shea Butter, Multi-vitamin Concentrate and Red Raspberry.

Dehydrated skin can make fine lines appear to be more visible, and the Hydrating Mask gives you a helping hand to get that moisture back. Fresh skin, a more radiant appearance and a dose of hydration…if you are struggling to get through winter, this could at least make your skin feel better.

Skinstitut products are easily recognisable with their crisp purple and white packaging, and they have five key ranges with Hydrating (this is where the Hydrating Mask fits in), Anti-Ageing, Brightening, Calming and Clearing. The products are made in Australia.

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