Interview: Natalie Bloom (Bloom Cosmetics)

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Natalie Bloom requires no introduction, as the woman behind the successful beauty brand Bloom she launched her business when she was just 22 and is an inspiration to women everywhere.

We were lucky enough to have a chat with Natalie in this recent interview:

How did Bloom Cosmetics get started?

After studying Graphic Design, I found myself working in a small studio. The work was terribly uninspiring so I began creating and selling homemade cards and gift ideas in the hope I would feel more creatively satisfied.

I didn’t have a long term strategy and simply created quality products with a strong design sensibility that I was passionate about. However, as I became more strategic my hobby turned into a business – and there has been no looking back since!

Have you always been passionate about beauty?

Makeup seduced me long ago. I remember sitting in my grandmother’s boudoir as a little girl, rummaging through her collection of lipsticks, eye shadows and nail polishes and being enchanted by the shades, scents and possibilities they represented.

My mother, too, would never leave the house without impeccable makeup. I recall watching her with fascination as she applied it meticulously before going out. I think my love affair with beauty is in my genes!

You use a lot of natural ingredients in your products, is this something that has become a priority for you?

Absolutely. We create fresh, innovative products using botanical ingredients. I believe in drawing upon the power of nature to nurture the body.

It’s a philosophy I personally live by and a core element of everything we do at Bloom. It was from this philosophy that Bloom Organics was born. While we’ve always taken a natural approach to beauty, this range is a step into our future.

Where did the idea for your Bloom girl logo come from?

Bloom is an approachable beauty brand with a creative, whimsical spirit. Miss Bloom was created to embody all of these things. She is feminine, quirky and playful.

natalie bloom

What is the process of creating a new product?

The most crucial part of the process of creating a new product is the initial idea, the inspiration. A new product could be inspired by a single ingredient, for example, our soon to be released Facial Moisturiser was inspired by the power of Moroccan Argan Oil.

Inspiration also comes from colours, collaboration opportunities, movies…it’s a real jigsaw puzzle!

How do you decide on packaging?

Coming from a design background, Bloom packaging is something I really sink my teeth into. Producing packaging is a huge creative process and I am constantly surprised by the different guises creative inspiration comes in.

I pour over incredible photography, art and lifestyle books and I am a magazine fiend who never misses an issue of Frankie or Italian Vogue. I regularly visit design blogs such as Meet Me At Mike’s and Handmade Romance too.

Tell us one crazy thing we wouldn’t know about you?

I am obsessed with bubblegum! Despite being a health nut, I just can’t say no to it. It’s definitely my biggest weakness!

What is your favourite Bloom product of ALL time?

Asking me to choose just one beauty product is like asking me to pick which one of my children is my favourite!

If I had to choose, my all-time favourite beauty product is cleansing oil. For a gentle, effective way to remove makeup and cleanse skin you can’t beat Bloom’s Organic Cleansing Oil.

This natural alternative to foam cleansers, is perfect for people with acne-prone or naturally oily skin because it won’t strip natural oils and trick your skin into producing more oil. This product hits shelves in July, and I’m so excited for people to fall in love with it!

Did you ever imagine your brand would be such a huge success?

I had no idea, sometimes I have to pinch myself! I simply worked hard, remained true to myself and created what I was passionate about. It is important to remember to do whatever you do with integrity.

This has been my mantra for running my business and has been the yardstick that I have measured all my decisions against.

Do you wear makeup every day?

In today’s super-charged world, it is often hard to find time for yourself. But, regardless of how busy things are with work and my family, I always make sure I take a few moments to enjoy the romance and ritual of applying makeup.

What is your number one beauty tip?

Years ago, makeup artist April Greaves, game me a beauty tip that I still use daily. She taught me that if you aren’t blessed with naturally long eyelashes, all is not lost.

Simply apply black eyeliner to the upper inner rim of the eye before applying mascara to create the illusion of full, bat-worthy lashes!

What are your tips for juggling family and work?

Balancing business and motherhood is an enormous challenge that constantly requires fine-tuning. I wouldn’t mind a couple of tips myself actually!

There are moments when I feel I am managing everything seamlessly and then one of the kids gets sick or something unexpected happens at work and everything is thrown out. I guess it’s all part of the fun though and I probably couldn’t function any other way!

What’s next for Natalie Bloom?

My fourth child! I am preparing to introduce him or her into the world in just a few weeks and I just cannot wait to meet this little person!

What does being a woman mean to you?

To me, being a woman is about embracing your femininity and grace.

3 thoughts on “Interview: Natalie Bloom (Bloom Cosmetics)

  1. Love reading about inspirational women and Natalie Bloom is an excellent example. I especially love that she has managed to remain true to herself and her philosophy of drawing upon nature to create beautiful products.

  2. Love reading about Natalie Bloom she is a really inspiration have been following her career for years with all the highs and lows, truly is amazing how she has bounced back from the brink still so young and so much ahead of her.

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