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Winter is well and truly on its way and while we can’t do anything about the darker evenings and crispy cool mornings, we have found a solution to ensure your smile is one thing that doesn’t have to suffer. During the colder months, cold air and artificial heating can result in dry lips but lucky for us Carmex has a product that helps to fight this problem.

The Carmex Lip Balm Squeeze Tube is an old favourite that has stood the test of time. And I mean that literally. Alfred Woelbing created the brand 75 years ago and this balm is based on the original formula. It is designed to be both moisturising and exfoliating, with key ingredients of cocoa seed butter, lanolin, salicycic aced, waxes, camphor and menthol.

The signature yellow and red squeeze tube is ideal for the texture of the product as it is quite thick, and after application my lips instantly felt better. There is a slight tangy tingly sensation which Carmex products are known for and I’m assuming this would be associated with the menthol – it’s noticeable but not unpleasant.

carmex squeeze tube

Easy to apply, give it a squeeze and use your finger to smooth onto your lips. This can be used on its own, under lipstick as a base coat, or over lipstick for a touch of shine.

My Carmex Squeeze Tube is going to be a handbag staple during winter.

The Lip Balm 10g Squeeze Tube has an RRP of $5.99. Carmex lip balm is available at all good pharmacies nationally. Some Carmex varieties available at selected Woolworths and Safeway supermarkets, selected Coles supermarkets, selected BIG W retailers and selected Target retailers.

The brand does not test on animals and all products are preservative free.

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50 of our members have been testing the Carmex Squeeze Tube, find out what they thought below!

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48 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Carmex Squeeze Tube

  1. I was not a tester of this product but I have used it for about 10 years and it always leaves my lips moist and kissable. I always apply it just before I go to bed, and when I wake up my lips are full and moisturised beautifully.

  2. I just received mine today and even though I don’t have long range reports initially I have to say it is great. I love the tube and the ease of use and it isn’t thick and gluggy and leaves my lips feeling soft and gorgeous, not overdone. Very happy so far.

  3. I received mine this morning thank you.
    I have already used it and was quite surprised the long lasting coolness, it made my lips tingle and they still are 1hr later. I am anxious to see how long it lasts for, it has a nice smell of eucalyptus, my lips are moisturised and smooth.
    Easy to use and just glides on

    Thanks very much for letting me test it

  4. I received my Carmex lip Balm this morning thank you. I had already coloured my lips with lipliner and applied it straight over the top. I was very surprised at how fresh and smooth it made my lips look and the fragrant tingly sensation is quite enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this product.

  5. I received this today to test, the packaging was very nice, it’s compact and easily fits in any bag. i LOVED the smell of this, it did feel quite minty and cooling on my lips though which was a bit uncomfortable at first and it tasted a little bit like medicine, the cooling sensation went away withing half an hour and i got more used to it. Overall it does a very good gob of moisturizing the lips and leaving them crack-free!

  6. i have received this product and ive tried and i love it! it really moisturises my lips and its long lasting. it doesnt taste gross like some lip moisturisers do and i like that its in a tube and not a cylinder. this is a great product and when i have used all the sample, i will be definitely be purchasing it from the store

  7. The tube is so easy to use! Love that its thick but glides onto your lips easily. It has kept my lips moisturised for hours on end which is not common in alot of lip balms these days, So i was very impressed with that!
    Im also impressed it doesnt have a nasty taste like most others do (Ok i know we dont eat it, but licking it off your lips seems to happen!) – The only thing that puts me off a tiny bit is the strong menthol smell, but thats just a personal thing as i dont like the smell of menthol in anything! Definitely a handy little squeeze tube for the handbag!

  8. Pros –
    -Very easy to use in a nice little squeezy tube with rounded end
    – Lasted for about an hour
    – It has a really nice smooth texture

    Cons –
    – It had a really funny taste… like Vicks Vapour Rub, which wasn’t so pleasant.
    – It burned on my lips for a little bit (20 seconds)
    – Not a great smell

    Overall, very nice product, however the taste was a bit of a turn off for me. If they make it with a different smell/taste then it would be fantastic. I would give it 3 out of 5.

  9. I received the product today, thank you very much. I’m sorry but I’m not a fan of this product. It actually stung my lips, with a burning sensation. Not sure if it was the menthol that is in the product. It did glide on nicely and I didn’t mind the smell of vanilla. It is a nice small hand y size that it can be placed in your bag or in your pocket of a jacket etc.. Thank you for allowing me to try this product Beauty and Lace.

  10. Ooohhh I received this in the mail yesterday and tried it on this morning. I like lip balms in this design as it meant that I do not have messy balmy hands! It was easy to squeeze out and went on my lips easily. It was not gunky but went on smooth.
    However, it might be a personal preference. Did anyone else find the taste quite unpalatable? It tasted chemical-ish which surprised me.

  11. This lip balm is amazing, as soon as you put it on there is a tingly feeling on your lips so you know that it’s working! It doesn’t feel sticky or have a bad smell, keeps you lips hydrated for hours after you apply it. Definitely well worth the purchase.

  12. I recieved mine 2 days ago and must say im impressed. Easy to apply and keeps my lips nice and moist. I do suffer with dry lips, so this has been great. Nice little size to keep in my handbag. Definatley recommend and will purchace myself

  13. I got mine yesterday and put it on before I went to bed.
    Oh-my…this is one of those products you SHOULD pass it on.
    Amazing and I love the tingly feeling when I first put it on.

  14. have only been using mine for half a day but these are my impressions so far.

    In terms of a lip balm it certainly did the job of keeping my lips moisturised for quite some time and it give a nice shiny look without being too sticky.

    However, I am definitely not a fan of the taste, although this does go away after a while. The presumably menthol tingle I’m not sure about at the moment, it’s not too unpleasant although on a cold windy day I think my lips would feel like they were freezing!

    So in terms of performance, 10 out of 10. Would I buy it? No, simply because I really don’t like the taste.

  15. Yeah!!! I received my tube of Carmex yesterday. What do I think – surprisingly good given I don’t particularly like the packaging and would never have thought to buy this lip balm. It will be easy for me to convert to the Carmex brand should my first impressions withstand the test of time.

    Firstly I am amazed at how long one application lasts given that I have been eating and drinking and most lip balms disappear much faster. The balm leaves your lips slightly sticky & shiny which is great if you want a natural look. As others have commented this product contains Camphor and Menthol so when I first applied it my lips got quite tingly for a little while.

    I like the fact that Carmex comes in a tube which makes it easy to use & share with my partner. I also did not have any problem with the smell or taste and I loved the fact that the colour of the packaging makes it easy to find in my bag.

  16. I received my Carmex Lip Balm yesterday. Today I tested it out whilst cycling. The wind was cool and, therefore potentially drying, but my lips continued to feel soft and moist after nearly two hours in these conditions. Usually I need to reapply lip balm during my ride – but no need for that with this product!

    I would definitely buy Carmex Lip Balm. I love the tingly sensation from the menthol, and, although it seems quite thick out of the tube, it actually provides a nice thin but effective barrier, the The only negative is the applicator: I think an angled tip that allows direct and neat application would be an advantage. I would rate this 4/5

  17. This lip balm is thick and glossy and lasts for aaaages – you can literally feel it working to keep your lips soft and moisturised. The tube is a perfect handbag size and easy to apply, and the clear gloss leaves your lips with a gorgeous natural shine. I could smell more menthol than vanilla, but it was oddly comforting as it reminds me of snug winter days! The Carmex Squeeze Tube will definitely be my go-to lip balm to ward off dryness and chapping as the weather cools down, and I appreciate the chance to test it out!

  18. I have been using my Carmex for a few days now and really like it!! It is compact, has a great smell, long lasting and gives my lips a nice shine. I love trying new products and will certainly be telling my friends, family and clients about Carmex ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for allowing me to be a tester ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. I tried Carmex for the first time in many years again over the last 2 days and I am impressed! Carmex goes on easily and felt cool on my lips. here is a slight menthol smell (and hence the cooling sensation) but my lips felt moisturised and soft for hours after using it. After using it every few hours for the last 2 days I have to say my lips are smoother and softer. This will be great in Winter when my lips can get chapped from the cold winds! A nice product – happy to rediscover how great it is!

  20. Its been a very long time since i used Carmex, It hasnt changed, still smells the same, (which is an awesome smell/scent) the tube is a fab idea as im not a fan of using tubs,
    It glides on smoothly, you dont need heaps, it last for at least a few hours b4 needing to apply again, its very healing. Very Impressed/Happy,
    Thx for letting me be able to test it =)

  21. The tube of this product is super cute and quite compact so it fits well in my bag. the packaging is quite attractive and the squeeze tube makes it easy to apply. The product applies really smoothly and you only need to use a small amount, it is quite long lasting and leaves my lips feeling soft and well moisturised. Overall I would say this is a great lip gloss and I would use it again.

  22. I received my parcel on Thursday and tried it straight away as I was going for a run and was one of the initial reasons i wanted to be a tester. Running often dries out my lips and I was looking for something to combat this problem, while the product did this and was easy to use I was not a fan of the smell or the tingling feeling. I did however keep the testing up and found it does leave the lips very smooth and soft.

  23. I was lucky enough to trial this product and I can say that I’m a huge Carmex fan. I love the fact that it not only moisturises, but also heals, chapped lips. I put it on before going to bed and wake up with incredibly soft lips. The texture is also smooth but thick enough that you don’t need to keep reapplying every half hour. It’s a neat size to take on the go and can be applied really easily, mess-free. Overall, a definite winter staple!

  24. I received this Carmex Lip Balm yesterday and I love it. Great, easy to use, no mess applicator. No waxy feel, just a smooth, soothing menthol balm that felt healing and wonderful. Thank you so much for the opportunity, I love your site and I am a Carmex fan now too ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I received my sample the other day. I loved the smell it has, it’s nice & compact, easy to apply, gave a nice cooling feeling & a great moisturizer which felt light & not thick plus it lasted for hours. The only downfall was the medicine taste it had when applied. If it was a different taste it would of been better.

    Thank you for letting me try it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. I received my product sample the other day, and was excited to try it out. I have large lips which are often dry and flakey, and need constant moisture. I was excited to try the Carmex in a tube, because I started using Carmex in a pot about 10 years ago, but stopped because I didn’t like having to use my finger to apply it; the tube is the perfect solution!
    On initial application this product gives that typical Carmex tingle; if you’ve ever used Carmex, you’ll know what I mean, but if you haven’t it can be quite a cooling tingle. This is the effect of the menthol, and I love it’s refreshing feel.
    It gives a nice thick application which means you don’t have to continually reapply. I also like this for when I go running so my lips don’t get chapped in the wind; if it also had SPF protection then it would be perfect!
    After a few days use, and application before bed, my lips are currently full, soft, and absolutely smooth. The salicylic acid helps to exfoliate, while the cocoa butters and lanolin provide moisture perfection.
    I’ve really enjoyed trialling this product, and will definitely continue using and purchasing throughout winter!
    Thanks Carmex, and thanks Beauty & Lace ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

  27. i received my sample on friday and started using it straight away i have already used carmex and a couple of other well known brands one of which comes in a tin and although i like the product the tin is hard to pot of carmex has a screw on lid also not always easy to open with cold hands ect. i love the tube only a very tiny amout is needed and lasts for ages and has left my lips smoother and more supple over the last 3 days so no more tin’s or pots for me my little tube of magic will be in my bag/pocket from now on.the only improvement would be a flip top lid for ease of use when out in the cold wearing gloves.thank you for my already much loved sample.

  28. Today was my 3rd day of using the Carmex lip balm and I’m definitely pleased with the results!
    At first I was a bit shocked at the sensation when applied, sort of a tingly/cold feeling and also a bit sticky so my immediate reaction was to remove it. But I’m sure glad I didn’t because the positive results started after just the first use!
    With this crazy Melbourne weather it’s been like having 4 seasons in one day and combined with heaters and air-cons my lips are usually dry, chapped and sore. But Carmex has come to my rescue leaving my lips feeling smooth, moist and chap-free!
    I’d totally recommend this product.
    Thank-you Carmex and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to trial this awesome lip balm. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Goes on silky smooth, a little going a long way & it lasts, not wearing off instantly like other brands. It’s not sticky, gooey or clumpy just perfect, and easy to squeeze out, not being hard in the tube needing warmth before it releases. My lips feel amazing with Carmex on, I do not know how I’ve survived all these years without it. Love it and will keep on loving it, long after this tube has squeezed out it’s last drop.

  30. The Carmex lip balm is very easy to apply and sticks to the lips well. It last a long time and is very good for dry lips. Thanks for letting me test this excellent , very useful product.

  31. I received my Carmex Lip Balm on Friday. This was good timing as I was suffering severe chemical oral burning & blistered lips following the last dose of my medication.
    Firstly, I like the size of the tube as it fits easily into my handbag & has a secure screw on lid as opposed to those that just slide on. This means no accidents in the bag or pocket with the top falling off. Also the hole is quite small which is good as you only need a tiny amount of the product to cover the lips as it spreads quite well.
    Secondly, the scent is mild & not unpleasant.
    Finally, the product when I put it on was fairly hot but I think this was due to me putting too much on & I found blotting this removed the heat. When I reapplied it next I used a smaller dose & this did not hurt at all.
    I used this all weekend & I even applied my lippy over the top on Saturday night when I went out to dinner. The staying power is pretty good & I am happy to report that it did help to soothe my blisters which have now subsided. I don’t think there is a lip balm on the market that I have not tried as I’ve been on these medications for over four years.
    This is a product I would be happy to recommend to others, especially those suffering split or blistered lips. Just remember not to use too much as this will burn but a bit of blotting after application will stop this. It also seems to have good healing properties. I will certainly be buying this product in the future as I suffer this problem permanently & I can say in all honesty that I am impressed.

  32. When my daughter and I first used the product, it seemed to sting a bit. And then after that came a tingling, fresh sensation. Our lips felt smooth, soft and protected from the elements. Regular use has definitely softened our lips, so the product works (which is great as we live in the harsh tropics). The fact that it doesn’t feel overly greasy and sticky is a definite bonus.

    The only drawback: the tube container. If we’re not careful, we can push out too much of the product. Putting into onto our fingers and THEN our lips doesn’t seem terribly hygienic either. We both prefer push/roll up containers so that we don’t have to actually touch the product before use.

    Overall a nice product – not the best on the market but certainly up there in terms of its medicinal and protective qualities. An affordable product too….

  33. I received my Carmex tube yesterday and tried it straight away. Initially I thought the packaging looked a bit ‘Industrial’ (like a glue stick!) and not very appealing. The only benefit of the packaging would be that men might buy it because it doesn’t look like a girlie lip gloss!
    When I first applied it I was a bit shocked. The smell of menthol was quite overwhelming and I had a burning sensation. This passed soon after and it actually felt quite nice. It is a smooth product and gives a bit of shine to my lips. I think there should be some sort or warning on the packaging to alert users to the initial shock and odour.
    I don’t love the product but it does work, it seems more of a medicinal product then a beauty product but if that is the goal then Carmex achieves it.

  34. This is the first time I tried Carmex and I must say I am very impressed with it.
    The packaging is not very girly so even a bloke can use it, it is more like a treatment for lips specially in winters.
    My lips are very dry and I just can not live without reapplying the lip balm again and again but I have noticed that I don’t have to reapply the lip balm several times since I am using Carmex at night.
    I use it just before I go to bed and wake up with soft and smooth lips. When I first used it I had a tingling sensation on my lips because of menthol and it was literally burning but it went away quickly.
    I like the fact that it also contains salcyclic acid so it does not only softens my lips but also exfoliates them which is quite nice.
    For me it is a real winner and I will keep using it.

  35. I have been using my Carmex squeeze tube all week, and my verdict is: I LOVE IT!
    I had previously used the Carmex lip balm in stick form and I have always loved it’s formula. The squeeze tube is an improvement on an already great product. In the cold, rainy weather my lips are prone to become dry and often peel. Even through these conditions my lips are 100% moisturised and healthy, and the rounded tip makes it so much nicer to apply. The liquid squeeze tube also makes it easier to apply, and gives a nice even application. For those hesitant about the tingle that Carmex formula has, I can honestly tell you that it isn’t painful and I don’t even notice it anymore. Thankyou B & L for letting me test this product, and converting my from an old favourite to a new one!

  36. I received my Carmex lip balm beginning of last week. Very clever coloring, stands out in your bag so no digging in the bottom of your bag to find it. I haven’t used this product before, I found it easy to open and very easy to use. I found the fragrance a bit strong at first but it went away very quickly leaving my lips feeling extremely smooth. I use it a couple of times a day and have found that my lips are feeling better each day. Thanks heaps B & L for another great trial product, I look forward to more. Cheers Jan

  37. Firstly I apologise for my late review. Secondly I would like to say a big thank you for letting me try this! I found this lip balm quite moisturising and perfect for the colder weather. I found the scent a little overwhelming at first and I had a tingling sensation when I applied it to my lips. But this soon passed and the product felt quite relieving on my lips and left them smooth. The balm is easy to apply and lasts around an hour for each application. This will be one of my winter must haves! Thank you B & L for letting me try this ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. I have used Carmex for years but usually buy the little pot; this is the first time I have used the tube. I will definitely buy the tube again as it doesn’t seem as messy as using the pot. With the pot, I found that it would get little bits of dirt and dust stuck around the lid when it had been knocking about in my bag for a while; but I haven’t had that problem at all with the tube.

    I love Carmex because it is incredibly moisturising and long lasting. Unlike others, I have no problem with the taste or smell; I just don’t think it’s that strong.

    I suffer quite badly from cold sores (just saying the words will almost guarantee I’ll wake up with one tomorrow) and I always have Carmex in my box of tricks. It doesn’t stop them from appearing, but if I apply it as soon as I get the dreaded tingle, it will usually manage to decrease the severity.

    All in all, I highly recommend Carmex!

  39. I’ve used the Carmex click sticks in the past and love them, but I’ve now fallen for this squeeze tube too!
    It feels so hurrahing and soft, it doesn’t leave that sticky or tacky feeling like some other brands can. It’s a perfect size for keeping in your handbag too, I’ve since gone out and bought another one so I’ll never be caught without a tube……
    Thanks B&L for the chance to trial such a great product, my lips are just loving it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  40. I found the tingling when you first put it on a little annoying but once that calms down the product leaves your lips feeling silky smooth and soft. The tube makes it more hygienic and easier to apply with a clean finger. It’s not too sticky. It will be very useful when winter hits and dry cracked lips abound. I would purchase this product.

  41. I have used the product for just under a week now and having used Carmex products before I can truthfully say that I will be buying this one again its lovely and smooth and leaves your lips feeling silky and hydrated .I get dry lips especially if outside on a windy day and I find if I forget to apply before I go out putting the product on at night after I have cleansed and moisturised makes my lips feel tingly and soft .I will be definitely purchashing the squeeze tube as its very handy and product goes on so easily

  42. i must admit i wasnt overly keen on the product. i didnt like the burning sensation on my lips when i applied it.

  43. I enjoyed using this product as it left my lips feeling smooth and soft.
    The tube is easy to carry around and use easily. I will buy this product again.

  44. I like the travel size tube and how the product glides on my lips. But it does get lost in my big bag but handy to put in ur clutch.

    Its autumn/winter now, and it is a bit hard to squeeze the content out as it does get a little hard so u do have to be careful not to squeeze too much.

    Overall, I like it as u don’t need to use ur fingers and I like the cooling effect on the lips.

  45. I really loved Carmex in a tube, after applying it overnight my lips were ultra smooth in the morning and I would definitely recommend this to anyone with cracked lips.

  46. This product is absolutely fantastic!!!
    Thank you for the opportunity to review “Carmex squeeze tube”. It is extremely moisturising and soothing for my winter damaged lips and i totally adore the tingle!!!
    This product is my new must have.

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