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Most of you would have tried using Argan Oil in your hair, but may not be familiar with this wonder ingredient in skincare. Redwin have recently released a body moisturiser called Daily Intensive Nourishment with Moroccan Argan Oil, which is the perfect winter skin companion.

This Body Lotion is designed to work quickly for dry skin to hydrate and improve the appearance, while providing long lasting results. The benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil include the fact that it has anti-ageing properties, is nutrient rich and packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants.

RED_Moroccan Daily Intensive Nourishment_400mL_LR

Jennifer Hawkins is the face of the brand in Australia and this is what she said about this exciting new product,

I’ve been using Redwin for years, and I am so excited that they have introduced their new Daily Intensive Nourishment lotion with Moroccan Argan Oil. I’ve been using Moroccan Argan Oil on my hair for ages and it is full of rich nutrients and anti oxidants that I know will nourish my skin and help to give me a healthy glow.”

Packaged in an orange container with a convenient pump, this is an affordable body lotion that will help fight dry skin and leave you feeling silky smooth all day long.

80 of our members have been trialling the new Daily Intensive Nourishment with Moroccan Argan Oil, and you can read their feedback below or add your own.

REDWIN Intensive Nourishment with Moroccan Oil is available from Woolworths, Chemist Warehouse and leading pharmacies RRP $5.99 for 400ml and $3.70 for 75ml.  For customer enquiries please call 02 9997 1466 or visit

70 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Redwin Daily Intensive Nourishment

  1. So silky and soft! My skin lapped up this delicious moisturiser. Perfect for the winter months!

  2. I love the smell of this moisturiser the most! It smells gorgeous, and feels luxurious. Thick and creamy but it just melts into your skin, without leaving you feeling sticky. A winner in this house!

  3. I found this product had a nice creamy texture & soaked into my skin quickly without leaving a greasy feeling afterwards.

    I do prefer products that are unscented but the fragrance was OK as it was quite subtle (my son said “Mummy, you smell nice!”, so that’s a bonus!)

    I have sensitive skin & I didn’t experience any reaction so that’s good news. Also, I found my skin still felt soft & smooth for the day following application.

    I would definitely consider purchasing this product in future.

  4. I love this product, I find it ideal for after shaving. It absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling soft. The fragrance is pleasant also and not overpowering.

  5. My skin is really dry as I have to wash my hands often; washing dishes, washing nappies, wash hands prior food preparation, etc. I’m glad that I get to trial this product.

    I use the lotion as often as I can after washing my hands. I quite like the scent. The lotion is thick and it gets absorbed well. It feels slightly oily after using it. I find my skin to be more hydrated, it was flaky previously on the back of my hands close to the fingers part.

    I quite like this lotion and I will recommend it to people I know. The one negative that I found is the pump is broken when I received it. When I press the pump, there’s leak on the side of the pump. Other than this one negative, I’m happy with the product.

  6. I have been using this for a week now and i love it!
    It absorbs into my skin quickly without leaving a greasy residue.
    It has a light pleasant lotion smell. I personally love my creams and lotions to have a strong fragrance but its only a small hiccup.My kids also loved it as they have dry skin especially in this cold weather.
    A thumbs up from me : )

  7. Gorgeous! Loved the lotion. It’s so windy where I live and my skin is always drying out very quickly. I’ve used this for about 5 days now and my skin is staying moisturised!! I will definitely be buying this one again as I loved the fact it has the Argan Oil in it!! Thanks!

  8. What I love: the scent (love it a lot), the pump packaging, the non-sticky texture, quickly absorbed by the skin.

    What I don’t love: not moisturising enough for my thirsty skin this winter. Also, unfortunately I get irritations on the eczema-prone areas of my skin.

    Overall I would recommend this for people who don’t have eczema.

  9. I’ve been using this product for the past week or so and would definitely recommend it. I don’t have sensitive skin, so I cannot comment on that, but it’s been great for keeping my skin moisturised in the early days of winter.

    The product has a light scent, which is pleasant, but doesn’t seem to last on the skin once applied. I’ve been putting it on after showering and lightly toweling off my skin, while my pores are still open, and it is quickly absorbed. The lotion doesn’t feel greasy or leave a greasy feeling on the skin either, which is great.

    The packaging is nice and the pump dispenser is nice to have. I also think the price point is decent, so would definitely buy this in the future.

  10. A great body moisturiser! I use this Redwin Moisturiser after I have a shower or bath. I also use it on my hands after washing the dishes. I have sensitive skin and this product didn’t irritate my skin at all. It soothes my dry skin and I will definitely be buying this product. The Moroccan Agran Oil is great.I would recommend this moisturiser to anyone who has dry skin and also those with sensitive skin.

  11. I love the scent of this moisturiser, so fresh! It has a great thick texture that just glides onto your skin, leaves it moisturised, fresh and soft, no sticky residue at all, lasts all day long.
    I love the easy to use pump pack bottle, no mess, no fuss.

  12. Many thanks for the lotion – really nice stuff! Had a lovely fresh scent and was easy to apply in the pump pack (very handy). Nice texture … not greasy at all. Kept my skin moisturised all day.

  13. I’m hooked. I love this moisturiser. It leaves my skin soft & silky, it’s quickly absorbed, is non greasy and has a lovely, subtle scent. I’ll definitely be buying another bottle & recommending it to friends.

  14. Absorbs really quickly so you can go back to work without an awful greasy feeling. Smells divine, great value, highly recommended.

  15. This moisturiser goes on thick and creamy but absorbs very nicely and leaves your skin smooth but not oily. For me, that is the most important feature of moisturiser, and it lasts all day.

    The second most important feature for me, is the smell. This smell is not very strong, which I like, and it is rather inoffensive, but not particularly nice, of course that is a subjective thing.

    I doubt all the “antioxidants” will actually make my skin “look younger” but thats not really what you expect from a moisturiser (or at least, you shouldn’t). But it WILL nicely moisturise your skin, and that is what you should expect from a moisturiser.

    In short, I would buy it again – but, I would like to know:

    1) Are the ingredients sustainably sourced? (ie no palm oil)

    2) Is it tested on animals?

  16. Loved the delighful, light fragrance. was pleaant without being overpowering in the least. It soaked in quikly into my skin soon after application and my skin felt smooth soft and nourished.

    It stayed moisturized and hydrated all day long. The pump pack was simple and convenient to use.

    Was very moisturizing without leaving behind any sticky after feel. Suitable for the whole family to use.

  17. Thick, nourishing and perfect for winter. Heating and harsh weather can dry out and redden skin so the oils and thick lotion under socks and long sleeves works magic. Sadly the pack I received was faulty and squirted product from the base but I would buy this product again!

  18. I feel very special receiving this Redwin Intensive Nourisment w/ Morrocan Oil especially when I opened the box. It was nicely packed 🙂 I love the color!

    Redwin Intensive nourishment with Moroccan Oil — I love the texture and feel when I apply to my skin. Leaving it smooth and silky onto my skin. I find the smell very overpowering though in my opinion. Nevertheless, I highly recommend to everyone especially to those on a budget.

    Thank you again for this opportunity to be on the trial team 🙂

  19. I been using this moisturiser for a little over a week now with great results. I’ve mainly been using it on my hands and have noticed that the skin is softer and younger looking and my nails look far healthier now too.
    I really love the packaging, it’s much nicer looking than Redwin products normally have. The packaging is functional and easy to use with the pump top.
    And I think the price for this product is fantastic value for money and I’d be sure to buy it again.
    Many thanks for the chance to try it out!

  20. “I never tried Redwin before,loved the packaging in first whole family tried and tested new Redwin,and we really loved it.It absorbs quickly,without sticky feeling,keeps hydrated and moisturised for longer time,I noticed.even a small amount enough for each time use,smells nice and gentle,feels so smooth and luxurious on skin.great product.

  21. I found this very moisturising. I have been in the process of moving house & my skin was acting up becoming very dry, but this product really helped put some moisture back into my skin. It feels lovely going on and is not very greasy. It is a highly perfumed, but not intolerable (and some people love perfumes). I give this 4 and a half stars out of 5. Good job redwin, you will find this in my house again

  22. I really enjoyed using this product.

    As a mother of two I loved
    • the dispenser
    • the scent.. Really pleasant for us to use
    • the softness my skin was really soft and it smoothed. Into my skin easily.

    •the RRP so well priced

    Thanks B & L and Redwin

  23. Absolutely LOVE this skin cream!
    I usually use Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa butter body cream which I did like except it is really thick and seems to take ages to absorb. The Redwin Daily Intensive nourishment cream is amazingly light so it absorbs really quickly yet it is amazingly hydrating so my skin is beautifully soft after using it.
    The scent is lush as well, not overpowering like alot of body creams can be. Love the added morrocan argan oil too- so good for the skin!!! A BIG 10 out of 10! Thaks girls for the opportunity to trial this product, my skin loves you for it! 🙂

  24. I love this moisturiser! The smell is so lovely. My skin is pretty sensitive and I have psoriasis so finding a cream that won’t affect my psoriasis is hard – I found this moisturiser doesn’t affect my skin at all – if anything it has helped the appearance of my blotchy parts.
    My skin absorbs it pretty quickly and is left soft and radiant.
    I will definitely purchase it once I run out. Thanks again Beauty and Lace for this lovely trial!

  25. This is a really good product that I would be happy to recommend.
    The scent is subtle, which I really liked. There was a slight residue when first applied but not in a bad way, it does absorb readily into the skin and hydrates the skin really well. I will continue to use it during the cooler months to prevent my skin from drying out. Thank you for the opportunity to review.

  26. this product soaks in quickly and keeps my skin hydrated for hours. the scent is very light which pleased me. this would be the perfect all year round moisturiser as it is light and works extremely well.

  27. First of the packaging that this product arrived in was lovely. Really made me feel as though I was getting a little present :). Secondly the smell of the cream is amazing!! The product absorbs really well into the skin and doesnt leave you feeling greasy like other products can. I have only been using this product for a few days and my skin already feels so much more hydrated. Would definitely recommend this product :). Well done Redwin!

  28. I love this product! I am forever looking for something to use on my dry skin, especially during winter, because I react to the majority of moisturisers. On top of making my skin feel smooth and soft, this treatment also soaked in without sitting on top of the skin. I would definitely recommend Redwin in future.

  29. Winter legs. The cracked, pale, peeling bane of every girl’s life. I was excited to try this product as I’ve used Argan oil in my hair before. It comes in a handy pump dispenser with useful twist to lock/unlock mechanism. Lovely rich texture that is surprisingly light when applied, non-greasy and very quickly absorbed. The scent is floral/musky – not my cup of tea but it’s a matter of personal preference. Makes your skin lovely and buttersoft after showering/hair removal. Whether there are longer-term benefits remains to be seen…

    Overall, does what it says it will, practical packaging, at a great price point. Great solution for winter legs thanks Redwin/B&L!

  30. It has a lovely smell, which keeps me refreshed for the entire day. It’s smooth and lite for an easy and clean body moisturiser.

  31. Winter often leaves my skin feeling dry but since ive been using my Redwin moisturiser I have noticed a huge difference. My skin is soft and hydrated. I love the fact is not oily and it has a pleasant smell. I will def be recommending this product to family / friends.

  32. I have been trying this for a few days now – I love how it soaks into my skin and my skin feels silky after using it. I definately need it in this drier (almost) winter weather! Love it!

  33. Really liked using this product! I have not heard of this brand before, so was very interested to see how this would compare.
    The smell was nice and light – I thought that was great that it wasn’t overpowering!
    The actual product was thick, but went on really smooth. I was sceptical that because it was a little thick that it would not absorb, but I was surprised that it actually did quite nicely and I wasn’t left feeling like I’d rolled in oil or something!
    Overall I was pleasantly surprised with this product, and it’s a major plus being able to trial this in Winter! Thanks Beauty and Lace for the opportunity.

  34. it!…love it!…love it! both the feel and the smell. The first thing I noticed was the scent – so pleasant and subtle. The texture is creamy but not greasy when applied, and when absorbed feels as if there is a protective barrier. Our skin needs all the help we can get because of what the environment throws at us and Redwin Daily Intensive Nourishment with Moroccan Argan Oil looks like it will be one of the staples in my beauty regimen.

  35. Thank you B&L and Rewin for giving me the opportunity to trial & review this lovely new product! 🙂
    I am a big fan of Jen Hawkins so I trust that whatever she’s using that I’ll love it too. 🙂
    For such an affordable price for such a large bottle you really get your moneys worth as a little goes a long way I think this will last me ages.
    I love the subtle scent and non greasy formula that my skin just drinks in. It feels so nice like silk on my skin that I know it is doing good things! I have noticed my skin to be so much more hydrated and nowhere near as dry as it once was. It is so lovely to use and makes me feel very relaxed.
    Highly recommend!
    Thanks again! x

  36. Winter is very harsh on my face and my normal moisturizer wasn’t keeping up with the dry flaky skin on my face. I have been applying this to my face and body in the mornings and at night before I go to bed. It smells beautiful like old school moisturizer. It doesn’t have that fake, chemical smell. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy and it goes on so smooth. Plus I noticed a little goes a long way so a bottle will last you a decent amount of time. My skin is no longer dry and flakey. I’m not getting breakouts from trying to keep the moisture up on my face and it now feels smooth and soft and even plump. Not fat plump but ummmm bouncy is the only way I can describe it. I love this and it will definitely be a must have in my winter kit. Now to see how it handles in summer….

  37. Thank you for the opportunity to try Redwin Daily Intensive Nourishment Body Lotion. I love this product! It was aborbed very quickly by my moisture-hungry, dry skin without feeling oily and without an overpowering smell. My skin continues to feel lovely and smooth so I will definitely continue using this product. Who would have thought that Moroccan Oil would not only work wonders in your hair but now on your skin too!

  38. Loving this! Thank you Beauty & Lace & Redwin for this bottle of moisture! My skin is sensitive & I am normally stuck using sorbelene to moisturise after a shower or hair removal. I am pleased to say that I tried this after a shower & was amazed how such a thick cream absorbed so well into my skin and actually left my skin hydrated. I got excited so then tried applying after shaving my legs (normally a no go zone for any moisturizers) and am happy to report no sensitivity or yucky rash, just hydrated legs! Love this and will definately be purchasing when my pump bottle runs dry, unlike my skin! Thank you 🙂

  39. I really like this moisturiser!! I have dry skin and the cold months of winter really dry my skin out even more. I have been using Redwin Daily Intense Nourishment with Moroccan Argan Oil for a week and I noticed the difference within the first 2 days. It is light going on and really soaks into your skin well. I had no skin irritation at all. You can use it all over and my partner even used it after shaving his face and he asked me why haven’t we had this before!!! The scent is good for male and female. The price is also very good value for the size.
    Thankyou Beauty and Lace and Redwin. This product is a winner.

  40. The texture of the cream was just perfect..and it blended in well and kept my skin moisturised all day long…I disliked the scent as it reminded me of an aftershave smell..too strong! Great packaging & pump pack..I would not buy it in the future due to the strong scent – I like more of a natural smell. Thanks so much for allowing me to trial this cream.

  41. I was really interested to try Redwin’s with Moroccan Argan Oil as i have a few areas that get very dry and are hard to fix! Lovely, smooth cream and nice scent, and beyond all my expectations, my problem areas of dry skin are now long gone. Thanks so much B&L and Redwin’s

  42. I was so excited when I received the moisturiser, especially being a full sized bottle. I love the consistency and there isn’t an overpowering smell either. Being winter my skin is more dry than other times of the year, and I have found this moisturiser to be quickly absorbed and leaves my skin feeling great without a greasy residue which is great. I will definately be buying this again as it has also helped my husband and kids who all suffer from extremely dry skin . Thanks so much for letting us try this fantastic moisturiser

  43. I just can’t stop praising this body moisturiser as it has really been a god send to me. I was really suffering from dry skin this winter in Tassie and the fact that I am pregnant was not helping me either.
    But this moisturiser has really worked its wonders in just few days and I don’t suffer from dry skin any more.
    I love the look of bottle with pump dispenser on top which makes it very easy to use in those cold mornings.
    It smells delicious and the subtle scent lingers me even at the end of the day.
    Moisturiser is not too thick or runny, just perfect to be able to absorb quickly without making my skin sticky or chappy.
    Overall, I am very impressed with this body lotion and its definitely my go to lotion for the winters now.

  44. I have been very impressed with this product. I normally avoid moisturiser as I dislike the feel on my hands, however this absorbs really quickly and has a lovely subtle frangrance. I’ve used it post shaving and found my skin has remained well hydrated throughout the day.
    What most suprised me was the cost – what a bargain! I’ll be adding this to my regular beauty regime.

  45. I love this. I have been a long time user of regular products and this one is great. The smell is not overpowing, its absorbs quickly without feeling greasy .The pump pack is easy to use.
    I would and will once I use up my existing sorbolene moisturizer replace it with the daily intensive nourishment.

  46. My initial thoughts……..I don’t like the packaging. I can see how Redwin are trying to appeal to the younger crowd but I don’t think it matches well with the quality of the product itself. In short it looks cheap and tacky – I much prefer Redwins cream colours – less brash.

    The moisturiser itself I liked as it is easily absorbed and it smells pleasant. I am a regular Redwin user so I really liked this product overall.

  47. As I tan all year round, I need a good moisturiser to lock in my tan after each session. I have really enjoyed being able to sample this fantastic product over the last week.

    The Redwin Daily Intensive Nourishment with Moroccan Argan Oil moisturiser is quite thick but it soaks into the skin very quickly. This is perfect for busy people who don’t have time to wait for their moisturiser to absorb before getting dressed.

    I have been very impressed with the results over the last week, my tan is looking fantastic and my skin looks nourished.

    I am heading to Bali this month and I will definitely be taking this product with me to moisturise each day after hours in the sun.

    I also have sensitive skin and I have had no issues with this cream at all.

  48. My skin dries out sooo easily during winter, so I was keen to try this, but was a little worried that it may be too oily. It wasn’t oily at all! It absorbed easily into my skin and left it so soft and smooth, even the next morning it still felt lovely! At first the scent honestly reminded me of a aftershave or men’s lotion, not in a bad way, but I did wonder if hubby would ask if I was using his stuff (haha). Love the product, love the price! Would buy this for sure.

  49. At first I was sceptical, not soley of this product but of every product that I apply to my body. I have really sensitive skin that gets so dry as winter sets in, sometimes painfully so, which then triggers my dermatitis. I really haven’t found a product as yet that has been suitable for my sensitive skin as well as actually keeping it hydrated and soft.
    Winter has arrived, I have been using this product………and my skin is hydrated, soft and not irritated! Which also means that my dermatitis has been kept at bay also. I am really impressed so far.
    I am also pleased with how well it rubs in. Not greasy at all! Awesome price too!

  50. I have enjoyed using this body moisturiser. The thick creamy consistency feels very pleasant on the skin and absorbs well. My skin is left feeling soft and hydrated all day. There is no sticky or greasy residue. The floral fragrance is subtle and pleasant. This moisturiser will work well to keep skin looking its best through winter. I am not a fan of the packaging however and found it to be a tad garish. Overall – a great body moisturiser.

  51. Adding a new regime to my day with Redwin Daily Intensive Nourishment has been well worthwhile. The pump pack is so handy, easy to use and ready to go as soon as I get out of the shower or just before bed. Light to the touch and with no overpowering odour it is just a little added luxury to your day. And the results, well a moisturiser that is not oily, absorbs quite quick and leaves your skin softer, with more moisture and I would not doubt that in time it makes it look younger. Not to mention that quite a little does go a long way, so the large pump pack will last the distance.
    I even had an unbiased view, getting my other half to feel my skin before starting the regime and then again in a week, all the while him not knowing what is going on. His comment was my skin was softer. Can’t be bad if a male can notice.
    I would have to agree with Jane, however, in that the packaging does tend to stand out and so is not so great to leave out, especially in a pale blue bathroom.
    Definitely adding this to my regular daily activities & shopping list.

  52. I was one of the lucky ones who was chosen to review Redwin Daily Intensive Nourishment and I have to say that it has been a pleasure. I have very dry skin casued by a medical condition and have found it hard to find good products that makes a difference.
    This Redwin product was just what I needed. I have now used it for about two weeks and my skin is softer and healthier looking. Even smells divine on the skin, not too overpowering like some. Redwin Daily Intensive Nourishment is my new best friend. I even bought mum a bottle of it too, and she is equally as impressed. This is one products that is here to stay in my bathroom.

  53. I absolutely love this product!! It doesn’t leave an oily residue or feel to skin and absorbs perfectly.
    It smells just gorgeous and is great for my skin – I can feel it soaking in and working its magic straight away.

    The pump is great and easy to use. The price is even better!
    A BIG FAT 10/10!!

  54. This Redwin Daily Intensive Nourishment arrived when I opened the packet I was pleasantly surprised. The container was so beautiful I had to display it on the bathroom vanity. After my daily shower I applied it, I couldn’t believe how luxurious it felt all over my skin I kept going back to put a little more on my hands as they were very dry from gardening, by the next day they were back to normal. As I left it on the vanity I hadn’t realized but the rest of the family were helping themselves as well. One of them had burns from cooking on her fingers, one of them works with seafood and gets cut fingers from handling prawns and has to wash his hands all day from seafood so his hands become very dry and one has OCD so is always constantly hand washing, that night the conversation around the TV was can we always buy the new product that is in the bathroom? Everyone was commenting on how smooth and soft their hands were. So needless to say this is going to be a regular in our house, I think I will also put one in the kitchen by the sink.

  55. This is perfect for winter as my skin usually dries out in winter, have been enjoying trying the lovely smooth feeling, absorbs quickly with a pleasent scent no oily feel after putting on, fantastic this will be a regular purchase from now on thanks..

  56. I’ve enjoyed using Redwin Daily Intensive Nourishment over the last few days – it absorbs easily without leaving any residue and, for a lotion that has a fairly light texture when you apply it, it has a long lasting effect. The pump pack is convenient and the product is a generous size for its RRP. The scent is lovely and subtle and not artificial-smelling like many scented lotions. I think this product is equally suitable for both women and men and I’d definitely recommend it to friends and family. Thank you for the opportunity to try it.

  57. Oh what can I say? It’s what I’m looking for in a moisturiser – cheap and cheerful, it absorbs readily and is moisturising. Plus, our very own Jen Hawkins endorses it! I find achieving beautiful radiant skin a little more difficult in winter but this product makes it that much easier. Thanks for making my very first Beauty and Lace review such a joy. I plan to purchase this when mine runs out!

  58. I apologise for the late review but I had a bit of an issue reviewing the product. The problem was, my 4 year old son claimed it and wouldn’t let me use it! He’d sit for ages on his bed, rubbing the cream into his hands and said it felt so good. Haha. When I finally convinced him to share, I understood his reasons. A beautiful product, the cream absorbed nicely into my skin and results in amazingly moisturised skin come morning. As someon’lle who normally wakes during the night with horribly, dry skin, this is a real blessing. I’ll be buying in the future. Thank you. 🙂

  59. thank you so much for letting me trial and review this moisturiser. it is so wonderful, smells lovely and makes my skin feel so soft and smooth considering all the heating that is attempting to dry it out. i love that it sinks into my skin so quickly that you don’t have to wait for it to dry off. I love it!!

  60. Thanks I enjoyed using this product. Nice on the skin and has a pleasant fragrance. Price is very reasonable.

  61. Have used this moisturiser for a little over a week now and pleasantly surprised with the results. It is nice and light and absorbs really quickly with no greasy residue. Having really dry skin it actually left my skin feeling soft and silky so I was rapt! I was a little unsure about the smell as found it a little masculine but it doesn’t last long so not an issue at all. My husband loved the smell though and has even started using it after seeing how nice my arms looked! I apply twice a day and am really happy with the way my skin is looking or once. A great product at a fantastic price. I will definitely be buying again.

  62. Im soo loving this product. The lotion was a pleasure to apply after my bath. The pump pack is very easy to use. No mess no fuss. The smell is lovely! When applying the cream, it absorbed fast and left my skin so soft and moisturised. I felt like I was spoiling myself! Im been very impressed with this lotion and the price is very reasonable for the benefits you reap. Im definitely a fan of redwin products. My man has been impressed with my soft skin too and he also likes the smell. A wonderful product and recommend it for everyone!! Thank u so much B & L for allowing me trial this indulgent product. I will always have a supply now! xo

  63. This is by far the best body moisturiser that I’ve used. I have really sensitive skin on my arms, so most body moisturisers either don’t hydrate enough to stop scaly skin or leave an oil slick everywhere it touches.

    Redwin Redwin Intensive Nourishment with Argan Oil doesn’t. It hydrates, soaks in super quickly and leaves my skin feeling like silk for a few days afterwards. I can’t recommend this moisturiser enough – it’s my new staple!

  64. Completely satisfied with my HUGE bottle – will last me weeks. I have used it every night. Smell is very subtle and not overpowering. Skin is left soft and no residue at all. Its not a luxurious cream for those wanting a lot of nice scent.

  65. This is now my go to moisturiser!
    After using this for the last fortnight, I have found my skin so silky and smooth. You don’t need much (so the bottle will last for some time) it is fast absorbing and not greasy at all. It is also long lasting – I didn’t feel the need to reapply frequently like I do with others during the winter months!
    I love the fragrance – not too overpowering but rather a natural floral scent.
    My nearly 3 year old daughter has been enjoying using it too – she says “it makes me feel beautiful Mummy”
    Thank you Beauty & Lace and Redwin for letting me try this, it will definitely be on my shopping list when this bottle runs out!

  66. I really liked the smell of this – it’s not overpowering or sickly sweet and girly.

    The cream is really thick and you don’t need too much. It does soak in quickly if you don’t use too much and it’s not sticky or greasy.

    I did find that it didn’t do a great job of rehydrating/reenergising skin that was already very dry (on my knees!) but I did find that it did a great job of softening my skin.

  67. Wow, I love this moisturiser, it’s fantastic. My skin feels so hydrated and soft all the time now. it’s not too greasy and is absorbed into my skin so quickly.

    The fragrance is quite subtle and won’t clash with perfumes either.

    My dry winter skin is no more!!!

  68. Thank you for allowing me to review this product. I loved using this moisturizer. My skin felt so soft after using this. I really liked the smell as its not too strong.
    I would definetely recommend this to my friends and family. I will be buying this again.

  69. This is a fantastic product that I would definitely recommend. Leaves my skin soft and silky but not oily which is great! For winter I would probably prefer a slightly thicker moisturiser for winter but this would be perfect for a summer moisturiser. Love it.

  70. I love using products containing Moroccan Argan Oil, so naturally I was very eager to try the new Redwin Daily Intensive Nourishment body lotion. From the very first application my normally dry skin felt a lot more soft and smooth, and now after applying it day and night for over two weeks, my skin feels like silk! The cream is very thick, absorbing quickly, with a pleasant unisex scent. I have used it as a shave cream for my legs and as an after shaving moisturiser. I have also been applying it as a hand cream to give a much needed moisture boost. So it seems instead of getting three or four products, all I need is one, Redwin Daily Intensive Nourishment body lotion with Moroccan Argan Oil. I was very impressed with the large colourful, pump action bottle and being at such an affordable price, I think it is a product for the whole family to try! I would have to say it is a 5 out of 5 for this body lotion!!! Thank you REDWIN & B&L!!!

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