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A selection of our Beauty and Lace club members have been testing the Age Revitalising Eye Defence from enbacci.

This product is designed to rehydrate the delicate eye area, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and minimise dark circles. It is suitable for all skin types, and the key ingredient is apple stem cells.

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One of our reviewers, Kaylene said,

“I was so excited to receive my enbacci Age Revitalising Eye Defence to trial and review.                      

It comes in green apple coloured packaging in a lovely 15ml pump bottle. It is super easy to use, just add a small amount on your ring finger (it will deliver the product with the least pressure).

Then, smooth between your 2 ring fingers and then gently apply to the orbital bone around your eye area.  It’s a lovely light cream that absorbs so easily.

I used mine both morning and night and applied under my daily day and night moisturiser. I love the feel and I really believe that it has helped the tiny little lines that have been creeping up. The area looks less ‘liney’ and more plump! I will be buying more as it feels so nice on my skin and has given great results.”

Use the enbacci Age Revitalising Eye Defence cream morning and night! It has an RRP of $88 for 15ml, and you can learn more about it here.

What did our other testers think? You can read their review in the comments section below. Tried it? Add your own feedback!

5 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: enbacci Age Revitalising Eye Defence

  1. This is a must have item. I love the ease of the pump which limits the amount of ‘goodness’ you need. In fact I am really surprised at just how little you need!

    From the measured dose (you dont need much), to the smooth silky feeling of it being on your skin this is an easy to use product which makes you feel great. I used this both morning and night and complimented my normal creams and potions.

    Compact but long lasting, this is a must have item.

  2. I love love this product! At 51 the lines are starting to appear! But my eyes look fantastic using Enbacci age revitalising eye age defence, keeping lines and wrinkles at bay with a beautiful smooth cream you only need a tiny amount. The 15ml tube will last for ages! Thanks Enbacci and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to trial this product I will definitely be buying another tube.

  3. I really like this cream.. it feels very light and spreads very easily around the eye area. It is lightly scented and not overwhelming. i have noticed less dryness around my eyes and my lines are minimal. I used this in conjunction with facial oil and i notices only a small amount is needed . this cream is compacta nd def value for money 🙂

  4. The Enbacci Age Revitalising Eye Defence comes in a classy little bottle and disperses the perfect sized amount with each pump. It’s enriched with apple stem cells which I didn’t realise were a thing but I have to say they’re great. The product absorbs well and doesn’t pull while applying.

  5. Enbacci have a simply beautiful range of products and I was lucky enough to test out their Age Revitalizing Eye Defence cream. First thought was the packaging is just a stylish as their other products, secondly a little goes a long way!! I have been using both morning and night for the last couple of weeks and have already noticed a reduction in appearance in the fine lines around my eyes. I also use this in conjunction with their 3 step system and find it a wonderful addition. This product has now been added to my “must have” beauty regime!

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