Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser

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Vaseline was founded in 1870 and based on what became the world renowned Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, a magnificent moisturiser that worked wonders on all sorts of issues.

Since it’s inception over 140 years ago the brand has diversified into a range of moisturising products and the newest range, released in 2014, were the Intensive Care Spray Moisturisers. Now there is a brand new addition to the spray moisturiser range with the Advanced Strength Spray Moisturiser.

Spray Moisturiser is super convenient because as soon as you get out of the shower and dry you just need to spray, give it a quick rub and within seconds you are ready to dress. There is no greasy residue and it absorbs in seconds.

The new Advanced Strength Spray Moisturiser is fragrance free and appropriate for use on sensitive skin. I have found that sensitive skin can be the most difficult to keep moisturised and stop from appearing dry so this would be perfect.


Spray Moisturisers are a great option for all-over coverage because they can still get to those hard to reach places.

Advanced Strength Spray Moisturiser is best for very dry and sensitive skin.

The Spray Moisturisers are delivered using only compressed air, which makes their net environmental impact zero, this is just the same as using a lotion but more convenient, and quicker.

Vaseline Spray Moisturisers are available in Advanced Strength, Deep Restore, Cocoa Glow and Aloe Soothe.

Vaseline Spray Moisturisers are available at Coles and Priceline stores across Australia.

Size: 190g
RRP: $11

2 thoughts on “Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser

  1. I received the Vaseline intensive care it was not a spray that did not bother me. I was happy with Vaseline intensive care it is very good on my very dry skin I could feel micro-droplets of Vaseline jelly going into my skin.

  2. It was great to receive the Vaseline Intensive care advance strength moisturiser. I was a little disappointed as I was expecting to receive a spray version but received a normal bottle of moisturiser, my reason for the disappointment was I have never tried a spray moisturiser and was looking forward to this experience. On the upside I found the moisturiser to be very good as it did instantly moisturise my skin and absorbed very well. It did not leave a residue and my skin felt very smooth. The label on the front of the bottle does state that it is “clinically proven to restore the appearance of very dry skin in 5 days”, as I live in a cooler climate and my skin does tend to dry out in the winter months, I would agree with this statement as my skin does feel rehydrated after a short period of use. I also liked that the moisturiser is also fragrance free and can be used by those that have sensitive skin. As a regular user of Vaseline moisturisers I will try give the other types in this range a try also.
    Thanks for the opportunity to trial this product.

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