Spot the difference – targeted anti sun spot-treatment

Sun spots, liver spots or age spots – call them what you will, they appear on most people at some stage. Sun spots are very common in adults over 40 and up to 90 per cent of fair skinned people over 60 get them*.

Spotner, fresh from Europe, targets and erases the sun spots and protects from further damage.

The Spotner pen is now available in pharmacies for the face and décolletage and also for the hands and body. Spotner contains a powerful mix of botanical extracts, alpha arbutin, alpha-­‐hydroxy acids (AHA’s), salicylic acids (BHAs) and lactic acid to help encourage the regeneration of the skin without causing irritation.


Unlike creams and lotions, its precise pen-tip application means you target the treatment exactly where you need it every time. Results are visible within two weeks. The Spotner pen can be used in conjunction with other cosmetics and creams and sun spots can potentially fade completely with continued use.

Expensive and timely salon treatments such as laser therapy, chemical peels or microdermabrasion. In addition to treating existing sun damage, Spotner also helps protect against further damage to the skin and reduces the reappearance of age-spots.

While people are becoming increasingly conscious of protecting themselves from the sun, even small increases in sun exposure or changing hormones, such as what can be experienced during pregnancy, can increase the likelihood of getting sun spots. Sun spots are caused by the over production of melanin, which exists to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

Imbalance in the production of melanin due to genetics or factors such as prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause the occurrence of sun spots. While the presence of sun spots has no relevance to your age, your resilience to sun exposure deceases as you get older making you more susceptible to them.

Spotner is available nationally in all good pharmacies RRP $29.95. For more info

Note: Do seek medical advice if your sunspot rapidly increases in size, has an irregular edge or is accompanied by itching, redness, tenderness or bleeding. Spotner has no reported interactions during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding. If you are in doubt, please consult your doctor.

*source: Skin Resource Center, Mayo Clinic

15 of our members have been trialling Spotner, find out what they thought below or add your own review.

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38 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Spotner

  1. Spotner comes in simple packaging with easy to read instructions. The pen applicator allows effective application of the product, without any wastage. Upon first application, I was able to target age spots on my hands with ease. There was no distinct smell and I was able to apply my usual handcream, once the Spotner had dried.

  2. First impression was that I thought the packaging was nice but that the spotner should have been all one colour as the grey part seems tacked on plus the hands and body in grey is not all that noticeable underneath.

    Also the directions on the back of the pack were difficult to read very small writing. Linked the pen and am looking forward to the trial.

  3. First impression was that the item was nicely packaged & clearly demonstrated on the box what the product does.

    The pen is compact in size & easy to pop in the handbag, with no risk of spillage. I like the pen design. A few twists to activate my first dose & I was soon applying a bright white, thinly textured cream on my age spot affected forearm. I’m looking forward to trialing it & seeing the results over the next few weeks.

  4. My first impression was that the packaging is a good size, and the pen as well. The instructions were easy to follow and I can’t wait to use the pen and see how it goes.

  5. Initial thoughts, day 1:
    The product has really nice sleep packaging, and it is small enough to keep in a handbag, and is also perfect for travelling.
    The instructions are very clear, and the pen applicator is easy to use and mess-free.
    The cream goes on nicely and dries fairly quickly. I like that is has no fragrance.

  6. First impressions of the Spotner pen was that the packaging was a good size and easy to notice in the shops if your looking for it.
    Comes in a cardboard carton with a see through window of the pen.
    The instructions for use where on the back of the carton and easy to follow and very detailed so no confusion.
    The pen itself is white in colour, with an easy to pull off and snap shut lid. It has a sponge slanted tipped applicator.
    For the first use you need to twist it 10-12 times to activate the cream appearing on the foam tip. A white cream comes out which can be neatly applied to the targeted spots without any mess or wastage.
    Waiting to see the difference in a couple of weeks!

  7. nice small compact packeting,brighter colours on the box would be nicer.
    the pen itself is pretty groovy,great applicator,easy instructions.
    this product only has 2ml but you only use a very little bit,
    so will last quite awhile.
    ps will be back and let you know how i go 🙂

  8. I liked the packaging, it is very eye catching. I like the design of the pen and that it is small so that it fits in a handbag. I have found the directions to be easy to read. The pen applicator is very easy to use, allows the cream to be applied to the necessary spots and dries very quickly. I also like that you can apply handcream once the application has dried. I also like that Spotner contains sun-protecting substances to help reduce reappearance of pigmentation.
    I am really looking forward to trialling this product – I have tried other products on my spots without success and am very hopeful that with Spotner I will notice quite a difference in a couple of weeks.

  9. My first impression of the Spotner pen was that it was so compact. Packaging clearly shows what the product claims to do, although personally, I didn’t find the colours if the packaging very eye catching. Instructions/directions on the back were easy to follow. I love that the pen is so compact and that with a few twists it was ready to use, no messy application, so strong scents either. Looking forward to viewing the end results on my pigmentation spots.

  10. The packaging made it easy to understand how Spotner is to be used but the writing on the rear of the packaging is very small. I found the presentation of the Spotner product to be very compact and looks exceptionally easy to use. Not mess in applying, easy to take when you travel. It all looks good! Look forward to reporting back in a few weeks.

  11. The packaging is very clear about what the product does, the picture of the before and after hand offers very promising results. After about 25 twists (not 10 like the box said), the pen is ready to use whereby small dots of the cream ooze onto the foam tip ready for spreading onto the age spot.

    What I really like is that the pen applicator is easy to use in either hand, a big consideration if you need to apply to the backs of both hands. It also keeps the product off your fingers, so less wastage of product, while being more hygienic. The white cream stays visible on the skin suerface for some time, making me hesitant to apply my usual moisturisers and makeup.

    After 3 days usage twice daily so far, one large and quite dark age spot on my face appears slightly faded, so I am encouraged after a lack of success by other products in the past. Looking forward to continuing with the trial.

  12. First impressions was that it has a good applicator designed pen design. It did take a few clicks for the product to first come out, but ensuring you read the instructions (which are a must, with these type of products!) it advises it takes about 10 clicks. The treatment is thin cream that does not feel heavy although I have found it doesn’t dry as quick as the 10-15 seconds. It advises there is no need to rub in, but when I don’t have any time, I need to rub the cream in if it still hasn’t absorbed and dried clearly. I like that thin sponge tip applicator, although it could be even more targeted. I do also like that the cap is quite long, which reduces the risk of cream smearing on the cap. It’s only a 2ml product, so every bit has to go a long way!

    Looking forward to fading away the spots!!! 😀

  13. Simple easy to use instructions.
    Such a small container but applicator looks great.
    Looking forward to seeing the results!

  14. All the spots on my hands have actually disappeared. Not just faded completely gone!!! I have been using the Spotner pen for 3 weeks now and am really impressed! I use it let it dry off then apply my regular hand cream. Very happy with the results!

  15. Just wondering, have any of you tried to purchase from a pharmacy in NSW or are you still using your trial pen? Would love to buy it as it really seems worth a try but so far haven’t seen it on the shelves anywhere where I live – in the Lower Blue Mountains.

  16. After using the pen for the past 2.5 weeks, I have noticed that my pigmentation spots have faded slightly. I must say though that my spots are quite dark, so I am very happy that the Spotner pen has managed to fade them back slightly. I am going to continue using and hopefully good results will continue. I would definitely recommend using the Spotner pen. I would be interested to see if people with lighter sun spots get better results sooner.

  17. yay, finally some reviews coming in saying how it is going. You sound like you are loving the results then. I am so interested in trying this one – anyone seen it up here in Brisbane and what shops? I actually want to get the face and body.

  18. Using the Spotner cream as directed has softened the skin and vastly reduced the age spots and in some instances it also appears to have completely banished the little imperfections.

    The Spotner cream was very easy to use and it will be interesting to see whether continued use has further effect on the two or three remaining spots.

    It certainly would appear to be a winner and I have had no ill effects from using this cream.

  19. I have been using the Spotner cream for almost 3 weeks and believe that my age spots have got lighter. My spots were quite dark so I wasn’t really expecting them to vanish completely in only a few weeks. I will definitely continue to use it and am optimistic that my spots will disappear.
    The cream is very easy to use and I have not had any adverse reaction.
    I definitely recommend the use of the Spotner pen.

  20. I have been using it on my right hand and also 2 largish spots on my cleavage.
    They have faded, but only slightly.
    I do use an exfolant every day, all over, so I don’t know whether this is why I have only had minimal fading
    Will have to continue using and see what happens.
    I agree with everyone else, easy to use, and no adverse effects at all

  21. AFter using the Spotner Anti-Agespot pens I find my hand and décolletage are looking much clearer and the age spots have definitely faded! This is a great product. Easy to use, precise application and fast and efficient! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for for improvement in their skin. I will continue using this product myself.

  22. after using spotner for 3 weeks i have found it has reduced my spots quite significantly and highly recommend this product,
    and the best thing is its so easy to use.

  23. I have used Spotner for nearly a month now (twice a day), and the 2 particular spots that I was targeting have faded dramatically, but not disappeared altogether yet. I will continue to use the Spotner pen and see whether the spots totally disappear eventually.

    This product is great – so easy to use, convenient to carry, and there is no fragrance or irritation on the skin.

  24. I have now used Spotner for about 3 weeks now and am targeting a few spots. I have noticed they have become probably faded to about 1 shade lighter, which is not bad. Haven’t seen any dramatic results like the packaging, but hopefully some more time will help.

    I recently haven’t been using many products with actives or chemical exfoliants, but I imagine if I do, the progress would be faster.

    Easy to apply, although I do feel that it doesn’t dry quickly enough and I’m not sure whether I should just rub the cream in.

  25. After using Spotner I have a few observations. The first is how easy it is to use. It is easy to apply not being seen for long, and easy to carry around in my handbag. The spots I have been trialling on appear to have lightened a bit, and I feel will continue to do so with more time. This is a nice, easy to use product whic h I recommend.

  26. After using Spotner for the first two weeks, I was amazed to see the age spots on my hands starting to disappear. The change was dramatic. I had taken before shots as I was not convinced I would have the same results as on the package. However, I then had a spray tan and the spots reappeared! I have continued to use this product for a further two weeks and once again the spots are fading. I will continue to use this product and highly recommend it. I will be curious to see what happens when I run out of Spotner. If the spots start to reappear I would definitely buy more!

  27. I’ve been using Spotner for 3 to 4 weeks now, targetting pigmentation & sun spots on my right forearm.

    Regular usage has resulted in noticeable fading of the treated spots & pigmentation – while they’ve not disappeared entirely, they are lighter & less visible.

    The effect of twice daily usage did take around 3 weeks to become noticeably visible, but I’m quite certain that regular use will result in the pigmentation & spots fading further & will both continue to use Spotner & purchase once my current one runs out. I’m hoping that continued usage will eliminate the pigmentation altogether over the next few weeks.

    This is a very good product that delivers results as promised – happy to highly recommend

  28. Continuing on from my initial review, after a month I can see subtle lightening on my hands in the areas where I used Spotner, but further use would be required to get the effect shown on the packaging. There was light fading of some spots and discolouration under my eye area, but some darker spots on my cheeks showed no improvement.

    The question is, what is the difference between an age spot, pigmentation, freckle, mole or other nasty? It would be very easy to spend a lot of money and time if you were using it on the wrong skin condition, and the Spotner box doesn’t explain the difference.

    If I were to spend money on a similar product, I would want it to have faster results. That said, I really like the innovative way in which the product is packaged and used.

  29. I am on my second tube if Spotner and hoping to see results soon.

    However I was dissapointed to find that althought the pack instructions state that the first time one uses the applicator 10 twists approx are required before the cream arrives. Both tubes I had to twist 32 each before the cream appears. It make me wonder how much cream one has missed out on because of this. It,s not a very big tube to start off with and only a weeks worth of cream for the price it is

  30. Not enough product for the heavy price we pay. Spotner ran out after 2 weeks of application.

    Not worth it, did not see results and will not be purchasing in future.

  31. Not enough product , I only got 5- 6 Days use & I got rather a shock when it ran out . Very disappointed with the amount of product you get for the money. 5-6 days is hardly enough time to access any results ..very disappointed.

  32. I wud like 2 hear from any1 with freckles & other sun damaged spots, as 2whether spotner works on the harder drier spots that are of a different texture. My skin cancer specialist says they are age spots & won’t burn them with dry ice. But as fake tanning products really cling 2 them, I’m hoping spotner may work? I have very sensitive skin& can’t use eg.moisturisers with AHA’s or BHA’s usually.

  33. It took a few pharmacies before I found it, I purchased the face pen, a little more sensitive to the skin I am told and bought for just under $25 so it was affordable. Pen is easy to use, I use it after cleansing my face at night and in the morning. I used it every day and found by the end of 10 days a large facial sun spot had indeed faded substantially I actually thought that I had foundation on, but no it had faded. Am using the same pen on my right hand and I am noticing that is taking longer, but the discolouration seems to be changing from the middle outward. No reddness, itching – very pleased so far.

  34. I had had a few costly laser treatment on spots mainly on my right jaw line three years ago, with no improvement. I’d given up on being able to remove them when I saw Spotner on the counter of a chemist in Aspley, Brisbane.

    I know a few writers ran out fast, so either the quantity in my pen is greater or I’m using less per time because my pen is still going after 6 weeks of use twice a day (usually). I do only use a small amount, but fully cover them.

    I’m surprised to say there is a noticeable difference. The spots are half the colour they were or less. I believe with ongoing use they may disappear entirely. The only one not budging yet is in the right of the bridge of my nose. For the price and with the convenience of use I am very happy and intend to make this an ongoing part of my regime.

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