Tanning Myths

At MagicTan Australia we are committed to making sure you get the perfect tan each and every time you use one of our tanning systems. Spray tanning is a relatively new cosmetic system and the systems and tanning solutions we have today are evolving at a rapid pace as is our understanding of how external factors may affect the outcome of your tan. With this in mind we have listed some factors which we know may affect your tanning experience.

If you are aware of any other little tips we can give our users contact them and if they add your tip to the list you will get a free MagicTan Aerosol tanning system for your trouble.

The purpose of this document is not to do the normal shower, exfoliate etc before you come in or moisturize daily afterwards. We all know that! Here are some little nuggets that you may not be aware of:-

Myth: You are being spray painted

Busted: Try any of MagicTan’s clear solutions to bust this myth. The DHA sugar reacts with your skin protein to produce the “real” tan. MagicTan solution does not dye or stain your skin. It is your body that produces this natural reaction to the sugar molecule.

Myth: I can tell a fake tan a mile off

Busted: Busted – Not all tanning solutions are created equally. Some companies merely mix the sugar with water and that is when the orange glow appears. MagicTan solution is different in that it is made from sugar beet, not sugar cane and it goes through three processes in its creation. Only one man in the world knows what those processes are and it is a secret that is guarded as closely as the Coke formula. Another reason that people can tell you have a cosmetic tan is that you leave the office white and come back looking like you have been to Bali for three months. We recommend lighter coloured tans and our machines are capable of producing between 4 and 7 levels of designer tan. Sure we can make you look as if you have been away for three months but wouldn’t you prefer just to have a healthy glow than looking like you are permanently on holiday!

Myth: Exfoliation is good before I get a cosmetic tan

Busted: Exfoliation is definitely good for you but a lot of people make the mistake of using abrasive exfoliants such as salt scrubs. To make up for the skin literally being scraped off, the manufacturers have to add natural oils to protect the exposed second layer of skin. Either use a natural exfoliant such as MagicTan pineapple scrub (a naturally occurring enzyme is the active ingredient) or if you can’t use that then a good rub with a face washer in the shower is better than 90% of exfoliants in the market. The oils put a protective coating over your skin and stop the solution being absorbed. In addition you will have more oil in some areas than on others so you may get an uneven tan

Myth: Cosmetic tans don’t last long

Busted: Yes it is true that a lot of people might only get 3 days out of their tan but if they look at what they do after they get their tan then they will probably realise that it was what they did to their skin after the tan that resulted in their top layer exfoliating rather than the tanning solution that was to blame. Of course high quality tanning solutions will last longer than cheap brands.

Tan Killers are:-

Long showers or baths using soap – most soaps encourage the skin to exfoliate and can do real damage to your tan. (try MagicTan’s gentle mousturising soap)

Baby oil rips the tan off faster than you can say “give me a massage darling”

High UV protection sunscreens (30+) can be tan killers.

Nivea mousturising cream has been known to reduce many a cosmetic tanner to tears

Swimming in a chlorinated pool is not advisable.

You make your tan last for as long as possible by a) exfoliating and getting rid of as many dead skin cells as possible and then b) after you have tanned doing everything in your power to hold on to those little babies.

Anything that will promote your skin falling off after you have had a tan will result in the tan fading more quickly. Regular moisturising really helps (particularly with MagicTan Extend which has some DHA in it to keep your tan going for that extra couple of days)

Myth: You can’t get the dark patches off you hands and feet

Busted: It can be tough if your hands and feet absorb too much tanning solution but help is at hand. The following products can really shift unwanted stains:-

· MagicTan Erasing Cloth – use it up to 50 times and it works!

· Nappy San removes those stains in a jiffy

· Lemon Juice

· Whitening toothpaste – let it dry and rub with a wet cloth

· Baby Oil

Top 10 most Common mistakes by sunless tanners

1. Using an exfoliant with oils in it

2. Forgetting that they have moisturised that morning (moisturiser blocks the tanning solution)

3. That perfume smells nice but boy will it screw up your tan!

4. Those white areas under your arms were because you left your anti-p on!

5. Long baths or showers – your skin falls off quicker so the tan fades fast

6. Most soap will exfoliate your skin & some have bleaches

7. Getting a massage using baby oil

8. Using high UV protection sunscreens

9. Eating sardines the night before

10. Some medications particularly anti-depressants but any drug can have an impact depending on your skin type.

11. Swimming daily in chlorinated pools

Have you had a bad spray on tanning experience?

Here are some factors that could have affected your results

1. The person who applied it had a big night and is not really in the mood to apply your tan (a booth does not have PMT and to the best of our knowledge have never been seen in a bar late at night!)

2. Certain foods such as sardines can affect the pH balance of your skin. The time of month, certain medications and a host of other factors can affect the pH balance of your skin. This pH imbalance affects the way in which the DHA reacts with your skin and for no apparent reason you can get a dodgy tan. MagicTan have developed a pre-tanning gel that will neutralise the effects of these factors and ensure that you get a great tan every time.

3. The tan was blotchy – could be something you have eaten or some pharmaceutical product (including the ones you can’t buy at the chemist!) MagicTan Prep gel will help but if you do get the leopard effect it will be something you have consumed not the tanning solution that caused it

4. Your feet and hands looked like you have been working in a coal mine. Feet and hands can absorb too much of the DHA and you can end up with dark areas on your hands and feet. Skilled hand-held operators will be able to avoid this but you could end up with white hands and feet and a tanned body – not a good look. MagicTan have developed a barrier cream and spray that inhibits the tanning process on these areas while still allowing enough solution through to give you a tan. If you have not applied enough cream though don’t worry as the MagicTan tan removing cloth will remove any excess “magic” in a jiff.

5. Have you used a product with AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) in it ? It is a spray tan killer. You find it in Nivea creams for example. It is an anti aging chemical that may or may not work but we do know it can ruin your tan.

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