The Body Shop Hemp Body Butter

A little-known fact about hemp is that it is excellent for skin, particularly those with very dry skin, due to the high essential fatty acid content.

What is it: The Body Shop hardly needs an introduction and it’s well known that the body butters are one of the best-selling items. Hemp Body Butter is a very rich and equally hydrating body butter made for those who suffer from extremely dry skin.

How to use: Best for use after bath, this needs to be massaged in quite well to avoid a sticky feel. The butter boasts that it provides 24 hour hydration and it has a soft, buttery texture.


What’s in it: Hemp seed oil features as the third ingredient closely followed by skin-loving cocoa and shea butters .

RRP: $23.95 for 200ml

Stockists: Hemp Body Butter can be purchased from any The Body Shop store. For more information visit

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