Month of Love: Impulse Body Mist Balanced Mind

For many of us, Impulse was a staple in our high school bags. These days the cult body spray is still on shelves but comes with a modern makeover.

Balanced Mind is from the mist-ic collection and comes in Jade. This fragrance features pear, jasmine and vanilla. It’s a translucent, lightweight spray that can be used directly on your skin or as a clothing mist.

Balanced Mind is long-lasting and fades to a subtle scent. At 150ml you can carry it in your handbag, and it looks pretty with its pale green label. As a quick and easy fragrance with a gentle scent — Impulse has you covered.

Today is Day of the Beauty and Lace Month of Love. At the end of June 2024, we will be giving away one mega pack featuring every “Month of Love” product. Enter here.

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