Kink Cosmetics

If cheaper milk doesn’t have you shopping at Coles, then perhaps the new range of makeup from Kink Cosmetics will with colour cosmetics priced at just $8.00.

This is a brand designed for girls who have to tighten their purse strings but need a makeup fix. The five base products all come in a selection of colours and include Lip Jewel, Lip Lustre, Eye Defining Pencil, Silk Eyeshadow and Nail Polish.

kink cosmetics

Kink Cosmetics are made in Australia and are developed by the same experts who are behind Mecca, Model Co and Chi Chi.

The eyeliner is probably the standout, it is nice and smooth and the colour glides on first time unlike other budget brands.

A fun range for for those who need a quick pick me up, there is something for both subtle day wear or a smokey night look.

Buy any two Kink Cosmetics and always get the third free. If you thought $8.00 was good, how do you feel about three for $16.00!?!

Kink Cosmetics are available exclusively at Coles.

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3 thoughts on “Kink Cosmetics

  1. It looks like a big range, but i couldn’t decide which colour nailpolish to buy today as they don’t seem to have a nice pink for my liking.Have to say though, that the eyeshadow pots and lip range look great.

  2. Your eyeliner is the worst I have ever brought. It goes on horribly and you can’t even sharpen it because it breaks everywhere and cuts your eyes because it goes too sharp and then crumbles. For me, I wear eyeliner everyday and this becomes a very frustrating experience each day. I was completely disappointed in my purchase and will never be buying any of your products.

  3. I love kink products. First of all it’s cheap, so I suppose automatically everyone thinks they’re in the ‘cheap and nasty’ catagory. But I don’t think so. I love the nail polishes. I have purchased four colours so far and every single one of them I love. They don’t chip if you take ordinary precautions. I however cannot say I’ve tried the eye wear/eyeliner. The eye shadows are in colours I like, so that’s a bonus. All in all, I say kink is a brand I’ll stick by unless I change my preference in colour and brand. đŸ™‚

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