Key Sun Clear Zinke SPF 50+

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An affordable-must for your bathroom and beach bag. This has been our latest tester and we’re more then very pleased.


What is it: A daily sunscreen that contains very high SPF rating with broad spectrum coverage. We think this is ideal for all the family and is quite gentle to skin.

How to use: As with all sunscreens, this is best applied 20 minutes before exposure to the sun. Initially it appears rather thick and white but it blends smoothly into skin and disappears without a trace. We’re not sure how it does that but it’s much appreciated.

What’s in it: Key Sun use the greatest of sunscreens to offer the best protection. Included in this formula is octocrylene, zinc oxide, vitamin e and aloe vera.

RRP: $11.99 for 100g

Stockists: Key Sun is available from selected supermarkets and pharmacies Australia wide. For more information, visit

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