Interview: Mel (Embalm Skincare)

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Mel made it her mission to create awareness about the risks of harmful skincare ingredients and to empower women to make the right choice.

We found out a little more about her and her brand in this interview.

Hi Mel and welcome to Beauty and Lace, thanks for talking to us.

Can you tell us how and why you began Embalm Skincare?

One day I started to research ingredients in skincare and cosmetic products and what I discovered shocked me. I discovered ingredients in anti-aging skincare products that actually promote ageing of the skin and ingredients in products specifically formulated for sensitive skin and is advertised to families that contain toxins but nothing beneficial for the skin at all.
Some products contain ingredients that are also commercially used in brake fluid and anti-freeze and there are a lot of synthetic ingredients used that are linked to cancer and hormone disruptions.
I was so fed up with what I’ve uncovered that I decided to create an absolute truthful and 100% natural skincare range to provide women with a healthier choice but also be able to raise awareness about the risks of harmful skincare ingredients.

What’s your brand philosophy?

I believe everyone deserves a choice. A choice to make the right decisions for themselves, their bodies, their wellbeing and their future health. I am passionate about empowering women to make the right choices when it comes to looking after their skin, so they can avoid being exposed to health risks associated with many leading cosmetic brands.

How did you choose the name?

I am intrigued by ancient civilizations such as the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians and am fascinated by the fact that even thousands of years ago they already knew about the power of nature and that they made their own beauty treatments using natural ingredients such as herbs, oils and clays.

The real meaning of Embalm is preserving so I saw it fit to call the range Embalm Skincare – a 100% natural skincare range to preserve your youthful beauty.

Please tell us a little about Embalm Skincare?

My products are designed for women who are passionate about their health and want flawless looking skin.
Embalm creates 100% natural skincare products that preserve youthful beauty without compromising on health.

How do you select your ingredients?

All ingredients are purposefully selected for their superior quality and their great skin benefits

Mel Driver

What would you say is your most popular product?

The Pampering Body Lotion and the Hydrating Hand & Body Wash are ordered together most of the time so I can’t really just name one or the other as the most popular product.

This one might be one of those tricky questions, but can you tell us which is your personal favourite product and why?

That is a tricky one.
My personal favourite is the Hydrating Hand & Body Wash because it has been recognised by Nature & Health magazine for being one of the best natural beauty products for 2016 but also because it smells amazing and is so refreshing; it leaves you feeling energised from head to toe.

Are there any new products in the works?

I am working on a lovely Invigorating Body Scrub which is currently being trialed by a trusted group of product testers.

Where would you like to see yourself in five years?

The Embalm Skincare range will be available in natural health stores as well as homewares and gift stores all around Australia and internationally.

Thanks for your time Mel.

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