How to Achieve the Maximum Concentration in Any Task

You have only 24 hours, 6-8 of which are taken for sleep, another couple for breakfast-dinner and a little more to communicate with loved ones. And, as much as 11 hours you can devote to your personal affairs. In the office, among the buzz of coffee gourmets, in a traffic jam or in the home kitchen, you need only one skill for productive work, you need the ability to concentrate. It doesn’t matter whether you are creating a business plan, visiting or just looking for inspiration.

Check-list of the day.

You can start with a simple one: write down everything you want to do the day before. You know the route for tomorrow in advance, which means that you can plan your time, taking into account the parallel tasks. By the way, it is a special pleasure to tick everything you have done during the day. For greater efficiency, you can use two lists: one for work and another one for home.  Just write them in notepad, phone notes or a planning application. Try to share your forces equally and correctly, remember that your life is not a race.

Reasonable mode.

Let’s be frank: if you get a night-light, you need to slow down. And if you have the lack of sleep regularly, it’s time to think about balance rather than concentration. You are limited in actions if you are overstretched. Exceptions are only stressful situations. And they usually happen in our life without any plan. So, in dreams of concentration, do not forget about your own biorhythms. You will be able to focus even on the most routine tasks with the smooth work of the internal clock.

Own rules.

Try to act consistently, taking pleasure from each item on your to-do list. Doing several tasks simultaneously, you risk seeing them in tomorrow’s must-do list or worse in a week’s one. Dozens of modern books on self-development are saying: multitasking is no longer in vogue. Sometimes, of course, we cannot do without juggling a few cases at once. But let such days, as well as accumulated fatigue, be fewer.

The time of silence.

Thousands of push notifications have become already the norm. They are shown on the laptop screen and periodically remind themselves through the signals on the phone. What concentration are we talking about? You just want to drink a glass of water, do a circular training, and then also respond to a comment on Facebook. Spend half an hour to adjust your gadgets and you get in return a few hours of silence. Alerts about important meetings and family celebrations are should better be left, after all this is the very thing.

Become an artist.

It is easier to get your own attention when the task really inspires. Help it become the very one. Add some colours, writing down your goals in a notebook with crisp pages, read books, highlighting some favourite lines with markers and coloured stickers. Turn on the music or sing a few lines from your favourite track, when you need to catch a working wave. Do everything that brings you sincere joy. In such a flow, you will not notice two dozen things done, or maybe even three.


Meditation helps you to concentrate and practicing meditation actually helps you to stay concentrated for longer periods of time. One of the big problems with most tasks is getting distracted. By using meditation apps or simply getting the right state of mind to remain focused you will get so much more done.

Dandelion wine.

Talking about something pleasant: pauses are also needed. Set the time frame and switch boldly to something pleasant. It will be better to take a break for a cup of tea with mint, updates on Instagram and simply contemplating the world around every 1.5-2 hours or after reaching a specific goal. But don’t do that every 10-15 minutes. It’s not just about self-discipline, you should develop the habit of acting proactively, alternating intensive work with minutes of rest.

Being concentrated most part of the day is not so bad: you still have much time and live with a mild state of euphoria.


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