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Shea butter is becoming an integral ingredient in many skin care products but you can also use Shea butter on its own.

Deluxe Shea Butter is a product that is 100% pure, certified organic, unrefined natural Shea butter. The company supplies Shea butter in a wide range of sizes to cater for those who want to use it personally right up to large manufacturers. Deluxe Shea Butter is made in Ghana, West Africa and imported to Adelaide.

The Shea butter is picked and processed by a certified organic producer who works closely with the women who pick and process the shea nuts, they source directly from women’s co-operatives helping to support the communities of their heritage.

Shea Butter is used in all sorts of beauty products because the list of its benefits is long. It helps with skin, muscle, hair, nails, scar tissue and inflammation so it’s versatility is almost limitless.

I have been using Deluxe Shea Butter for a couple of weeks now and I must say that I’m impressed. I suffer from terminally cracked skin on my feet, dry elbows, and very dry hands.

It’s still Summer, and that means that my feet are suffering more than usual, so I have been making an effort to moisturise them every morning. I apply Deluxe Shea Butter before I put my socks on and then don’t think about them again. I have also tried to do my elbows and hands at the same time but in the morning school rush things sometimes get a little crazy.

My feet are still a little dry but the cracks are certainly diminishing and they don’t feel anywhere near as bad as they once were. They are starting to feel soft and no longer scratchy which is a monumental improvement. My elbows have lost the dryness and are no longer discoloured. Then, there are my hands, which are looking much more supple and I can no longer lament the state of them.

Deluxe Shea Butter is simple to use and cost-effective; it’s 100% pure and certified organic and the company pride themselves on their fair trade practices. There are no nasties; actually, there are no additives AT ALL! You want Shea Butter, that’s what you get… and it’s all you get. No fragrances, no chunks, no preservatives – just Shea butter.

Deluxe Shea Butter is naturally fragranced by the pleasant and subtle scent of shea nuts. There is no animal testing and the product is completely ethically sourced.

There is so much to love about this product and so much to use it for. The one thing I really wanted to try it out on is my son’s eczema because he gets little patches that he then scratches and picks but we haven’t got anything on him this week. I will be trying it on him soon though.

The uses for this magic little product are endless and I am definitely going to be checking it out for more of them. Some of the benefits are:

  • Helps to prevent skin ageing
  • Powerful antioxidant helping to smooth wrinkles, scars and other skin imperfections
  • Treats stretch marks and prevents cracking of breast skin
  • Effectively treats nappy rash, relieves redness and protects the skin from wetness
  • Provides elasticity to skin and softens callouses
  • Promotes recovery in muscle injuries and works as an anti-inflammatory
  • Protects hair from sun damage
  • Anti-irritant and can treat redness, rashes, and insect bites
  • Great facial moisturiser which even works for oily skin and doesn’t cause acne
  • Effective treatment for psoriasis and eczema
  • Fantastic for massage on adults and children

This is definitely a product worth trying out and I will be recommending it to everyone. I love the effect it has had on my skin and I plan to try it for eczema and nappy rash next.

For more information about Deluxe Shea Butter and stockists, you can find them at

Skincare Sizes RRP:
100g – $14.30
250g – $17.05
450g – $19.80

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