REVIEW: VersaSpa Tanning Booth

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Well-known sunless tanning brand, MagicTan™ introduces a totally revolutionary state-of-the-art semi-automated booth, VersaSpa™. The MagicTan™ VersaSpa™ is the world’s first ever high volume, low pressure sunless tanning application.

Unlike any tanning booth on the market, the MagicTan™ VersaSpa™ offers a three step process which preps, tans, moisturisers and dries the body, all in under five minutes!

Last month I tested the VersaSpa™ so I would be tanned for my hen’s night. Being a natural ghostly white and knowing the dangers of melanoma, I am careful when I go out into the sun and solariums are out of the question. I occasionally use fake tan at home but they can be messy and streaky. For special occasions I usually make my way to the salon for a spray on tan.

When I heard about the VersaSpa™ I was curious and also a little nervous. Being a tanning booth I wondered if it would feel claustrophobic or turn out a funny colour. When I arrived at Miint Salon (North Terrace, Adelaide) I was given my instructions.

For review purposes I chose the darkest setting and then I was left alone. I got ready and applied barrier cream to my palms, elbows, knees and feet. With all the preparation done, I jumped in the booth which is not enclosed, so you don’t feel trapped. I stood in position and pressed the button!


The spray comes out and evenly moves up and down your body. There are different positions you have to stand in to make sure you are completely covered.  At the end the tanning booth even blowdries your body so you don’t have to stand around shivering while you are waiting to dry. Over the next four hours my tan developed and the colour was a lovely golden brown.

This is the new way to tan with complete privacy and it is so quick and easy, with excellent results. Just remember the positions as it goes fast and if you aren’t paying attention you might miss a spot.

Here is how it all works:

Step 1:

Pre-sunless hydration spray is sprayed out of the jets to coat the body. The Aloe Vera based skin conditioning is a pH balanced formula that super-hydrates the skin and neutralises surface oils, which help to improve the evenness of the tan. This takes approximately 1 minute.

Warm air is pumped out of the jets to circulate the booth so that the skin dries prior to the tanning application.

Step 2:

MagicTan™ skin bronzing solution is sprayed out of the jets to coat the body. This authentic solution combines a proprietary ratio of DHA and Erythrulose for optimal skin bronzing results. This unique high volume, low pressure application ensures a more natural-looking, golden even tan and binds with the pre-sunless hydration spray for a longer-lasting tan. The unique ingredient of sugar beet (as opposed to sugar cane as used in many other tanning solutions) ensures a more natural looking tan. This takes approximately 2 minutes.

Warm air is pumped out of the jets to circulate the booth prior to the moisture application.

Step 3:

Anti-aging moisturiser is the final step which not only binds the tanning solution to the skin but also moisturisers and protects the skin. This rejuvenating skin therapy will leave the skin feeling supple and smooth and avoid fowl smelling tanning odour often associated with spray tans. This takes approximately 1 minute.

Then… you’re done. Watch while your tan develops. Do not shower for four hours and continue to moisturise for days after.

If you don’t fancy tanning your entire body, the MagicTan™ VersaSpa™ machine enables you to customise your tan with a selected area; tan your face, your bum, your legs, your torso – it’s up to you!

The tanning agent absorbs without lingering mist which assists in a deeper, longer-lasting tan.
MagicTan™ VersaSpa™ full body booth tan starts from $25.

For more information visit or call 1800 008 260

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