Milk and Co Beauty Wipes

Milk & Co Beauty Wipes are multifunctional with micro exfoliating beads on one side, and cleanser on the other. Ideal for busy women, these wipes are an extra large size so you don’t need to use multiple wipes for each use.

There are 25 in each pack and they are designed for all skin types (but rub gently if you are on the sensitive side). There are no parabens or alcohol and goodies include Homeo-Soothe, chamomile and aloe vera.


The combination of ingredients will exfoliate, cleanse and soothe summer skin.

These wipes are very lightly fragranced and have an RRP of $9.95 and there is a male friendly version also available.

Milk & Co comes from Lindy Klim and Michael Klim and the wipes are one of Lindy’s personal favourites – with three children you can understand why.

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