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Celebrity makeup favourite launches in Australia

Hollywood favourite I NUOVI (pronounced: i-no-vee) Cosmetics are set to take Australia by storm when they open their first three stores this July. With a collaborative resume that reads like a who’s who of fashion, and already more than 100 stores worldwide, the transition of I NUOVI down under is set to be a smooth one.

Guided by the principles of innovation, minimalism and individualism, the I NUOVI product line embraces a modern and eco friendly concept by ensuring that all packaging is fully recyclable and all products are free of animal derived ingredients.

Instead, I NUOVI focuses on what’s inside the package, incorporating vitamins, botanical extracts and active skin treatment ingredients to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to beauty for those serious about makeup. With a range of over 1200 products in professional makeup, skin care and beauty accessories, it’s no wonder Italian Vogue described this cult brand as the “ultra complete face line”. And I NUOVI’s principle of evolution ensures that existing products in the line are constantly reviewed and reformulated to incorporate new ingredients and manufacturing technology.

Its I NUOVI’s seriousness about technology in makeup that sets it apart from it’s dressed up competitors. And it’s this difference that will see Australian beauty experts and fashionistas alike join Charlize Theron, Sarah Jessica Parker and Christina Aguilera in their love for I NUOVI.

Supporting the fashion industry is top priority at I NUOVI – constant revisions mean the brand is always on trend and, in a lot of cases, ahead of the fashion pack. It’s this foresight that has seen I NUOVI work with Gucci, Fendi, Ferragamo and Ungaro, as well as street brands like Nike and Adidas.

Four stores are confirmed to open in Australia this year: Westfield Bondi Junction on the 2nd of July, Sydney Central Plaza on the 9th of July, followed by Westfield Chermside in mid July. A flagship boutique is also set to open at Westfield Kotara in September. More stores are set to follow and customers will be able to buy I NUOVI online at www.inuovi.com from the end of July.

Makeup mavens need not worry about where to find I NUOVI – the bold red, white and black design of the stores is hard to miss. With a hands on retail philosophy, I NUOVI encourages people to get in and play with the products, all with the expert advice of fully trained makeup artists on hand.

The Makeup



Colour: Peacock


Smudge proof high intensity cake colours. Available in 8 tone-true shades in the brightest hues.

The Verdict:

This is a fun, bright colour and great to experiment with. Used on its own, it adds personality to your makeup, and is great for a night out with the girls. Blend with other colours to create a unique look; this is definitely one of the nicer shades of blue eye shadows around.
Easy to apply, long lasting colour that really is high intensity, without being tacky; add this one to your makeup kit.

Product: COLOURS D36


Colour: Fairy


Innovative wet or dry pressed pigment powder that serves as both shadows and blushers.

The Verdict:

A pink powder that is girly and sweet. The great thing about this product is that it can be used as a pretty eye shadow, or to give cheeks a gorgeous glow.Like all I NUOVI products, it is not tested on animals, and it is fragrance free, which makes it suitable for all skin types.

Fairy is a gorgeous colour which is perfect for spring, or to brighten your look this winter.



Colour: Classic Drama


A collection of custom blended fine and smooth polyester glitter that adds glamour and shine to any makeup look.

The Verdict:

I think the name says it all with this one – Classic Drama. Whether you are a typical fan of glitter or not, this product is a lot of fun and you are sure to like using it. Easy to apply shine, use a small amount for understated glamour or become a sparkle queen, the choice is yours.

Sparkly colour that allows you to create a variety of different looks with ease and can help to add your personality to your makeup look.

Product: EYELUXE


Colour: Diamond



A delicate, transparent shine gel that glides onto your eye lids flawlessly and looks fresh all day.

The Verdict:

This I NUOVI eye gloss is my favourite product in the range. Maybe, it’s just laziness but I love using the wand for easy application. Being in a sealed tube, it is so handy and you can pop it into your handbag, no spillages and no brushes!

It has a subtle diamond glow to it, and will add a touch of shine to your look, for day or night.

Product: GELBASE



A light weight, water-based day wear foundation that leaves a “no-makeup” feel.

The Verdict:

Foundations are one of the hardest makeup products to buy, and once you find one you love, generally you stick with it. The Gelbase I NUOVI foundation comes in a range of shades so you can match your skin tone. Being gel based, it feels light while on, and application is smooth.

A good quality foundation that gives sheer coverage for day, while still helping to hide uneven skintone, I would recommend this product to readers.

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  1. I love the Inuovi products … but I can’t seem to purchase the products no longer … as the Melbourne rep has closed … I ran corporate workshops and I used to be able to buy at a wholesale price any chance you can direct me to a Melbourne Representative?

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