Who says you can’t look like a beach babe this winter, with the Hissyfit range of gorgeous bronzing products you can achieve that desirable glow all year round.

Having fair skin I tend to look washed out over the cooler months so self tan and bronzers are an essential part of my beauty regime.

Body Bronze self tanning lotion

This self tanning lotion containing aloe vera and anti oxidants is a super easy self tanner that is non streaking and gives a gorgeous golden tan. I find it to work beautifully to give me a ‘just from the beach’ glow. Think Jessica Alba or Jennifer Lopez .

For best results exfoliate prior to use, place a small amount of the lotion in the palm of your hands and work in a circular motion, once applied wipe over bony areas with a cloth (this is a must as the first time I applied I didn’t do this and ending up looking like I had dirty knees)…my bad. As the lotion drys you get a gradual golden glow. I find if I use once a week my tan remains golden.

Why would anyone put their skin at risk when there are beautiful products like this around I’ll never know?



Saving Face

Saving Face is a natural moisturising tinted sunscreen that provides flawless foundation coverage with SPF 30+ broad-spectrum protection to fight the suns nasty rays. It helps prevent premature ageing and some skin cancers.

To use, apply with a make-up sponge or clean fingertips, wait 20 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply at regular intervals, especially after vigorous exercise or bathing.

Saving Face comes in a variety of 6 shades which is great as we all know how hard it can be to find the right tinted moisturiser!

Although it’s winter and sunscreen doesn’t play a huge role this time of year – I find this works just as well as a light foundation – I use a powder over top for a matte finish which gives flawless coverage.


Bronze Radiance

The lightweight mineral powder is formulated to enhance both face and body, with proven powerful anti-oxidants Green Tea, Vitamin E and Vitamin C to protect and nourish skin.

I find Bronze Radiance to be a very light bronzer that gives a kissed-by-the sun glow with just a hint of shimmer. I apply to the parts of my face the sun usually hits in summer, the cheekbones, chin, nose and forehead. It gives the face extra sparkle we all could use more of this time of year.


Body Luxe Anti-aging Moisturiser

Body Luxe is an anti-ageing moisturiser. Formulated to hydrate and nourish the skin, infused with anti-ageing botanicals including aloe and Australian Daisy Cehami, which soothe and hydrate. The moisturiser leaves skin feeling soft and fresh, and scented with a light citrus fragrance.

I absolutely adore this product, in only 2 weeks have almost used it all. I find myself to be re-applying throughout the day just to keep the citrus smell on my skin.

As for moisturising you really need only apply once daily as it keeps skin soft throughout. This is now my favourite moisturiser. Plus the fact that it’s anti-aging (not that I’m old) but it makes it more appealing somehow?


For more information please visit: www.hissyfit.com.au

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