Palmolive Body Butter Peppermint Crush Body Wash

Now you can have an uplifting burst of peppermint to start your day, with the new Palmolive Body Butter Body Wash in Peppermint Crush.


The texture of the product is rich and creamy and contains natural seeds and real peppermint extracts – this gives your body a gentle exfoliation while softening the skin.


The Peppermint Crush variety joins a team of other delicious fragrances which include Heavenly Vanilla, Coconut Scrub and Strawberry Smoother.


Only a small amount is required and it works best when applied with a sponge or cleansing puff and massaged onto your body – it gives you a nice foamy lather. The combination of moisture, exfoliation and a scent that pops really makes this shower royalty while giving you skin that feels fresh.


I have been using this product regularly for the last few days and I would describe the scent as delicious, it reminds me of an after dinner mint (rather than toothpaste) and is almost good enough to eat. Your bathroom is left with a rich burst of peppermint; it is noticeable but not overpowering. As mentioned, this is a very thick and creamy formula; it can be a little difficult to squeeze out at times but it is worth it once it hits your skin.


This product feels luxurious and with a low price-point of just $6.79 for 400ml it is something all mint fans can enjoy every day. I am really looking forward to testing the other varieties in the range, especially Strawberry Smoother!


The Palmolive Body Butter Body Wash collection is available from major and local supermarkets, as well as selected pharmacies. For more information please call 1800 802 307

This post was sponsored by Colgate-Palmolive.


This is a sponsored post but opinions are my own.

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