FEATURE: Elixia BodyShaper Contour Crème

Women often feel cursed by cellulite, it can affect our confidence and we are always looking for a miracle cure to combat it. Cellulite has a long list of causes from hormones to genetics which means as a female, you are actually pretty lucky if you don’t get it.

Just because it is common, doesn’t mean we like it, and a new Australian made and owned product has hit the shelves which could potentially help us all – it’s by Elixia and titled “BodyShaper Contour Creme”.

I have the product right here in my hands, but as it needs at least 21 days to work, I cannot comment on the long term results just yet (I will come back after a month with a verdict – promise!) but I can tell you a little bit about this new innovation.

As you probably know, there are anti-cellulite lotions and potions everywhere and many are a waste of money, but this one is a little different and it looks like it has potential. Elixia BodyShaper Contour Crème has TPM which is a new scientifically proven “delivery technology” which allows the product to get deep into the skin…it isn’t just disguising the skin on the surface but works on the deeper layers too.

body shaper

The other key ingredient is Tricellite Active which is a blend of concentrated products (think antioxidants and moisturisers) which is what gives it cellulite disguising abilities. Probably just as important as what is in there, we have a list of baddies which AREN’T in the BodyShaper Contour Crème – no parabens, formaldehydes, paraffins, artificial colours and dyes, synthetic fragrance, SLS, SLES’s and DEA’s.

I always love to hear statistics, and the company has done trials on real women who found the product reduced the appearance of cellulite by over 40% in 21 days. In 28 days, 96% of the female testers saw improved firmness and smoothness, 93% saw an improvement in the appearance of their skins health and 93% felt their skin’s tightness and tone had been improved.

I’ve been using the product for two days so far, and I am really looking forward to seeing how my skin looks after the full 21 days. I admit to having some unsightly bumps and dimples on my legs – and I had these even before I had children so I can’t blame my babies (unlike my pregnancy induced grey hairs)!

You need to use Elixia BodyShaper Contour Crème twice a day, they recommend about the size of a 50 cent piece with each use. For best results you need to massage it in  (ideally after a warm shower), this will help to stimulate your skin and get deep into the layers. It has a similar consistency to a body lotion and only has a faint scent (which is a light cucumbery, refreshing kind of smell) so it isn’t overpowering. You can use your regular body lotion or potion over the top if you want to but it isn’t essential if you want to cut down on products.

You can use it on all your problem areas but avoid using it on any broken skin or straight after shaving, and never use it on your face!

The Elixia BodyShaper Contour Crème has an RRP of $99.00 for 150ml, which should last you four weeks if use according to the instructions.

Available now from Myer, Priceline, Terry White Chemists, TVSN and www.elixia.com.au or call 1300 ELIXIA

243 thoughts on “FEATURE: Elixia BodyShaper Contour Crème

  1. ive always hated with a great deal of passion the cellulite on the back of my legs and how it limits what i feel comfortable in and look good in..im loving all the beautiful shorts this season but wouldnt dream of wearing them…id love to try this creme… maybe the short could be part of my wardore..: )

  2. I seem to get a lot of cellulite and I have tried every cream and lotion but nothing really seems to do what they say on the label, so I would love to win this product to see if this works for me! I would love to wear shorts but its not an option at the moment when my cellulite is so noticeable. Also having cellulite has affected my self-confidence everytime i wear tight clothes I feel like everybody is staring andwill notice it under my clothes and I dont feel beautiful in my own skin anymore! 🙁

  3. I had never suffered any cellulite till about 4 years ago. My first thought when I saw it on the sides of my legs arggh. Feel so self conscious in shorts. Just recently I have noticed that its forming on my upper arms and am using a roller there with just my ordinary moisturiser because I wear short sleeved tops constantly.
    I’ve heard lots about this new Elixia Body Shaper and to actually try it out for a few weeks would be ideal.

  4. I had had cellulite from a very early age, even though I wasn’t overweight, I have tried so many products over the years. I would love to try Elixia Body Shaper. It would be great to see a product on the market that does actually deliver what it promises.

  5. Though I’m slim, it hasn’t excluded my from having cellulite so I’m always checking my upper legs for cellulite. Cellulite makes me feel disappointed because I do try to stay fit and healthy and tonedand put effort in! I want to try this Elixia Body Shaper because I’ll never give up on my quest for beautiful toned legs!!

  6. I would love to try it on my tummy. I wasn’t overweight either but I can see a little bump. HAHA. I want to get it toned.

  7. I find I am really embarrassed by it, avoid anything that is much higher than the knee, especially the bathers during summer…I will wear board shorts or a skirt around me at all times!

  8. I’d love to try the Elixia Body Shaper because I’d be an ideal candidate for testing its ability – I swear I’ve tried every lotion and potion under the sun, and achieved nothing so far. My cellulite is out of control, and I need some serious help!

  9. I have suffered from bad dimply cellulite as long as I can remember and becuase of it I never wear shorts and always wear a sarong over my cossie until the last minute before I enter the water.

  10. i always wear pants/skirts that are longer than the knee… i have it on my legs and i hate it, theres not alot of choice when i am clothes shopping.

  11. well now that I have reched the half way mark age wise you could say I have a multitude of cellulite spots on my body which I’. certainly not proud of. So I would love absolutely love to trial Elixia bodyshaper contour creme with you to see if I can reduce these ugly spots from my body and regain some of my youthfulness and confidence when out in skimpy type of clothes and of course not having to hide my lumpy legs before I jump in a pool

  12. There wasnt really a time in my life where I have ever felt 100% comfortable in my skin but I look back now and realise that all those years ago it was just teenage insecurities. So fast forward to now and its at times quite depressing. After having 3 children my stomach skin decided that it had given up and wasnt going to bounce back at all so im stuck with sagging skin around the stomach which only surgery will fix and im scared of surgeries so i will simply live with the sag. So if i manage to find a great full piece swimsuit that lifts and hides the sagging skin im still left with these lumpy upper legs. What the hell happened and who put these lumpy bits under my skin??? They wernt there years ago.
    I most certainly would love to try the Elixa Body Shaper as anything that could possibly help me to feel a little more confident and happier with my body would be great.
    HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!…LOL

  13. After working my butt off (literally) and loosing 15kgs this year I would love to have to opporunity to really show off my new pins in a pair of new season shorts (which I haven’t worn in well over 7 yrs!). If this cream shows the results it says it can achieve all my hard work will have truly paid off 🙂

  14. Thanks Mum….I inherited her great eyes and her not so great cellulite on the inner knees of all places!! it’s getting worse as I get older so I’d love to try Elixia Body Shaper, it could be the answer to prayers!

  15. I’ve always had a bit of cellulite even when I was a teenager. I’m vegetarian, not overweight, drink heaps of water, but my mum always had it too so I guess its genetic. It doesn’t usually bother me until swimming season… so about this time of year.
    I’d love to go out this year in my cossie and not have to think about people noticing the cellulite on my thighs.

  16. Too many dairy products and not enough exercise leaves me feeling a bit self conscious to be seen in shorts or a bikini. I would be so grateful to trial this product, I have heard great things about it.

  17. Cellulite has had a massive and negative impact on my life.
    I don’t even own a pair of shorts 🙁
    feeling to embarrassed to show my legs I swelter through the summer 🙁

  18. I remember times of wearing little skirts and shorts
    but that has become a thing of the past ,I live near the beach so when everyone else is in shorts or little sun dresses I,m in jeans or maxi dresses
    I would so love my cellulite free legs back

  19. I have come to the point in my life where I have accepted my body for the way it is, and have come to love my curves….however cellulite is the one thing I cannot tolerate. I have had it since my early twenties and it so badly affects my confidence. This summer I would love to be able to wear a pair of shorts, a pretty dress or even a bathing suit, and NOT have to worry about cellulite. I would love to test this product!

  20. I gained ALOT of weight during my three pregnancies; I have cellulite on my legs and as a result, won’t wear anything shorter than knee length. It’s embarrassing and lowers my confidence.

  21. I tried that awful rolling prickly thing that was SUPPOSED to remove cellulite…. Painful and USELESS!!
    I would love to be able to wear skirts without the fear of lumps and bumps showing – its summer for goodness sakes!!

  22. cellulite means no swimming costumes always long board shorts, no fitted dresses as they show off the horror under my clothes, it’s a horrible affliction and I would love to try anything that would help me to get rid of it

  23. Cellulite has placed a limit on what I can wear, for myself long skirts and trouser pants are always in fashion. Shorts and skirts above the knee are out of question. Elixia Body Shaper I count on thee so I can at least hope to be little Cellulite free.

  24. Unlike yourself, I will blame my babies on my cellulite problem, lol, not because I over indulge at times, no that’s not the reason 🙂 I’m older now, 40, and my body is changing, I can feel it. I still like to look good and a little help is needed at this time in my life. Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  25. I used to love everything about my body…then I had kids. Along with the happy memories of their births & first days on this earth, I was left with cellulite. It really is a confidence killer, especially in the summer. I’d love to try this Elixa BodyShaper Contour Creme to give me back that beach body confidence I crave 😉

  26. I am generally happy wih my body. Only thing holding me back are the dimply, ugly, unsightly looking cottage cheese on my thighs & butt! 🙁 Always had it & would love to have the opportunity to witness a miracle & have it disappear! 🙂

  27. I have cellulite bum….it looks lumpy and not at all attractive.
    The Elixier BodyShaping Creme would be fantastic to try. Maybe I will wear my little denim cut off shorts again.

  28. I am pretty happy with my body, but my butt and upper thighs has cellulite on them which makes me feel very self-conscious when wearing a bikini, in fact I try not to. I usually cover up with a pair of boardies, but would dearly love to just wear a bikini again.

  29. I think really, most woman have cellulite. At 44, i have come to a certain degree of acceptance about my lumps n bumps, but i still would love to try this product – cant hurt i say! :O Thanks

  30. I would love to wear a pair of bathers again instead of shorts covering the orange peel effect that my thighs show

  31. I have cellulite on my thighs and bum and it makes me really self conscious and affects what clothes I wear. I’m only 20 and I haven’t even had kids yet! I love little shorts that look cute and are comfy to wear over the hot summer days but I just don’t feel I can wear them at the moment…but I would love a product that may let me do so! I’d also love to wear my bikini without wearing board shorts over the top to cover up my unsightly legs! I have heard a lot about body shaper and would really love to try it but being a poor uni student I can’t afford to try something so expensive especially when I’m not sure I will receive the desired results! I’d really love to try this as I am sure it would boost my body confidence through the roof!!!

  32. I have suffered from having cellulite on my legs for many years.I can no longer feel comfortable wearing shorts or skirts above the knee and miss those days where i could put on some shorts on a hot day.Elixier BodyShaping Creme would change the way i feel about myself and would free me of those cellulite bumps and lumps.

  33. Its sweltering, I’m wearing jeans,
    have had cellulite since my teens.
    embarrassed and self conscious
    this contour creme might be
    Would love to show my legs,
    I might have someone say, “she has nice pegs”!!!!!

  34. Cellulite means no mini mini skirts or short shorts unless you want to be added to the Wallmart Wall Of Shame! Could be strong and give those short shorts a go or just try the cream…I thnk I’d rather try the cream…

  35. I have suffered from cellulite for years, and have tried numerous “miracle treatments” but nothing has worked. I have lost weight, but still have cellulite. It’s stops me from wearing swimming togs or any shorts higher than my knees. It makes me feel years older than what I am. Hopefully, this new cream will improve the look of my cellulite.

  36. It all came to a head when my grandmother saw me in bathers and commented that my cellulite was not from her side of the family. I don’t wear short skirts but am notice that even the inside of my knees are being affected somewhat. I’m not overweight and my legs have a nice shape so I don’t understand. Why!!!???

  37. I spend even the hottest summer days in jeans or 3/4 length pants. I would rather boil than show of my thighs! It’s not very pleasant I can assure you!

  38. I am the one at the beach who sits and watches the valuables, to conscious of my cellulite to wear swimmers I sit there watching everyone else. Now I have kids it breaks my heart to miss out on splashing and jumping waves with them.

  39. I never show my thighs or upper arms because I hate the way they look! I’d love to try this Contour Creme, because any improvement in my trouble areas would make me happy!

  40. My thighs look like someone found some jellyfish on the beach, threw them at me, and they stuck – permanently! I’d love to be jelly free

  41. This would be amazing to try! I havent worn anything but long pants for the last few years so if it worked i would love to get back into wearing dresses again, that would be such a confidence boost! Thanks,

  42. fashion & confidence – my cellulite makes me lack a lot of these. All these cute summer sleevless tops and I don’t dare to bare my arms – the underside of my arms has always had some cellulite which I could never get rid of, not with swimming, not with pushups, not with anything. Oh, and I’m not even mentioning problems with my legs & bottom of my tummy! I would be so greatful if you let me try this product. Thanks, Laura

  43. I inherited bad cellulite from my mum at an early age
    and its always been of huge embarrassment to me
    and really limit everything I wear. I dread summer, please help!

  44. I have cellulite lines on the sides of my thighs that really annoy me when I wear shorts! Elixia will hopefully get rid or them forever!

  45. Dare I say that cellulite is the biggest self defeating issue we as women have to deal we…?
    Cellulite would have to be the biggest practical joke that the Gods are playing on us!!! VERY FEW women don’t have to deal with it but for rest of us it is a constant ongoing battle to try and minimise that damned orange peel… and because of it we can’t even sit back on the couch and just enjoy that one more little piece of chocolate without that little voice saying “Oh, by the way…it’s going straight to the back of your thighs..”
    If I had a dollar for every time I pined over the backs of my thighs I would be a billionaire by now!
    Well, must go, am off to the gym…

  46. Cellulite on my thighs makes wearing shorts something i can only do at home. Doing a physical job without airconditioners makes wearing pants incredibly hot

  47. I would love to try that Creme to get rid of my cellulite. After delivering a baby and gaining extra weight during pregnancy I’m having terrible legs now loosing weight. Want to get back my good look, oh ye…

  48. Summer is just around the corner but I’m not excited at all! I have gained so much weight over winter, and the cellulite on my thighs are even more obvious now, it’s depressing! I can’t put on a pair of shorts and walk around with confidence because I’m embarrassed with the sight of cellulite. Maybe Elixia can help… Rid those cellulite and give me my confidence back!

  49. Two children in two years my body seems unfamiliar when I stare at my reflection. I want my confidence back and not to feel the need to cover my body in layers. I want the confidence to show my body off and feel proud and not worry about the nasty cellulite which covers my thighs 🙂

  50. I always suffered from cellulite on my thighs but since having my daughter I also have cellulite on my stomach. Having cellulite is something that makes me very self conscious of my body to the point where I am embarrassed to get changed in front of my partner or even wear clothes that show a little skin as I feel like I am the cellulite monster.

  51. Wow, where do I start??? I have had cellulite for years now and I am so self conscious of my legs that I never wear want to wear shorts and if I dare to venture into the water my poor husband has to be there with a towel for me to wrap around myself as I come out of the water… it seems ridiculous to let my cellulite get to me like that but it does…I am loving the sound of Elixia and would so be prepared to try this new contour creme (I have tried them all) but am so desperate to regain my confidence especially more so that summer is just around the corner, and living in Queensland it is such a part of life to be in shorts for summer…

  52. I haven’t worn shorts now for a number of years & last year when we had a beach holiday I kept begging off when the kids wanted me to go swimming, I just felt too embarrassed by the dimpling in my thighs & unfortunately now, my stomach even though I’d put effort into exercise & remembering to moisturise for weeks before we went 🙁

  53. I live in a beautiful town filled with gorgeous beaches and would love to be able to get out in a bikini without feeling terified that someone I know will see my lumpy legs!

  54. I battled being overweight as a child and lost nearly 20kgs in my 20s to get to a healthy weight – although have kept up the healthy diet and exercise the cellulite will never go away no matter what I try. If there is a miracle cream out there, please send some my way!!!!

  55. loveto try this cream have heard great news about it but my budget has not allowed me to buy it for myself.
    Cellulite makes a woman confidence go down no one like the look of it.
    I wear longer shots now and wear boardies over my swimwear.
    Please would love to try this product.

  56. I had to go to a paediatrician when I was 10 years old about cellulite, and 30 years later my battles with it are still continuing. I’d love to devote my body to Elixia as a worthy test subject!

  57. Having tried many lotions and potions over the years i would be interested in trying this one,and just maybe i will venture back to the beach without a sarong that reaches my ankles,not worn shorts or anything above the knee in years three quauter leggings and my maxi dresses are my very best friends along with winter when i can hide it all away !!!!

  58. The Elixia Body Shaper would be a godsend to me if i get one (PLEASE) as i have seen the back of my thigh with these insightly orange peels aka cellulite which every woman in this planet hates … its summer and its the unforgiving season to show these flaws with all the nice shorts and singlets around. I am going to the gym to tone and loose weight and having this great potion will definitely do wonders for my legs …

  59. Because of Cellulite i do not wear a bathing suit without boardies over the top, short shorts/ skirts/ dresses are out have to cover up my thighs. Cellulite really limits my clothing choices especially comming into summer when the fashion is all cute short clothes.

  60. After having a baby, my figure has never been the same as I gained so much weight during my pregnancy. Though I tried to lose some weight and I look slimmer, but most of fat and cellulite still cannot be removed, especially around my underarm and my thigh. I am never confident to dress up again since then. I would really like to try your product if it would help me recall my confidence back to me. Thank you.

  61. I would love to try this product as I cannot afford to purchase them the chance to win one for free is a irresistable offer!

  62. Because of Cellulite , I dont do the one exercise that I can do. Swimming. I have swam for 30 years , but now wont even get into a swim suit. Its the only thing stopping me from enjoying summer.

  63. I hate my cellulite, I even tried hugely expensive hypoxy with no noticeable result. I can’t justify spending more money, especially with Christmas coming up. I would SO love to try this cream!

  64. Being overweight my cellulite on my legs/stomach and chest has gotten worse. While I’m slowly losing the weight now the cellulite is becoming more obvious and visable to those who see me. Now I have to wear 3/4 pants & long tops so no one is exposed to it.I’d love to try this cream and get some sort of self esteem back.

  65. I would actually give this to my daughter. I’m too old (as far as I’m concerned) to worry about any cellulite I may have but my daughter being younger, really hates her cellulite and would do anything to get rid of it.

  66. Its so embarrassing! I am constantly trying to hide my legs, all my friends have gorgeous show off legs. im the same size and just as pretty in all other ways, but my legs leave me hiding =( Please i want to run on the beach in my bikini again

  67. Unfortunately I’ve been battling with cellulite for years and mostly have it on my stomach, backside and thighs. I have tried cremes in the past and they have not worked. I have gone on a health kick before Easter and still can’t get rid of it. I am too embarrassed to go to the beach during summer as i don’t find it appealing to see and am worried i will bump into someone i know. It work be great to try a creme that has had positive feedback. It would be great to hit the beach this summer and also regain my self esteem.

  68. Let’s just say that I won’t, don’t and literally can’t go to the beach with my kids due to my legs…it’s a pity so many of the media focus on cellulite being so disgusting when the percentage of women who have it is very high…it’s abnormal not to have it!

  69. i have cellulite to my bottom and top of legs and upper arms. im very self concious and i try to cover up. gone are the days of shorts and short sleeve tops. not ideal for summer really. i would love to try in a hope that it will work. thank you

  70. Im a newbie to cellulite, well ive just noticed mine recently and im shocked. Ive put on alot of weight lately which im trying to deal with but the ugliness of cellulite is so unfair.

  71. Winter has quickly become my one and only favourite season, the coats, scarves, stockings and jeans leave a LOT to the imagination and I have grown very comfortable hiding amongst my layers of clothing. When summer finally hits I am usually inside away from the judging eye of people and I honestly cannot remember the last time I went to the beach. I am far too self conscious about my legs. My thighs are my biggest downfall and I do not like to have them exposed as you can see my cellulite from a mile away (well thats what it feels like) I would love to try and go to the beach this summer so if this Elixia BodyShaper Contour Crème can help me do that then I bow down to you!!

  72. I’m embarrassed by dimples on my thighs to the extend that I only wear longer dresses or jeans. If this body shaper works, I’m hoping to wear shorts or a playsuit now that summer is here.

  73. Help! having white legs and lots of cellulite ,am too ashamed to wear shorts or short skirts and am embarrassed wearing a swimsuit. Elixiar. I’m in!!!!

  74. Cellulite is a big part of life for nearly every woman,but if there was ever a great product to try and vanish it,then i am there,i would love to join you in the trial xx

  75. comment below telling us how cellulite has affected your life, and why you want to try this product.

    I want to wear short skirts
    itty bitty shorts and sexy bikini bottoms
    The Cellulite looks like Orange peel
    I need some help like a chemical peel
    I know that wont work
    Can I try Elixia BodyShaper Contour Crème
    So I can at least lift my Self Esteem!

  76. My first son is now 12 months old and still can’t shake of these dimples and ugly cellulite (not only on my legs), I just want to jump into a dress without stockings and not have to worry about the inferiority I feel when a gorgeous woman walks past me, because I am gorgeous in my own way!

  77. wow, mine effects my self esteem greatly, as it is mostly on the FRONT of my thighs. i am a size 10 everywhere but have to got to a12-14 to go over my thighs… i hate it 🙁

  78. CELLULITE! Eeeeeeek!!
    Has stopped me from wearing bikinis, short shorts and singlets 🙁 In hot weather like this its depressing not being able to wear little clothes 🙁
    Would absolutely love to try this product!

  79. I never had cellulite till recently (as I approach 40). My thighs and upper arms seem to be the worst effected. Being on a pension I have not been able to afford expensive creams etc., but have tried special exercises which don’t seem to have changed anything. So, I would love to give Elixia BodyShaper Contour Crème a shot! It sounds too good to be true!

  80. It really just has to be the confidence factor! Doesn’t matter if your having a great hair day, or you’ve lost some weight and are toned there is no getting rid of that yucky cellulite!! I just want to lie at the beach and relax, not worrying about covering some dimples!

  81. I can’t say enough how I have been wanting to try this for the cellulite on my legs front & back which is absolutely unsightly now since menopause & I stacked on 12kilos without any diet/exercise change so have cellulite on my stomach and upper arms I have tried everything diet/more exercise/body brushing you name it I’ve tried it. I saw this in Myer & I just don’t have enough money to get it. I am overwhelmed by this unsightly cellulite I have zero self esteem I hate it more than anything. A little help would be amazing I would love to wear a dress this summer as my body size is a 12 & OMG forget swimwear that’s my worst nightmare. Elixia seems my last hope!!!!

  82. Cellulite has affected my lifestyle. I live in a very hot, humid climate but I’m always careful to buy clothes which hide the problem and I no longer feel comfortable being seen on the beach in a swimsuit. It can be a very expensive and disappointing experience buying products which simply don’t make any difference. To be given the opportunity to try the new Elixia BodyShaper Contour Creme would be very exciting.

  83. I inherited my grandmothers legs…chunky dimpled legs. So summer, swim wear and myself don’t go hand and hand. I have tried countless cellulite products…so it would be great to find something that gives me summer ready legs

  84. Having raised our 3 children into adulthood it is now time for me. At 45 years young – I still have a while to go to catch up on the years of neglect on my body. Although I am not in the least vain – it would be lovely to be rid of my cellulite and I would love an opportunity to give this product a try.

  85. I have always had cellulite on the back of my legs and arms. I only started wearing shorts this year as I was sick of covering up and being hot. I usally get a spay tan to help me feel confident. I would love to try a product that would help clear up the cellulite and allow me to be confident in my own skin.

  86. I’m actually reasonably slim (not quite so much since I had my baby a year ago!) so the orange peel on my thighs really winds me up. Please, Beauty & Lace – let me try this creme and put it through its paces. Perhaps then I’ll give my partner a break from doing all the baby’s swimming lessons!

  87. Ive always had cellulite but being a bigger person i never got my legs out but now im losing weight and wanting to wear short skirts and shorts its definitely putting me off

  88. I want to try this product because I’ve been dealing with Yo-Yo weight since teenge years which has affected my self confidence. Cellulite it’s definetely not my best friend. Always try to cover it up and never dare to wear anything short or even bikini because of it. Wish I can try this product to turn back time and be confidence again.

  89. Cellulate I can imagine is the bane of many a womans life and mine included. I feel so jealous of women who can walk around in public with short shorts on and feel so comfortable. I don’t have a over weight body, I work out often and eat healthy in moderation and yet, I still have orange peel skin on the backs of my thighs. No amount of body brushing or firming cream has helped. Elixia BodyShaper Contour Crème is my last resort, please help! xx

  90. By making my legs and belly look terrible i dont like to wear a bikini or short shorts, i would love this to help cool me off in summer by being able to wear shorts 🙂

  91. I would love to try you cellulite cream,as i have ugly cellulite on th backs of my legs and won,t wear bathers or shorts ,i have to wear a long t.shirt to hide them .and i would love to get my confidence back and stop hiding behind a large shirt in summer:)

  92. Cellulite has affected by confidence and restricts what I am willing to wear in summer. I have tried so many different remedies so I would be grateful to try another that may help me

  93. What can I say about Cellulite, really nothing nice, and even if You are slim and fit You can still have these ugly dimples, it is just not fair !
    Ugly orange peel and dimples and I am not talking about Food here just ugly Cellulite, please please send Me some Cream, it will make My day !

  94. I have chicken legs, meaty thighs with little pegs, and if that isn’t bad enough, cellulite city on top. I can’t remember the last time I wore shorts, I’d love to try this miracle cream

  95. Cottage cheese is supposed to be on your plate… not your thighs! Sadly I’m 25 with a VERY bad case of cellulite on my thighs. I am so self-conscious about it I only go to the beach on overcast/rainy days when I know no one else will be there. I would love to try the Elixia BodyShaper Contour Crème so I can enjoy summer in the sunshine, not the rain!

  96. The cellulite on my legs really bothers me, I don’t wear short skirts, shorts or a bikini without board shorts to cover up!!

  97. If Elixia BodyShaper Contour Crème can fix or at least help with the unsightly curse which is cellulite I’d love to give it a go, I’ve used skin toning creams before and I believe they can make a difference if used frequently enough. I hate my legs, not so much for the shape or size but for the appearance of the cellulite which covers about 70% of my thighs. If a cure was ever found it would be a miracle. Send me a bottle and I would be glad to give it a full review 🙂

  98. How awesome does this product sound? For years ive put cellulite down to having to live with it and avoid wearing swimming costumes due to the sheer embarresment for the rest of my life. I would be a new woman with this product with renewed confidence, perfectly timed for the hot summer months.

  99. I am no a big person but I have cellulite on my thighs which looks horrible seeing so many dimples. I feel very self conscious when wearing bathers and shorts in summer. I would love if Elixia could even minimize them slightly.

  100. I would love to try Elixia BodyShaper Contuor Creme, I exercise regularly but I can’t seem to get rid of the cellulite from my legs and bum. I’m so self conscious about it that I rarely wear short shorts and skirts and I wear board shorts over my swimmers

  101. Cellulite on my upper thigh has stopped me from wearing shorts and with summer coming up it makes getting dressed in the morning more annoying each day as it gets hotter.

  102. i always cover up. my thights look like a hail damaged car. Ha ha ha. i have lost 50 kgs and i’m always looking for ways to improve things

  103. Trying to feel confident in the way you look is really hard when you put on bathers and go to walk in the water and all you can see is the cellulite on your legs

  104. I call my cellulite my Hail Damage! I have it on my legs & tummy & as a result am self conscious about my legs & only wear clothes that go below the knee. My tummy has never been slim enough to have an exposed midriff anyway! I would love to try out the Elixia BodyShaper Contour Creme to see if it actually does make a difference to my hail damage…..

  105. Regardless of the gallons of water I drink and the hours of exercise I endure, I’m haunted by my “wobbly bits” – please help!

  106. Cellulite is a demon that will never see me in shorts or a pair of bathers again. A look in the mirror is like seeing a horror movie. It makes me very unhappy.

  107. I could do with all the help I can get as gravity and age are not on my side. Turning 50 is a real bummer I can tell you. I have completely given up shorts and above the knee dresses and exercise does nothing to help.

  108. I’m only 23 and yet the dreaded dimples on my legs are there. I’d love to try something before they get any worse.

  109. I’m 30 now but it’s been a long time since i felt comfortable in a nice short skirt or dress,especially when it’s summer,my legs just don’t look as good as they used to,i miss having nice legs

  110. My son says that he can see the crater of the moon on my legs and thighs… it’s my cellulites. I need this product as I don’t want to be always included in his science project regarding the solar system. 😛

  111. Well what can I say, other than “ditto” to pretty much all of the above. It seems we all have the same stories and the same issues. None of us deserves your trial offer any more than another. We could all use a helping hand. I’d love to be one of the lucky 50 for a chance to gain back my body confidence, as would all your other dedicated followers! My fingers and my bumpy orange-peel thighs are crossed for us all!

  112. Despite being the ideal weight I have dimpled legs – I’d love to be able to wear shorts this summer and not be embarrassed.

  113. I hate Cellulite with a passion!!! It has been an ugly part that I try to cover up or try products to get rid of. I know alot of women get it and I am not as young as I used to be, so therefore do not show off my legs. I think it makes me feel a little less attractive and am at a loss of how to get rid of it. Thank you for showing us another product that may assist to ease this problem!

  114. Cellulite has invaded (for want of a better word) my thighs and nether regions. This insidious take-over occurred without my knowledge (not being a big fan of staring over my shoulder into a mirror). This hostile takeover has spelled the end of my “hot” days and catapulted me into the middle-aged body glooms. Now, seriously. I’d just like to try the product to see if the claims are valid. Cheers 🙂

  115. Cellulite has stopped me from feeling confident in my own skin. I hate the orange peel appearance, and it seems no matter how hard I work out, I can’t get rid of it. I hate it and it’s such a downer to see it, even when it shows up on photographs 🙁

  116. i need some of your wonderfull magic cream on me i feel like an old hobo looking for food and iim only 16 i feel so ashamend of my looks i need this ty

  117. While I’ll admit my cellulite is as bad as many other ladies it is one problem that I have which when combined with regular brusies & scrapes on my legs form mountain biking, is one less problem I’d like to have. With the Elixia Body Shaper Contour Creme I might just show my legs off in public a little more?

  118. The Elixia BodyShaper Contour Crème is just what I need. Cellulite brings down my self-esteem, I am constantly placing my jacket over my dimply legs and tanning to reduce the appearance of this disgustingly unwanted thing called cellulite.

  119. My self confidence takes a hit whenever I see my cellulite. Sure, most women have it too, but no-one likes seeing it on themselves. It’s a reality check. I never know what do do about it, and try to avoid the fads that are around. Hopefully this new product will be a saviour for cellulite prone women everywhere. Bring it on!

  120. I’m 23 years old, and have been carry around legs that resemble cottage cheese since I hit puberty. I’m getting married in 18 months, and have been dieting and exerising to the point of exhaustion, but nothing works! Elixia BodyShaper Contour Creme sounds like it’s exactly what I need to wear sexy lingerie on my wedding night for my new husband!!

  121. I’d love to give this a shot – regardless of my small size, cellulite is covering my thighs. It’s embarrassing to head out in a bikini, let alone a pair of short shorts!

  122. Cellulite around my bum makes life easier. No shorts, no tight jeans – just Hawaiian muu-muus in summer and baggy sweatpants in winter. Not attractive? You betcha. Cellulite makes a social-cum-love life very easy: nothing. (Although the flies and mozzies still love me.)

    Dare I get rid of the dreaded wrinkled curse? Just when I got a new muu-muu? Well, OK, Elixia and Anna, you’ve twisted my arm and my cellulite-cursed butt. Love to try it. Love to experience life in a new way.

  123. You can diet and exercise as much as you like ,you will still have CELLULITE!!!!Its ugly and serves no purpose,only a loss of confidence and embarrassment and hiding away your body especially in shorts and swimwear,all the funs gone ,BOO HOO!!!

  124. Cellulite effects me because it makes me feel ugly! I love the Elixia brand so I’m sure the new BodyShaper Contour Crème would work really well.

  125. It’s made me shy, and that’s not me! I’m slim, yet somehow have acquired revolting ‘hail damage’, that makes me hide & duck for cover whenever I’m naked or semi-naked so my hubby doesn’t see. Love to try this product so I can once again roam freely around the house naked, I love being naked!! I hate cellulite!!

  126. Cellulite has turned this short skirt loving woman into a full length pants girl, and it’s hard in hot weather when I want to be in non restrictive, cool clothing. I want to try this product to have my cellulite banished forever.

  127. I have tried a number of different cellulite products , with little or no results. My legs are so white and don’t see the sun, because of cellulite on my thighs. The Elixia cream could be my answer.

  128. I have never had an issue with Cellulite as i know i have it but it doesn’t define me. If you take care of yourself, eat well, exercise and just feel good, that is what really counts.

  129. four children over many years and weight loss and gain up and down like a yoyo has made my legs feel more like cheddar than actual cheese. I would love to be able to find that miracle product thats right for me.

  130. I’ve never been overweight, in fact, I have always lived an active lifestyle. However, cellulite has always been a problem and so it has really been a problem for me to go to the beach and is a real problem when our cheer team wears skimpy outfits. I love team sports and I never want my issues with cellulite to hinder the team spirit

  131. Being only just 21 years of age, I have never been confident enough to slip into a bikini at the beach! It would be exhilerating to wear a bikini instead of covering up my thighs with shorts. Cellulite is my primary reason for fearing the summer bikini. The thought of the possibilities of combating the appearance of cellulite by up to 40% with Elixia Body Shaper excites me, perhaps even enough to get into gear for summer! It gives me hope when I see the sucess stories and I would be honoured to be apart of this great sucess!

  132. I am overweight I have to be 65 kg but I am 90 kg. I really like to try this product and if is working I will buy all the time.

  133. Being a single parant to 3 children for many years has proved to be a tough battle throughout my life to defeat. The battle of cellulite on the other hand, is a battle I havn’t yet defeated. Please save me from my HAIL DAMAGED thighs!!!! It would mean the world to me!

  134. I’d really like to take my boys to swimming lessons.They are aged 5, 3 and 1 and have no experience whatsoever so would need me to go in the pool with them. I have slim but have cellulite on my thighs which I find terribly embarrassing and am therefore too ashamed to be seen in public with a swimsuit. I know this may seem selfish as my boys would love to learn how to swim, but I just can’t help it! Help me get my confidence back Elixia!!

  135. I, too, suffer from cellulite on my thighs, but that has never worried me as I tend to wear longer pants or skirts. However, in the last two years I’ve found cellulite has crept (like a ninja!) onto my upper arms which really restricts the types of tops I can wear in summer months! I am not a vain person, but would love to try the Elixia Body Shaper, purely so I can wear short sleeved shirts or single-tops with confidence and keep my cool (literally!)

  136. My dimples match that on my 5 month’s old dimply chubby thighs..except on only one of us it is “cute”!

  137. I am a grandmother and have had cellulite now for many years . I have never enjoyed the bumps and dimply skin but have coped by telling myself ” its unavoidable so just dont fret about it -get on with life and avoid clothes which show my flaws in public”. How exciting to hear that there is a potential for dealing with the problem rather than just coping and putting up with it. Perhaps I am now beyond help but it seems like a great product for young women who are seriously affected by the cellulite problem as it can have tremendous impact on self esteem -such lovely clothing for women in modern times its a shame if they feel they have to avoid them. I would be happy to give the product a try -hey if it works on granny skin it will surely work wonders on young vital skin .

  138. Have lost weight recently and are looking good but still cant bring myself to wear anything above my knees due to the cellulite. I would love to wear something sexy!

  139. I like to stand with my bottom facing the mirror. I then clench my bottom and thighs and watch the cellulite come to life. While this is a fun and interesting project I would really prefer it wasn’t there.

  140. You know I would love this cream for my daughter, she is only 12 and very fit as she plays netball for our regional rep team and trains very hard but I noticed she has cellulite on her thighs, I havent said anything to her but if this cream could help it would be a godsend to prevent any insecurities about her body.

  141. cellulite has stopped me enjoying life and being myself, especially with the warmer weather and summer clothes, please let me put my hair down and face up and enjoy the beautiful world we have.

  142. Oh, the thought of cellulite is just so depressing! I have it on my thighs, tummy and hips. I would love to clear my mind of this obsession. I need a miracle!

  143. Over sixty now so I have accumulated some cellulite. Like weight it is harder to get rid of as you get older so this sounds magic.

  144. I’m in the best shape of my life, but I still can’t wear a mini skirt or shorts because of my pesky cellulite. I’ve worked really hard to get fit and healthy, so I’d like to be able to show off the results without feeling self conscious about my dimply thighs.

  145. I have always worn knee length pants, skirts, dresses due to celulite. It would be great to be able to go to the beach and wear togs instead of boardies…

  146. I can no longer buy or eat Cottage Cheese as it reduces me to tears when I open the tub and see that it resembles my thighs and buttocks. This has been an on going problem for me since the birth of our two children and I find it really distressing as I really like cottage cheese!

  147. I am about to start water aerobics to help with joint and weight problems. Being unfit and out of shape AND having cellulite is totally unfair! The aerobics should help with the joint stiffness and the weight but I’ll still be stuck with the cellulite so I’d love to trial Elixia BodyShaper Contour Creme. Who knows, if I’m one of the lucky ones and get to trial this product I may even wear a swimsuit swimming instead of boardies!

  148. Cellulite has stopped me from being comfortable in shorts and bathers. At times I just cant face going to the beach with my family because I feel so bad about my body. I dont want to feel like that and I would love to try this product.

  149. Hi, I’m 60 years old, been a cancer survivor for 4 years plus had a reconstruction done on my left shoulder 18 months ago. Hubby & I went on holidays recently & once I put on my bathers – shock, horror to see all this aged/cellulite skin. So I would love to try out your wonderful Elixia Body Shaper Contour Cream to see if it really does work on an “aged” skin.
    Many Thanks,

  150. It’s stopped me from wearing bikinis in summer at the beach, I always wear long board shorts, so I’d love to try this.

  151. Dimples and bulges signs of cellulite
    I’d love to have thighs ever so tight
    No shorts or short skirts or so it would seem
    without using Exila bodyshaper contour creme
    I’d so like to try it so that I could see
    if it makes a more shapely and less puckered me

  152. cellulite has made me want to hide my legs, they are too bumpy and need to be fixed with this new “Elixia BodyShaper Contour Crème”

  153. I have been contemplating buying a product like this one for awhile now.I do lunges,leg curls, and ride my bike everywhere.I also watch my diet but there is still this spot on the back of my legs that i just cant seem to budge.Is it possible that this creme could deliver the goods?If so I will be bragging about the product for years too come.

  154. I would love to try this new and amazing product. I have tried numerous creams, massages and exercises to get rid of cellulite or at least decrease the appearance. I first noticed cellulite at the age of 17. My upper arms and thighs seem to be the main areas effected.

    I will never, ever wear anything that shows my upper arms I am constantly in cardigans through out the yr and in summer i just roll up the sleeves. If I go to the beach I will wear a kaftan with the compulsory fake tan to at least try and disguise the dimples.

    If Elixia really does work, this is just an amazing break through and I can see how much it will change my life and the lives of so many others!

  155. Being Asian, I thought I would get away from being affected by cellulite. I thought I would be immune! I even remember showing to my friends that even though I had larger thighs, I had no cellulite. How wrong was I? Along came my mid-twenties and increasing hours sitting on a chair due to an office job, so hello dimply thighs! Can Elixia come to my rescue?

  156. Cellulite constantly deprives me of enjoying summer, i’m so self concious that i have not work shorts or a bikini outside the house for 6 years and i would really love to get rid of it and just feel free without having body hang ups!

  157. Summer is torture for me as I simply cannot wear shorts, swimsuits etc. The Australian population does not deserve the sight of my thighs inflicted on them. Lose weight/gain weight, it doesnt seem to matter. The cellulite stays put. It affects my personal life too making me feel selfconscious and unattractive.

  158. My 15 year old daughter is not overweight but has very obvious and unattractive cellulite on her legs, stomach & arms. It’s affected her confidence and she often refuses to join in any activity where she may have to show her body. She cries at night and I’ve tried every product available.

  159. I dont have the excuse of having had children, or should I say the honour, I have just had cellulite since I was about 16. At that time I wasnt even overweight, and I did heaps of exercise, which didnt seem to help. I would love to give this a go and see if it can budge any of that orange peel effect.
    I love all of the little short shorts for summer this year, but I wouldnt dare think about wearing them…….

  160. Cellulite sucks! I hate how it wrecks your body confidence on the beach and how you have to avoid wearing short shorts for fear of orange peel exposure!

  161. How confidence shattering is it when you lift up your arm and there it is again, cellulite, out comes the jacket, cardi, anything to cover it up. The legs don’t see the light of day. Elixia BodyShaper sounds like a life saver to me, can’t wait to use it.

  162. I would really love to try this product, as I have had weight issues all my life and to be given an opportunity to try it on my cellulite would be a boost to my confidence, just in time for summer! I am so sick of wearing jeans or trousers that hide the embarrassing parts, would love to be able to wear a skirt or dress when it gets warmer. Thank you.

  163. The muscles in my left thigh don’t work due to a sciatic nerve injury, so unfortunately although I am very fit I have fat deposits there which are pure cellulite. It makes me to embarrassed to wear skirts or shorts.

  164. It’s the bingo wiings I dislike, I wish I could wear pretty sleeveless tops and dresses during the hot summers but with ugly upper arms all puckered up like raw chicken one glance in the mirror and it’s back in Tshirts. So off putting. Would love to give this miracle cream a go!

  165. I’ve always had some cellulite since I had my son a year ago it seems to have become 100 times worse and NOTHING has helped get rid of it. I feel very self concious and dont even like to look at my body in the mirror anymore!

  166. ‘There are girls with cellulite and then there’s me – I have what can only be described as Hellulite! It’s a lumpy, bumpy terror and I even have it on my arms! I’ve used Elixia facial products and found them wonderful – if anything can shift this problem – Elixia can!

  167. I would love to be able to wear white linen pants again without looking like I was carrying a sack of marble in my pockets!
    Horrible stuff cellulite and I would love to vanish it forever 🙂

  168. I have not been able to wear anything above the knee for a few years now as I have terrible cellulite on my legs. I was put on high doses of steroids and I almost doubled my weight. Since I have lost 15kg of this I have been left with orange peel legs which I find very embarrassing. I would love to be able to wear not minis but at least above the knee dresses and shorts again.

  169. I have cellulite above my knees its so embarrassing, I wanted to wear a short dress for formal and I couldn’t and now that its summer I cant wear any above the knee pants or skirts :/

  170. CELLULITE!!!Its horrible and ugly and it serves no purpose but a lack of confidence in going to the beach,or wearing shorts and lights out at night during sex!!!!!

  171. I can generally clear the beach with my weather alert – “Hail damage from all angles – for your own safety, please close your eyes!”

    Please help me stop these impromptu weather warnings…….

  172. Wow, where do I start! I first noticed cellulite on my legs when I was 14 about the same time I found my first stretch marks lol. I was never over weight and always active so I couldn’t understand it. I have not been able to wear shorts above the knee since I was 21 and have even got cellutlite on my arms, stomach and calf muscles (weird i know). I have started a great exercise routine with pilates, but would love to be able to wear a dress shorter than a maxi, be able to wear bathers in public and feel confident and get changed in public change rooms without cringing every time I look in those mirrors….we all know which ones lol

  173. i’ve had cellulite like it seems forever, i’ve had a yoyo weight gan and loss throughout the year and my skin seems to just love the cellulite no matter what

  174. Yuck, yuck, yuck, how ugly is Cellulite, and what is it’s use and purpose on Our Bodies, please send this Cream, I need help and lots of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. ive never been able to just wear swimmers to the pool or beach. I’ve been so put out by cellulite i’ve only ever swam fully clothed

  176. Illness and surgery has put a stop to vigorous exercising, and along with medication it sadly means an increase in weight and consequently that the orange peel look has entrenched, in spite of my way too young age….I would love to be able to bare my legs and arms again in summer.

  177. cellulite has affected me tremendously i have tried laser therapy and found that to be a complete waste of money and 90% of the creams on the market today do not work after having my first child my legs and bottom are just full of cellulite im am now at that stage that i am starting to get depressed im afraid to look at myself in the mirror and i refuse to let my partner see me naked which upsetting both of us i cover up as much as i can as i am self conscious about people seeing it, to receive this trial would just be amazing and mean so much to me.

  178. Since my son was born 7 years ago I have been living with cellulite virtually all over my body. I am keen to get back into shape, but I’m embarrassed by my cellulite.

  179. I no longer wear short shorts and skirts,
    As cellulite has taken over my thighs..
    So when I see the fashion trends,
    All I can do is cry.
    Hopefully this trial will bring success,
    And I won’t feel so crappy..
    When I look at my new lump free thighs,
    I’ll smile and once again be happy.

  180. I cover up now even when it is 40 degrees, I wear long pants or dresses to hide my cellulite, and I never ever go swimming any more, its a curse.

  181. In my body, I’ve always taken great pride;
    So when cellulite appeared, I was horrified…
    Pursuing miracle cures at enormous expense
    But still cellulite remains…its impact immense!

  182. I am entering this for my girlfriend – she is the most beautiful woman in the world (apologies to the other ladies) and I would love for her to put on her bathers and walk to the water without a towel covering her bottom. I have witnessed her cry whilst looking in the mirror and not buy certain clothing items for fear of ‘orange peels’. I’ll admit to the fact that I’m a man and I don’t know anything nor do I see what she sees and hates – but I will research anything I can to make her happy.

  183. I try to keep fit, with all my might,
    But nothing will prevent nasty cellulite.
    I want to wear a bikini at the pool
    But with my cellulite burden; it’s just not cool.

  184. I also live in a hot climate, don’t wear shorts and have to wear a sarong over bathers right to the edge of the pool. Hate it!

  185. I do not wear shorts or anything much above my knees anymore. I had the same problem since high school, with a short bout of higher self-confidence in between where I did wear shorts. I feel like it only looks worse and worse the more I see it. I don’t like going to the beach or lounging by the pool. To get swimming workouts in I go to the pool super early before anyone is even there! I’ve tried so many products over the years so I’m hoping this one will finally be the one to make a difference and give me some self-confidence!

  186. Cellulite, a girls worst best friend. It puts me down with it’s lines, making me self conscious in my bathers, and this season seems to be the season of beach and pool parties so I would like to depart with my friend Cellulite ASAP, and get my confidence back.

  187. Getting older has been a horror story. My legs seemed fine not too long along and now they look like a cellulite factory. It has been a tear jerking experience

  188. I have been single for a while now and am too embarrassed to date or start a relationship because of the cellulite on my legs. Would love to try this, it might just kick start my love life!!

  189. I am so tired of wearing 3/4 pants or jeans in our Qld weather because of the dreaded cellulite on my legs
    I am very self conscious of what I look like
    so would love to give Elixia a try

  190. Pushing forty with dimply legs,
    Wearing bikinis I simply dread.
    As for mini’s don’t make me laugh.
    With Elixia I’d wear clothes above my calf!

  191. I am covered in cellulite. I wear long clothing everyday (in Qld) to hide my cellulite. I would love to try, so it’ll give me the confidence to go out and socialise

  192. Cellulite has annoyed me for decades and is basically a blot on the canvas of my body, a part of my body I don’t want my husband Phillip to see.

  193. Cellulite has annoyed me for decades and is basically a blot on the canvas of my body, a part of my body I don’t want my husband Phillip to see. I want to try this as my husband wants to see all of me.

  194. I am really keen to try Elixia. I am desperate and dateless and have been overweight for the last 10 years but am working daily to change that. I cannot wear shorts or anything above the near because of my cellulite. I love swimming so I sneak out for a swim before anyone gets up or I swim in the evening when everyone is eating. I’d love to be normal again and have some of that old confidence back. I do hope Elixia can help.

  195. I have been trying to deal with this problem for the last couple of years. I first noticed cellulite on my legs when I was 22!! I feel to young to have this problem!

  196. Love my beautiful husband but this christmas he got me some very cute but rather short shorts!! I could use a helping hand (covered in Elixia BodyShaper Contour Crème!)

  197. I would love to try Elixia as I absolutely hate looking at my legs due to my horrible cellulite. I hope that this is the magic that I need to help me feel better about my legs.

  198. I am constantly exercising, watching what I eat, drinking gallons of water and so on and so on…. and still no results. Everytime I look in the mirror the cottage cheese looks right back at me and laughs. I have tried everything and I would love to get rid of the dimples FOREVER and feel happier and confident in myself

  199. Cellulite has given me
    Extreme fear of bikinis
    Ugly dimples
    Little confidence

  200. I get depressed when i look at glossy fashion magazines and see the smooth thighs of the models that appear therein and wonder whether i will ever get to put on what i really like without a feeling of embarrassment? Would like to give it a go.

  201. Wearing bathers is a no no
    Lumpy pucker skin will show
    Hiding my skin because of cellulite
    Elixia, please help me get back my life.

  202. Wearing anything that shows the skin is a no go with my celluite anything powerful enough to counter it and allow me to show off my legs elixia help me get my old legs back

  203. Five kids sure take their cellulite toll, after winning this prize, will I look like a doll? (maybe not but I’d still like to try it)

  204. I thought I was doing well with cellulite, until half way through my pregnancy with twins, when I just blossomed. I’d love to try to reduce my marks and feel confident again.

  205. I’m so excited to be notified that I have won one of these great cremes. I am really looking forward to trying this out and giving some feedback about the product. This is a nice end to what has been up to now a awful year. It has brightened my mood and I am looking forward to 2012 with more confidence and commitment in achieving all the things I want.
    A big Thank You for this & Happy New Year to All.

  206. Yay!! I received my product and am so keen to give this the road test. I can’t wait to see how this can change the dimples on my upper arms and legs! Hopefully in time by my European summer holiday my dimply skin will be a thing of the past!

    I will keep in touch and give some feedback once I finish the product. One thing I can add real quick is that it smells absolutely AMAZING!

    Thank you for this opportunity and a Happy New Year to all!

  207. A big thankyou for this life saving cream, I am thrilled with my results. After four weeks the dimples are almost gone and have definately been softened and smoothed. It is so rewarding when a cream actually does what it says.

  208. Well I was lucky enough to win this great product but couldn’t find where to write the review. I found this cream really did tighten the skin on my very bumpy legs if I used it religiously. I did find that after running out my skin was not as tight or as smooth as it had been. I did notice the difference & even hubby was convinced that it did improve my skin texture. I think because of my age that It will take a little bit longer to get really permanent results. I would recommend this cream especially to younger ladies Or those with better leg circulation. I do intend on the past improvements, to purchase this product in the near future & I will get two tubes as I want to keep going & improve from what I have already achieved.

  209. I just want to make sure that this is where I was to leave the above review as well as on the Elixia web site. If I have posted this in the wrong place can you please let me know as I can only see one other review. If I put this in the wrong place please let me know & I can copy & paste to the correct spot. Cheers Debra.

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