What’s That Ingredient? With Fiona Tuck (Skinstitut)

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Skinstitut_Repair Balm_$45

Ever wondered what some of those fancy sounding ingredients in your skincare actually do? We asked Fiona Tuck, Skin and Nutritional Medicine Expert, MD from Skinstitut to explain a few of them for us: What is Retinol? An active form of the vitamin A molecule. Retinol is a powerful skincare ingredient capable of normalizing cell […]

Ask an Expert: How to Get the Perfect Tan at Home (St. Tropez)

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Jules Heptonstall

Tanning at home can be confusing, and maybe even a little daunting as the last thing you want is a blotchy or orange body for your big night out. St. Tropez are well known for their high quality at home tanning products, so we decided to go straight to the experts to answer all those […]

The Facts about Breastfeeding after Breast Augmentation

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BREASTFEEDING AFTER BREAST AUGMENTATION: THE FACTS  According to a recent study, one in five women who have breast implants don’t breast-feed their babies, with researchers speculating that those who don’t may be worried about compromising their implants or transmitting implant materials into their breast milk. But are their fears founded?  According to Dr Huy Tang […]

Interview with Fiona Tuck – Skinstitut

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Fiona Tuck is from Skinstitut, and is as a Holistic Skin expert and qualified in Nutritional Medicine. She is actively involved in product development and with so much buzz around this brand right now we thought it would be the perfect time to have a chat with her. We hope you enjoy the following interview […]

What is LED Light Therapy?

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LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy is a natural treatment that can help with acne. Brazilian Beauty were kind enough to answer all our questions about LED Light Therapy, so you can decide whether it could be right for you: How does LED Light Therapy work? LED Light Therapy is a modern day miracle for problematic skin types. […]

What is CoolSculpting?

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Dr Shobhan Manoharan from www.costhetics.com.au is a Laser and aesthetic dermatologist and the Director of Brisbane Skin and Westside Dermatology in Brisbane. Recently he took some time to discuss a new fat reduction treatment with us – CoolSculpting. What is CoolSculpting? CoolSculpting is a device for non-invasive fat reduction that works by the principle of […]

Botox or Dysport?

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beautiful woman having botox injection in her lips

While Botox is a name we are all familiar with, but when choosing a wrinkle treatment Dysport is its biggest competitor. One difference is that Botox is from the US and Dysport has been studied in Europe. Dr Benjamin Norris MBChB, MMed(CLinEpi), FRACS, is the Medical Director of Form and Face – Plastic Surgery and […]

Ask an Expert: 5 Ways to Help Maintain a Healthy Smile (Dr Ho)

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Dr Christopher Ho is an Oral-B expert and Sydney-based dentist. Here are his basic tips on how to maintain a healthy smile: Invest in a power toothbrush Power toothbrushes such as the Oral-B Triumph 5000 (pictured) and Oral-B BLACK use oscillating-rotating technology that is proven to remove up to twice as much plaque as a […]

Molton Brown Festive Shower Gel Baubles

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I have to tell you that I am in love with the Festive Baubles from Molton Brown – small shower gels which come packaged and ready to hang on your Christmas tree. There are 8 fragrances to choose from, each in a different colour. These include Pink Pepperpod, Ylang Ylang, Orange and Bergamot, Gingerlily, Black […]

Ask an Expert: Types of Facial Procedures

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With such a variety of facial procedures to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Dr Catherine Porter is a spokesperson for the CPSA and gave us a rundown of some of the popular treatments available: Microdermabrasion Microdermabrasion continues to be hugely popular in Australia. According to the […]