Olay Men Solutions

Olay have designed a range of skin care products specifically for men so that woman all over the country can stop having to fight their men for the last of the moisturiser.

The new Olay Men Solutions contains two specific ranges – Refreshing and Multi Solution and there are products for all skin types, dry to normal and normal to oily skin so there is sure to be something for every man.

Men’s skin has specific features that cause problems unique to men, Olay understands this and has designed a range of skin care solutions tailored to cater to and diminish these issues. The three major areas for concern are oily skin, rough skin and dull skin. The Olay Men Solutions products help control oil secretion, keep the skin hydrated for up to six hours and in four short days will significantly improve skins elasticity.

Well researched unique formulations make up this range with a lot of fantastic ingredients that most men really won’t be too worried about, as long as it works. There are multiple mineral and botanical essences including Ginseng, Green tea, Witch Hazel and Cucumber as well at Vitamins B3, C, E and Pro B5 and Niacinamide.

The range consists of 6 products:

Refreshing Gel Foaming Cleanser – For normal to oily skin – RRP $12.99 per 100g tube

Smooth Cream Foaming Cleanser – For dry to normal skin – RRP $12.99 per 100g tube

These two Foaming Cleansers are smooth liquids that will foam up to remove the build up of dirt and oil on the skin to deeply clean and hydrate the face. We have the Smooth Cream one here at the moment and it has quite a subtle scent but is quite clean and masculine smelling.

Balancing Gel Moisturiser – For normal to oily skin – RRP $19.99 per 50g bottle

Revitalising Cream – For dry to normal skin – RRP $19.99 per 50g bottle

Two light and non-greasy moisturisers for the face and neck that will hydrate and energise the skin. These moisturisers will absorb quickly to leave skin feeling refreshed and revitalised without being too dry or too oily. The Revitalising Cream has a refreshing scent and glides on smoothly for immediate silky soft results.

Refreshing Energy Post Shave Toner – For all skin types – RRP $19.99 per 150ml bottle

This gentle toner will cool and refresh the skin after shaving, or anytime the skin is feeling a little dry. It will moisturise skin to promote radiance, which really doesn’t sound very masculine so perhaps I should go find my thesaurus and a much better word, reduce dryness and leave the skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

Eye Gel – For all skin types – RRP $19.99 per 15ml tube

This magic little gel is designed for the eye area to reduce the appearance of dark circles. It has a light texture and fresh fragrance with rapid absorption to make it quick and easy to use.

Olay Men_MultiSolutions EyeGel

So if you want to get your man out of your moisturiser and into his very own range of skin care products you can find Olay Men Solutions at selected major retailers and pharmacies.

To find your closest stockist please phone: 1800 028 280

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