Australis Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Make Up

With a camera inbuilt into almost every phone, and instant uploading to the internet and social networking websites, it is enough to leave those with a “not so perfect” complexion hiding in the corner.

Australis has a new range called Paparazzi Perfect – high definition makeup which will make even the most delicate wall flower camera ready. On a budget? No problems, you won’t have to make any major financial sacrifices with this little selection.


There are four product types in the collection, the first being a High Definition Foundation. Coverage is classed as medium, and it does well to hide any redness and create a smoother look.

The result is radiant skin with Vitamin E and Calendula Oil added to keep your face looking fresh and moisturised. This foundation has an RRP of $19.95 for a 28ml tube. Available in five shades.

Second is the Tinted Moisturiser, it reflects the light and gives a sheer finish which is perfect for daytime. In two shades for either Light/Medium or Medium/Dark, your skin will feel soft and dewy while still camera ready.

Also containing SPF 15, a 30ml tube has an RRP of $15.95

The Blush is a fun one, it looks like colours have been splattered in the compact, and the overall effect on your cheeks is a burst of life (rather than the ghost look that pale beauties often suffer from in photographs).


Jojoba and Grape Seed Oil keep it soft and there are four flash proof shades to choose from. Included is a mirror, and the Blush compact has an RRP of $12.95.

Last, but certainly not least – is my favourite product in the range…the Eye Shadow. Accurately described as “super silky pearlescent shadows”, I almost didn’t want to use them because I love how the colours look all neatly fitted into the compact.


In addition to a mirror, there are a choice of shades in each container and none of them boring. For just $15.95 you can create a variety of different eye looks, and remember them all when your friends get snap happy.

The Australis Paparazzi Perfect collection is all about fun, and the products are Made in Australia.

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