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The Beauty Shake is a revolutionary new brand that helps improve your skin, and metabolism from the inside out.

The Beauty Shake is a weight loss and skin health shake featuring marine collagen as the key ingredient. Why? Because collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. Collagen is what keeps our skin elastic and is responsible for replacing dead skin cells. As we age, our bodies naturally produce less collagen. Elasticity and firmness of the skin declines. Signs of skin aging such as wrinkles form, hydration decreases, and joint cartilages weaken.

It was created by Dr. Jaroslav Blazek right here in Australia. He is an expert in food science and nutrition with more than 15 years of experience working in the local food manufacturing industry. 

Learn more about the product at:

The Beauty Shake Rich Chocolate 750g (20 serves) $69.95

10 of our Beauty and Lace Club Members will be road testing The Beauty Shake products. You can read their reviews in the comments section below, or add your own!

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13 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: The Beauty Shake

  1. I just read about it all and it sounds pretty good but unfortunately due to medication I can’t try it out. My loss. The packaging is really eye catching too. I look forward to reading the reviews that the triallers feature for this one.

  2. This sounds a great product but because I take a lot of supplements I would have to make sure it wouldn’t interact with them. I love chocolate though, and as well as being beneficial it sounds delicious.

  3. The Beauty Shake is a high protein shake with the added benefits of marine collagen and prebiotics; it is prepared by adding two heaped scoops with your choice low fat milk. Firstly what I enjoyed most about this protein shake was the flavour, the rich chocolate taste was highly enjoyable, and it felt as if I was having a dessert or indulging in a sweet treat. It was also very filling, although not designed as meal replacement The Beauty Shake is easy to consume while traveling. The only negative was 2 scoops of power was hard to mix in a regular protein shaker, I would recommend using a blender or nutri – bullet to get a smoother consistency. Although I have only trailed The Beauty Shake for a short period of time I did notice an improvement in my overall gut health.

    A big thank you to Beauty and Lace and The Beauty Shake

  4. I’ve recently had weightloss surgery and reaching my dietitians protein target is a little hard, I used The Beauty Shake to help boost my daily protein intake. At first it took a little time to adjust to the taste and it’s very chocolatey, but after a few days I look forward to my shake for my afternoon snack. You are only taking 120 calories and are getting:

    20g complete protein,
    10g dietary fibre & prebiotics,
    3,500mg marine collagen.

  5. I do enjoy a smoothie/shake particularly for breakfast so was keen to try these. I particularly liked the idea that I could help my body inside and out at the same time.
    Compared to many shakes on the market the Beauty Shakes are low calorie, low sugar and high protein.
    As the shake is so low calorie I did wonder if I would feel full and I’m pleased to report I did. Having had the shake for breakfast I didn’t feel the need for morning tea and felt full through to lunchtime. The taste is a little artificial but that’s to be expected. I mixed mine with low fat milk and crushed ice in the Nutribullet so it was thick and very enjoyable.
    I haven’t noticed any change in my weight but as it’s the festive season that’s not surprising. I did feel though that my skin was a little brighter than usual.
    I understand that new flavours of the Beauty Shake will soon be released. I’ve signed up to the Beauty Shake website to stay informed.
    Thanks to Beauty and Lace and the Beauty Shakes for the opportunity to try these shakes.

  6. I really enjoyed trying the Beauty Shake. It features marine collagen which assists with achieving more radiant skin and healthier hair, nails, joints and digestion.

    It is a chocolate flavoured shake and super sweet. The recommended serving size is 2 scoops with a milk of choice, however I prefer 1.5 scoops because it is so sweet.

    I drink this shake in the afternoon when I start to crave something sweet.

    It is a great shake and I look forward to buying it when I finish this bag.

  7. I was so excited to get to trial The Beauty Shake. I have to admit though I was a tad worried that marine collagen would give it a fishy or a seeweedy taste. My fears were totally unfounded: this tastes divine; a rich, sweet chocolatey flavour. It is so good
    I mixed mine up with ice cubes and milk in a shaker with one of those mixer balls. It mixed in well so ready in a minute. A lovely treat that really did satisfy any hunger pains and really was a meal replacement. I usually took mine after I got home from gym for my lunch.
    Now I am not sure if it is Beauty Shake but I did actually lose just over a kilo over the Christmas week. I wasn’t denying myself any food, just not going overboard. I do think my stomach is.less bloated
    I did a fun run on New Year’s Eve and the pictures taken post run got some great comments, so maybe my skin is glowing more.
    I’m certainly going to persist with it as loving the taste .Thanks so much to Beauty and Lace and The Beauty Shake for the chance to try and review this chocolate yumminess

  8. I’ve been drinking this shake daily for the past two weeks. I wanted to give it a good chance before I wrote my review, and I’m ready to give my verdict!

    I LOVE this shake. It’s the perfect chocolate flavour; it isnt too sweet but definitely tastes like real chocolate.

    It’s very filling, and is a great meal replacement shake. It keeps me feeling full, and I’ve noticed I’ve been snacking less because of that.

    I haven’t noticed a change in my weight, but it has only been 2 weeks. I have been feeling less bloated though, which is a great sign.

    Being a ‘Beauty’ shake, it contains ingredients which are great for improving skin health. Once again, I think it’s too soon to tell. But, I haven’t had any major breakouts since starting this, even over the Christmas period when I ate pretty badly.

    Overall, this is a great shake and I’ll definitely be continuing it!

  9. I have finished my packet and want to order anither one. It was a great tasting chocolate shake. There was no after taste, was filling and enjotable to drink. I think my skin is a little brighter and i felt a little more energy. With continued use i feel this product would benefit you greatly. I am si grateful i got to trual thus prodyct. Thank you so much. Now off to order more.

  10. Love this shake! Have just purchased 2 more.
    Great taste and keeps me full until lunchtime. My stint he doesn’t feel as bloated and my skin I think is starting to benefit as well. This is now my staple for breakfast.

  11. Thank you Beauty & Lace for the chance to trial The Beauty Shake in Rich Chocolate. I am already using another powder and a liquid that performs the same way as this and contains collagen, pre and probiotics for the gut. So, for the sake of this trial, I stopped my usual products and introduced The Beauty Shake in to my life. I had to cheat a little….I’m vegan, by choice, as I’d rather have no animal products in my foods but ignored the fact that this contained marine collagen, so I could use this with an open mind.
    The Beauty Shake recommends taking 2 scoops with your favourite milk, yoghurt or ice cream. I enjoy having a smoothie every morning, so I added the scoops to my almond milk, banana, coconut yoghurt and ice. It tasted scrumptious and I found it to be quite filling.
    As my trial was contained to a short period of time, I cannot attest to the weight loss attributes, nor the skin beautifying attributes. But to all consumers, looking for a weight loss shake, I’d definitely recommend this to them, it’s super easy to inject into the daily routine, tastes great plus has the added benefits of the marine collagen, that has been shown to promote skin beauty, through hydration and by reducing the depth of wrinkles.

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