Eternal Beauty Products – Lips and Lashes

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Plump & Shine

I have been playing with two new products this past week, products that claim to offer cosmetic enhancement without the surgery or the hassle. These, and all other Eternal Beauty Products, are dermatologically tested formulas that have not been tested on animals. Plump & Shine is a lip enhancing plumper which has been a hit [...]

Bloom and Blossom for Face and Feet

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facial spray

Bloom and Blossom is a British brand that’s philosophy boils down to using the least amount of ingredients without compromising the greatest results – while still keeping it natural and I think that’s a pretty commendable aim. Bloom and Blossom products are designed for new and expectant mums. They are completely safe for pregnant ladies, [...]

Priceline attempts Guinness World Record for Charity

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Priceline and Sally Hansen are putting it all together as they prepare to make history and set a new Guinness World Record while raising funds for the cancer support  charity Look Good…Feel Better. Tuesday September 27th is to be the nail filing day, I was going to say nail breaking but that may not bring [...]

Mint Condition Lip Gloss

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Mint Condition lipgloss

Australis are at it again with their creative marketing and innovative attempts at capturing attention. Well a box full of Minties hiding my set of Mint Condition Lip Glosses certainly did the trick. Mint is magnificent, it smells refreshing and acts as a re-focuser. It is also chock full of healing properties, mint has been [...]

Australian face of Biotherm Homme

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Biotherm Homme has proudly announced Geoff Huegill as the new Australian face of their men’s skincare range. The “Ultimate Biotherm Homme man” is perfectly embodied by Geoff because of his passion for health and fitness, and his love of water and hydration. Geoff Huegill is one of the world’s most powerful water-men so where could [...]

90th Anniversary Celebrations with Weleda

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1921 saw the birth of Weleda, a remarkable company that is currently celebrating 90 years of product excellence, a company that is dedicated to ensuring they meet their responsibilities to the environment, the economy and society. Weleda practiced Fair Trade before it became a buzz word and the extent of unfair trade was widely appreciated [...]

Innoxa Thirsty Skin

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thirsty skin

Innoxa was first formulated in France in 1920 by leading dermatologist Dr Francois Debat so it is a time tested and proven brand that’s in it for the long road. Innoxa is an efficient skincare range that targets specific skin types – including sensitive, dry, oily and mature skin. Innoxa has a new skincare range [...]

Gillette Fusion ProGlide

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Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power

A close, smooth shave is important and not just to the man doing the shaving. The woman in a man’s life loves that ultra smooth feeling of a freshly shaved face. This means that everyone in your house is going to want to know about the brand new product from Gillete! The latest high-tech innovative [...]

Smiink – Semipermanent Liner Pens

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Are you one of those women who love a makeup job that you can do in the morning and then not give it another thought? I know I definitely am. And if it takes longer than a minute then it’s in the no time basket. There is a range that has it all! Semi-permanent liner [...]

Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color

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Warm Sable - tom ford lip color

Tom Ford has had a massive career spanning decades and industries! The Tom Ford Private Blend is the first chapter in the addition of makeup into Tom Ford’s repertoire. The Tom Ford Private Blend is a luscious collection of colours for the lipstick lover. “There is no more dramatic accessory than a perfect lip,” Ford [...]