Mint Condition Lip Gloss

Australis are at it again with their creative marketing and innovative attempts at capturing attention. Well a box full of Minties hiding my set of Mint Condition Lip Glosses certainly did the trick.

Mint is magnificent, it smells refreshing and acts as a re-focuser. It is also chock full of healing properties, mint has been used to alleviate many conditions over the years and now it’s the perfect gloss to lather on my lips for a perfect pout.

The Australis Mint Condition Lip Gloss range contains mint and cinnamon leaf to leave your lips smelling lovely and tasting tantalising. You get that tell tale minty freshness, not to mention tingle, every time you apply and your lips really do become good enough to eat.

Mint Condition lipgloss

This marvellous new mint sensation comes in 7 different shades, all of which share the telltale minty taste and fragrance. The shades were named by the brands Facebook fans with a ‘Down the secret garden path’ theme which resulted in these shades:

Happily Ever Laughter – Light pink
An Evening With – Bright red
Freely Innocent – Clear, gold shimmer
Malice in Wonderpink – Hot pink
Meow With Your Mind – Peach pink
Un-Birthday Suit – Brown latte
Mrs Mellonwellens Melons

These lip loving glosses are rich in vitamins and filled with nature’s goodness to moisturise and condition lips. SPF 30 is a major drawcard of these lip glosses because we all need protection from the harsh Aussie sun, and if it gives me the excuse to re-‘mint’ my lips every hour I’m happy. Also contained in these minty tubes of freshness is guava, Kakadu plum extract, shea butter and beeswax to ensure max moisture.

I am one who usually has all of the best lip gloss intentions, and then after the first application it goes in my bag and I never use it again.

Not this time! I have had my Mint Condition Lip Glosses for around a week and I have worn the Un-Birthday Suit every day, with reapplication!

Australis have created a handbag friendly, easy to apply, easier to fall in love with range of lip gloss tubes that are sure to be a big hit with anyone who likes mint.

RRP $8.95

Head over to for a full range of stockists.

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