Smokey Eyes with Maria Gabriel (MAKE UP STORE)

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Maria Gabriel is the head makeup artist at MAKE UP STORE. In the following tutorial Maria explains how to get the coveted Smokey Eye look using MAKE UP STORE products.


Begin by preparing the skin by using “Skin Serum” to prime the skin. This will ensure the foundation does not move. Then moisturise with oil-free moisturizer “All Time”.


Conceal away any red or dark areas using concealer “Cover All Mix”. Now apply a sheer layer of “Matt Foundation – Vanilla”, and set with “Loose Powder – Milk”.



Softly contour under the cheekbones using “Blush – Nut”, this will create the illusion that you have higher cheekbones. Then apply “Blush – Sand” softly through the apples of the cheeks.


Begin the eyes by applying “Eye Primer – Clear” all over the eyes. This will prevent the make up from creasing or drifting away. It will strengthen the colour and make it last all night.


Start by running Black Eyeliner along the upper inner lashline ensuring you get as close to the lashes as possible (Refer to pic #1).



Using eyeshadow “Brush #107”, press the light base colour, “Microshadow – Muffin” over the entire eyelid, this will open the eyes and also allow the darker colours to blend smoothly. Then apply “Microshadow – Velvet” from the outer corners of the eyes and run it softly through the crease line (socket) using “Brush #112” working towards the nose bridge.


Softly smudge “Microshadow – Pollution” in black along the bottom lashline.

Lash Curl


Run a thin eyeliner directly above the lashline using “Cake Eyeliner Black” mixed with our water proofer “Mixing Liquid”. Apply using “Brush #102” for control (Refer to pic #2)


Curl the lashes to allow your eyes to look more open. When the lashes are curled, it also allows false lashes to sit more naturally on the eyes (Refer to pic #3).

STEP 10.

When using false lashes, bend the lash to soften it (Refer to pic #4).


STEP 11.

For a more dramatic effect, apply “Eyelashes – Miss” on the top lashline and also on the bottom lashline. When applying lashes, always hold it up against the eye to measure it, if it is too long, trim it from the outside. When using lashes and doing a Smokey Eye, use “Adhesive – Black”, as it dries pitch black and looks like black eyeliner.

STEP 12.

Now re-apply black eyeliner in the upper inner waterline and along the bottom inner waterline.

STEP 13.

Re-apply a slightly thicker liner above the lashline for a more seductive Smokey Eye using “Cake Eyeliner – Black” mixed with “Mixing Liquid” for a waterproof effect.

Smokey Eye Nude Lip Look

STEP 14.

After giving the eyelashes about 3 minutes to dry, apply a few layers of mascara in “Max Lashes – Black” for extra volume.

STEP 15.

Remember that eyebrows frame the face, so never neglect them! Fill in any gaps in the eyebrows by applying “Tri Brow” using “Brush #110”.

STEP 16.

Finish the look with applying a nude shade on the lips, use “Lipstick – Bare”.

STEP 17.

The Smokey Eye look is now complete (Refer to pic #5).

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  1. OMG the first picture is scary! Never put-on eye liners in front of your date lol

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