Newspaper Nail Art

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The girls from OPI sent over a fun how to this morning and I actually really love the look so just had to share with you! It’s the latest nail trend from New York and you can now DIY at home – Newspaper Nail Art:

You need some alcohol to work with, so you can add this to your “getting ready to go out” routine and have a few drinkies in the process:

newspaper nail art

Step 1:    Apply a neutral nail lacquer shade such as OPI’s Samoan Sand – allow to dry (or apply OPI’s Drip Dry for quick results)

Step 2:     Dip each fingernail into some alcohol – vodka is recommended for best results

Step 3:    Press a large strip of newspaper onto the top of each soaked nail. Remove slowly

Step 4:    Finish with a high gloss top coat to seal in the masterpiece, we recommend OPI Rapid Dry Top Coat.

Would you wear newspaper on your nails?

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  1. lorelle loves anna crawford says:


  2. Wow this is the first I have heard of wearing newspaper on your nails….hmmmm my thoughts…..EXCITING and ADVENTUROUS.
    Going to have to try this on my nails for sure.
    I wonder if I will have any Vodka left 🙂

  3. I’d need a whole lot of vodka before I applied some political discourse to my nails. The black and white does look effective, though.

  4. Antonella says:

    I wanna try this this out. What a great look.

  5. i hope this is gonna work out write i really really wanna try this but do we have to use vodka? 🙂

  6. you could probably use rubbing alcohol for a lot less $$.


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