Lush Shower Gel in Grass

This might sound crazy, but the popular handmade brand Lush has a shower gel in “Grass”. You may be thinking that there is no way you want to smell like grass, or that something green and dirty has no place in the shower. That would be your mistake.

This isn’t like going outside and rolling around on your lawn to get clean, this is an earthly shower experience…without the actual earth or camp-like experience.

grass shower gel

In it you will find Wheatgrass which is skin friendly, Bergamont which will perk you up and Neroli to cleanse your mind.

“Grass” is a light green colour and has a tiny bit of lather action making you feel clean and fresh. The scent is quite strong so start with just a small dollop and go from there. The grass scent is definitely there, but the essential oils give it the lift.

Packaged in Lush’s dark packaging to keep all the ingredients fresh, this is suitable for both men and women. It also has extra ingredients which make it gentle and soothing on dry or sunburnt skin.

RRP $18.95

Available in Lush stores nationally or online at

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