Veet Suprem’Essence

Silky smooth skin made simple this summer by hair removal experts, Veet. The new Suprem’Essence range is enriched with luxurious essential oils and a velvet rose fragrance.

This new range will leave the skin smooth, moisturised and beautiful. One of the biggest draw cards is that the essential oils and velvet rose fragrance mean that you aren’t overpowered by the strong chemical depilatory cream smell and no more cuts.

Summer is already harsh on the skin so it’s important to ensure you are moisturising the skin while achieving the sexy and soft results that will leave you feeling confident in that skirt or bikini this summer.

The new Suprem’Essence range consists of four products ensuring there is something to suit all hair removal tastes.

Suprem’Essence Hair Removal Cream

This new formula is non greasy and even a thin layer will leave your skin smooth and silky. You will be left moisturised and the essential oils and velvet rose fragrance will leave your skin delicately scented instead of smelling like the harsh chemical creams.

Veet_Suprem'Essence_Hair Removal Cream

It only takes 3 short minutes for this cream to work its magic, possibly up to 6 for thicker or coarser hair.

Apply to the skin with the spatula, leave for 3 minutes, test a patch and then remove with the spatula.

Simple, fast and effective. This is a great hair removal option and so convenient for last minute hair removal.

RRP $7.79 for a 90ml tube.

Suprem’Essence Spray-On Hair Removal Cream

This Spray-On Hair Removal Cream is even easier to use than the cream and never even needs to touch your hands (when doing your legs anyway).  The non greasy formula will leave you softly scented and silky smooth after 3 short minutes; thicker or coarser hair may take up to 6 minutes.


Still suitable for use on bikini line and underarms as long as you spray a small circular amount into your palm and spread over the desired area before washing hands thoroughly.

Easy, convenient and effective. Ensure you aren’t using on broken or irritated skin because that could lead to stinging and chemical burns.

RRP $14.49 for a 150g can.

Suprem’Essence Easy Wax Strips

For those who prefer to wax there is also Suprem’Essence Easy Wax Strips with the same new formula enriched with essential oils and velvet rose fragrance. They will leave your skin moisturised and delicately scented. These wax strips offer Strong Grip Technology giving up to 4 weeks of smoothness.

Veet Suprem'Essence_Easy Wax Strips

A box of Easy Wax Strips contains 9 double sided re-usable wax strips, 4 perfect Finish Wipes and an information leaflet to help you get the most out of your waxing experience. This one pack contains enough waxing strips for both half legs, underarms and bikini line.

RRP $10.99 for 18 wax strips + 4 wipes

Suprem’Essence In-shower Hair Removal Cream

To combine your daily hygiene routine with your hair removal this is the perfect solution.  Apply the cream with the supplied sponge, wait one minute and then jump in the shower. 2 minutes into your regular routine use the other side of the sponge to remove the cream and bask in the silky smoothness of your legs.

Veet_Suprem'Essence_In Shower

The essential oils and velvet rose fragrance mean your shower won’t be overpowered by the harsh chemical smell of most depilatory creams. The moisturizing properties of this cream work so well that you won’t even need to apply moisturizing cream after your shower.

Simple and time efficient this is the perfect solution for the busy modern woman.

RRP $14.49 for a 135ml tube.

Veet have taken their time tested brand of hair removal and made it friendlier on the nose and an the skin. A must for those who take care of their hair removal needs at home without a shaver and the range of products means there’s sure to be something to suit your needs.

To find your nearest stockist please phone: 1800 226 766

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