Grampians Olive Co. Olive Oil Skincare Pack

A new brand to Beauty and Lace’s Christmas Gift Guide this year is Grampians Olive Co. While they do have a range of delicious oils for cooking, there is also a skincare pack which is well worth mentioning. Grampians Olive Co. is a long-running olive grove and their signature organic olive oil is award winning. Their Toscana’ Olive Plantation is family owned and produces sustainable and certified organic olive oils.

If that introduction didn’t convince you to seek out more information, let me tell you a little about the Olive Oil Skincare Pack which is available in time for Christmas.

Packaged in a simple, brown card box the rustic experience begins before you even open the lid. Suitable for dry and sensitive skin, the gift includes:

  • 1x 200ml tube of hand and body butter
  • 2 x bars of organic olive oil soap

The hand and body butter includes organic olive oil and organic shea butter and weighs in at 200mls. It will give your skin a luxurious burst of moisture while being gentle enough for those who suffer from skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

The soaps come in two varieties with one unscented and one lavender. It is hard to choose a favourite but that lavender scent is addictive!

This set has an RRP of $35, and is a rustic gift idea which will give them a little bit of Grampians luxury under the tree this year!
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2 thoughts on “Grampians Olive Co. Olive Oil Skincare Pack

  1. After a lot of online searching to help a persistent case of dermatitis I’ve recently discovered that olive oil nourishes the skin without all the additives that a lot of beauty products have.
    I will definitely be buying this product for myself.

  2. Companies are really working hard on presentation now a days. I love the packaging of these products. They really would look very classy on display in the bathroom.

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