Appelle’s Skincare and Discount Offer

Time for a change in skin care products? Then perhaps spare a thought for Appelles. I was delighted to be the recipient of a glorious hamper of Appelle’s most favoured products, and I must say, it was rather like my birthday (which, coincidentally, is rather soon).

Appelle’s is an authentic Australian skincare company with a range of concoctions infused with botanicals and essential oils. Whether it be hair care, body care or some soothing bathing beauties, Appelle’s has something suited to you.


My bountiful pack included –

  • 1x Bath Cavier
  • 1x Bath Fizz
  • 1x Bath Salts
  • 1x Body Bar
  • 1x Body Buff
  • 1x Comfrey Hand & Body Wash
  • 1x Konjac Sponge
  • 1x Planifolia Conditioner
  • 1x Plenty Pouch
  • 1x Vitamin B5 Skin Lotion
  • 1x Wheat Protein Shampoo

After much consideration, I must confess a love for the bath salts. As a lover of baths, the soothing Himalayan salts and invigorating ginger was just what my weary body was whispering for.

To have a peek of Appelle’s hotel worthy goods and to receive a nifty 10% off, visit and enter the code BB10VM at the checkout.


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