Nivea Sun Ultra Beach Study

In the lead up to summer Nivea Sun commissioned the ‘Ultra Beach Study Report’ to try and find out a little more about Australians and their summer loving habits. The participants are located all over our fine country, including capital cities and non-capital cities. 1041 over 18’s were surveyed and all are beach goers living within 2 hours travel of a beach and go there at least once a summer.

This survey uncovered some interesting facts about Aussies and their summer habits, some of them quite distressing. It certainly painted a beautiful sunkissed picture of why people love an Aussie summer.

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It seems that 87% of Australians feel happier, healthier and more confident in summer, with a massive statistic like that it’s no wonder so many of us wish that summer would never end. Many of the reasons given here lead on to the next set of answers!

Summer marks the time when sunloving Aussies change their beauty habits with the summer wardrobe coming out (52%), deforesting the bikini bodies (25%), hitting the gym to lose the winter kilos (15%) and splashing out on new swimwear (11%)

97% of Australians improve the work/life balance in Summer and lead a healthier more balanced lifestyle. Perhaps this is because there is so much more enjoyment to be gained kicking back in the sun than trying to find outdoorsy things to do in the freezing rain. And a lucky 14% simply spend less time at work; I wish we could all do that.

All of the results in this section are quite high statistics with over 50% of Australians answering  that they spend more time outdoors, drink more water, eat healthier, be more active and leave work early to make the most of summer living.

It has also been shown that  Australians are just a tad fussy when it comes to their beach activities and choice of beach to frequent. Over 53% have a favourite beach that they visit every time but there was a large range of reasons for the choice of a favourite beach. We are also quite decisive and vocal about what we don’t like in a beach.

The sunscreen information that came back is definitely the most concerning. Though 52% of Australians hate getting sunburnt there is still a massive 77% that have bad sunscreen habits. 73% of Australians at the beach alone will apply sunscreen as best they can and miss the hard to reach spots rather than ask a stranger to assist.

10% will go without sunscreen completely when they’re by themselves. There are 5% who remain oblivious to the sun safe education and messages plastered all over our country in our summer months and say that they NEVER wear sunscreen.

Of course there was also the question of what celebrity you would like rubbing cream on your back at the beach. Not surprisingly, the top 5 for men were: Miranda Kerr, Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Katy Perry. Women’s top 5: Hugh Jackman, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. I know I wouldn’t complain about any of them!

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