Get the Look: Cleopatra

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Cleopatra make-up 3

Fifty years ago a movie was released which starred Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. What was popular then has now became a classic – it is, of course, Cleopatra and it has just been released to Blu-Ray. One of the key things we remember about the film (and the woman it was based on) is […]

REVIEW: Youngblood Brow Artiste

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brow artiste

Skinny jeans might be here to stay, but super slim eyebrows are sooo yesterday. Naturally defined brows are in style (that doesn’t mean you should leave them to grow into caterpillars…grooming is still essential) and darkening them can help highlight your eyes. Youngblood have created a little eyebrow master kit, and it has everything you […]

Smokey Eyes with Maria Gabriel (MAKE UP STORE)

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Smokey Eye Nude Lip Look

Maria Gabriel is the head makeup artist at MAKE UP STORE. In the following tutorial Maria explains how to get the coveted Smokey Eye look using MAKE UP STORE products. STEP 1. Begin by preparing the skin by using “Skin Serum” to prime the skin. This will ensure the foundation does not move. Then moisturise […]