Le Tan Sheer Tint Daily Face SPF30+ Sunscreen

Tinted moisturisers are a summer staple, they offer a little bit of colour while giving your skin much needed hydration. Most contain a small amount of sunscreen, but not enough to really keep you protected.

Le Tan have a new product called Sheer Tint Daily Face SPF30+ Sunscreen and it has SPF 30+ and UVA / UVB protection. This product is designed for use on your face and neck.

It has a small amount of light colour added to help even out your skintone, but you can wear it under makeup if you prefer a foundation with more coverage.

Daily Face sheer tint

Sensitive skinned girls can rejoice as this is suitable for all skin types as it is fragrance and paraben free. It is quite lightweight, although maybe a little thicker than your average moisturiser, but doesn’t leave a greasy residue like a body sunscreen would.

Le Tan has been around since 1977 and the brand is Australian made and owned which is a rare thing these days.

The team at Le Tan say it will help disguise existing freckles and prevent new ones from forming, and to get my attention the product sample came complete with a giant chocolate freckle…yum!

The Le Tan Sheer Tint Daily Face SPF30+ Sunscreen has an RRP of $10.99 for a 75ml tube.

For your nearest stockist please phone: 1300 650 981

Do you regularly wear sunscreen on your face?

8 thoughts on “Le Tan Sheer Tint Daily Face SPF30+ Sunscreen

  1. I like the theory of wearing sunscreen on my face every day but in practice it doesn’t happen very often. Which is why I like a moisturiser with SPF

    This Le Tan Tinted moisturiser sounds like the perfect answer to my facial sunscreen needs!!! 🙂

  2. With the luxury of a few moisturisers and tinted moisturisers having sunscreen now, I do try to always wear them everyday but some feel awful on my skin. Avoiding sun cancers now is a big threat to anyone these days. Lately though, I have been wearing a tinted foundation but it only has an SPF15. Le Tan Tinted with SPF+30 top marks to them. Yum to the giant chocolate freckle you got

  3. I wear a moisturiser with sun protection factor included. Im not big on actually laying in the sun but living in the Sunshine State means im very aware of protecting my skin.
    I like the sound of this product as it says its great for sensitive skin yet its non greasy….sounds good to me.

  4. WOW, wow, wow! I must say that I am very impressed by this tinted moisturiser with 30+ sunscreen protection. I love to wear a sunscreen under make up and reading about this tinted one by the well known Le Tan that’s made just for me because I have sensitive skin, means I can enjoy the protection to my skin and reduce the finer lines and possible skin cancer spots that could appear by not wearing one, means I would very much LOVE to try this moisturiser out! I love that you’ve shared it is not heavy and greasy to the skin. A real winner of a sunscreen tint!!!!

  5. Sounds like an excellent product and I’d totally love to try it! I know that sun-damage is one of the leading causes of wrinkles and ageing but I never use a facial sunscreen, which I know is quite silly of me especially considering we live in a sunburnt country! The fact that it’s non-greasy and can be worn under foundation is a hugely appealing and I love the quality of Le-Tan’s other products so their Sheer Tint Facial Sunscreen has definitely being added to my ever-growing wishlist of beauty must-haves! 🙂

  6. Yes I have used Le-Tan for a long time and it has been around since I can remember. The fact that it is SPF+30 and non greasy makes it an automatic winner for me

  7. Yum, I was just eating chocolate freckles, they are so good. This is a a brilliant idea for sunscreen, I need to buy it! I love using tinted moisturisers but find that the coverage isn’t enough, so something that would help disguise freckles sounds perfect.

  8. I have been using this tinted sunscreen/moisturiser for a month or 2 now and absolutely L O V E it!! I’ve noticed my skin has improved and the coverage of the tint is fairly light but natural. Highly recommended for daily use. I have oily skin and the matte finish really brings me skin back to looking healthy and natural.

    love the price & love this product!

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