Palmolive Foaming Handwash

When you use a handwash it’s that foamy lathering action that gives you the feeling of clean hands, and Palmolive have captured this with their new Foaming Handwash varieties.

In a plastic pump bottle, one press and the product comes out as a foam – not as a liquid which is quite unique as far as handwash goes. Once you get past the novelty of it all, the fact remains it seems easier to give your hands a quick wash and they feel squeaky clean afterwards.

The only downside is my hands felt a tiny bit dry after using the Antibacterial type, but it is winter and they are suffering anyway so regular use of handcream will give you an advantage. Plus you get the security of knowing your hands really ARE clean due to its germ protection.

Foaming Hand Wash

The flavours are nice and your hands will have a nice scent for a short time afterwards. In addition to the Antibacterial range which has Lime & Mint and Grapefruit, there is also a Heavenly Hands range which is a bit more moisturising with its nourishing ingredients. The scents include Raspberry, Tangerine and Plum.

Priced at just $3.29 RRP* (250ml), the Palmolive Heavenly Hands Foaming Hand Wash and Antibacterial ranges are now available at supermarkets and selected pharmacies near you.

For further information please call Palmolive’s Consumer Information Service on 1800 802 307.

3 thoughts on “Palmolive Foaming Handwash

  1. This hand wash is just like the dove make-up remover that has the same principal of foaming up and it feels quite nice on your hands

  2. I would have liked to try this one out. And see how well it performed or not. And i just dont know how i go about being involved in any trails that you may be running

  3. I have this at home and I love it! It leaves a lovely scent on the hands after washing them! I use it as a means to ensure that Rory washes his hands when need be 😛

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