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Nude is in right now – or at least it is when it comes to beauty. If you are wondering where to start and can’t quite ditch the colour from your lips then give your nails a natural look. However all nudes are not created equal, there is a huge assortment of shades to choose from.

We enlisted the help of ORLY Australia’s Creative Director Fiona Hay to talk more about the trend. When asked about nude nails Fiona said,

“Nude nails will never go out of fashion. There are so many versions of nude now its easy to find a colour that’s right for you. Different textures, from sheer through to completely opaque, some with shimmer, some creme.”

orly nudes

But how do you know which colour will be right for you? It’s not as easy as choosing a foundation and blending until you find the right one.

“Once upon a time, nude nails were just a clear coat, or a see through pink.” Fiona explains, “But not everyone can wear pink! For example, warmer or golden skin tones need a warmer peach or beige pink. Dark skin needs more of a milky tea colour.”


You may not know that ORLY’s founder created the French Manicure back in 1975. The white tipped look was trialled on movie stars and the world took note. While the concept is still the same, the French Manicure has evolved.

“The French manicure has taken a modern twist, by combining the pink or nude tone with the white to give an all over creamy nude colour.” Fiona continues;

“This was emulated at Dion Lee’s show at RAFW for Spring Summer 11/12 (pictured). Dion’s collection featured a lot of block colour, mainly pastel pink, mint, grey, and black and white. I chose ORLY Pure Porcelain for its creamy neutral tone with the slightest hint of pink. This worked for all the models changes and skin tones.”


“Pure Porcelain is so opaque, that we only needed to use one coat on the models nails, which was a blessing when working backstage, with time restrictions and also drying time is minimised.”

Nude nails are user friendly as chipping is less obvious and they won’t ever clash with your outfit.

Will your nails be going nude or do you prefer to stick with darker, bold colours?

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