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If you are completely addicted to all things vamp, you are not alone. Dark eyes and blood red lips are no longer limited to those with a taste for the alternative, they can be used for a sultry, sophisticated face.

Just like vampires, your vamp makeup should only come out at night and with the right products and a little practise you can get a look worthy of Fangtasia.

Want to get the look? This little beauty editor has been busily testing products and I have compiled a list of my favourite vamp products.


(Admittedly my photographing skills could use a little work but you get the idea)

Right now I am a self confessed pressed mineral powder addict, it is so quick and easy to apply and you can do a light brush to remove any redness or build it up for complete coverage and a photo ready finish.

The Pressed Mineral Powder from Dermaquest (RRP $66.00) is versatile and has no parabens, talc, synthetic dyes or oil. Also containing sunscreen (remember we aren’t ACTUAL vampires and we still crave the sunshine) and a mirror and applicator sponge.

Used over your favourite primer this is a good base for your dramatic, vampish look.

Stockist: Dermaquest

Moving onto the eyes, I have found a few chic eye shadows which would all suit – the first is from BYS, a fab little budget brand that is big on impact. The 02 Glam Rock (RRP $7.95) Eyeshadow compact has ten different dark shades from purple to black. A bit of sparkle in there too, smokey eyes here we come!

Stockist: BYS (03) 9551 4666

Youngblood is another brand that has my heart, I was a bridesmaid recently and a selection of products were used from Youngblood – it lasted the entire day and night so I have no problem recommending them.

For our vamp look, there is a Pressed Eyeshadow in Black Opal (RRP $37.00) which comes with a little mirror. Obviously you won’t be smothering this all over the place or you will get the much loathed panda eyes, but master the technique and lustworthy peepers will be yours.

Stockist: Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics 1800 625 387 or

You are not limited to black, black, black – purple is also very powerful but it doesn’t suit everyone. If you are lucky enough to be able to use the purp then try Natural Compatibles After Dark Applishade in 111 (RRP $26.00). This is an eye colour with built in applicator. The product sweeps easily over your eyelids and can also be used under the eyes without much difficulty. Use it as an eyeliner or shadow (whatever takes your fancy) and there is some shimmer added as well.

Stockist: Natural Compatibles 03 9764 0966 or

If you are looking for a foolproof way to get smokey eyes then I am happy to tell you that I have found it. It’s called the Sultry Eyes Make-Up Kit (RRP $14.95) and it’s by Sax. This box has 4 shadow shades, each numbered with step by step instructions. Also included is a liquid eyeliner, mascara and mirror, so it really is everything you need in one simple kit. The eyeshadow applicator is OK but I am a brush snob and prefer to use my own tools, especially with the tricky under eye shadow application.

Stockist: Sax Cosmetics

The Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow (RRP $42.00) is glam in a box. I adore the gold packaging – it makes you feel that little bit special every time you use it. The shade to choose is Black Crystals from the Metallic collection, with its smooth application and long lasting wear, I can imagine this sitting on Grace Kelly’s dressing table back in the day.

Stockist: Estee Lauder 1800 061 326 or

Eyeliner is key when it comes to dark eyes, whether you are a pencil, liquid, gel or cream girl I have found the product for you.

All night long, that’s how long the Smashbox Cream Eyeliner in Caviar (RRP $32.95) will last. To apply you will need a suitable brush (you can get Cream Eyeliner brushes for this purpose). A little goes a long way and you can use it to define your eyes or blend for a little extra smoke. Caviar is black as black, but you can also get purple, blue or grey if you want to mix it up.

Stockist: Kit Cosmetics 1800 705 800 or

Ooh look at you Maybelline, with your NY Eye Studio Lasting Drama Blackest Black Gel Eyeliner (RRP $16.95). If you have been too scared to try a gel, now is the time. A pot of black gold that comes with an applicator brush, dip it in and glide across your lashline – voila, too easy! A smooth line of dark velvet and eyes that pop.

Stockist: Maybelline NY 1300 369 327

Another little cutie in a pot is the Kohl Eyeliner from Bloom. Kind of like a crayon texture, but without the actual crayon…a brush and pot set that clips together for application anywhere. It is quite matte so even if this is the last product you use you won’t ruin the rest of your hard work with flaking. The brush is quite tiny so it gives an accurate and neat line.

Stockist: Bloom Cosmetics 03 9421 0200 or

Jane Iredale has a Cream to Powder Eyeliner (RRP 54.00) trio called Black Plus. There is a brown, grey and of course black included in a gold coloured package. As the name suggests it starts as a cream so can be applied with ease, and dries as a powder. You will need your own brush, but with the three colours you have loads of possibilities to experiment with.

Stockist: Jane Iredale 1800 850 008


A simple black eyeliner is the Eye Definer in Black (RRP $7.45) from Face of Australia. For girls who prefer the traditional pencil this lines the rims of your eyes in seconds for a crisp look. While this is a pencil it is a bit softer and smoother than what you may be used to, for me this is a plus because it makes application so much better.

And to wrap up our eyeliners we need to go liquid! I’m opting for something a bit different this time, the Liquid Eyeliner Pen from BYS in 01 Black. You get all the drama of a liquid without the need for a steady doctor’s hand, this is more like a texta so whoosh…you got it. Even the Cleopatra eye flick is doable with this one!

Stockist: BYS (03) 9551 4666

With all this black on my eyes you can hardly tell I have no mascara on, but this is a must to finish the vamp eye look. I would go both top and bottom and make sure you curl your lashes as it really brings out your eyes. I’m using The Falsies Volume Express from Maybelline. You can never go wrong with Maybelline mascara, especially in black. The wand is flexible so you get good lash cover and it fits nicely in your hand so you can apply comfortably.

Stockist: Maybelline NY 1300 369 327

For the lips we are going red. I know we always say dark eyes OR lips but for vamp I will make an exception. So, start with a lip liner as this will keep your lips coloured for longer and prevent bleeding (insert vampire pun here if you must). Sax Creme Precision Lip Liner in 04 Red (RRP $12.95) will suit most red shades, especially if you line and colour the entire lip area before lippy.

Stockist: Sax Cosmetics

Back to Youngblood for lipstick, go for Vixen (RRP $38.00) which is a lovely bright reddy pink. It feels nice on your lips and does feel quite moisturising rather than drying. It contains natural oils and minerals which is where it gets the softness from, so it is a nice choice for winter lips.

Stockist: Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics 1800 625 387 or

Bloom has a Lipstick in Bella (RRP $28.00), and this is for the confident among us. A high impact red which would look stunning against fair skin (love you Christina Hendricks). Soft on your lips, you will be leaving your mark with this one!

Stockist: Bloom Cosmetics 03 9421 0200 or

From Maybelline there is Are You Red-Dy (RRP $16.95) which is even more red than the others mentioned so far. It is more red than pink and is a true diva in a tube. With a little blotting it gives a more sultry and kissable look so pucker up baby! Did you know this is currently the number one red lip colour in Australia!?!

Stockist: Maybelline NY 1300 369 327

Poppy King loves her lipstick and Red Sinner from her Lipstick Queen (RRP $33.95) collection is that little bit naughty. Opaque and high in pigment, this feels beautiful on with its shea butter formula. If you can remember the original Poppy King lipsticks (think the 90’s), the Lipstick Queen range is the new improved versions.

Stockist: Kit Cosmetics 1800 705 800 or

Finish the vamp look with some fun on your nails, Face of Australia‘s Molten Metallics Nail Enamel in Iron Ore (RRP $4.95) is a black with some sparkles. Your nails will match the night sky!

Stockist: Face of Australia

How is that for a list!?! Have I missed anything? Will you be getting your vamp on?

5 thoughts on “Makeup Picks: Vamp

  1. I love it, am quite olive skinned though so cant really pull off the vamp look, but i also love dark eyes with a bit of peacock color on my lids. love poppy as well!! and bloom- had not heard of the eyeliner so might try some 🙂 did you know the have a marching nail polish called Bella too ?

  2. I love dramatic make-up looks so this selection of awesome beauty must-haves is right up my alley! What an amazing selection of bold & eye-catching products that would turn heads wherever you went! Wearing these dramatic shades and hues of gorgeous dark and shimmery products would look stunning and they could be worn in so many different ways. I’m yet to master the winged eyeliner look but I love the appearance…and I must say Maybelline’s The Falsies is a fab pick! Giving instant volume, lift and definition to even the most itty-bitty lashes, I just love it!
    My beauty product wish list just got a lot longer after reading this article! 🙂

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