Make Up Fact or Fiction with Leslie Graham

Leslie Graham is one of the top make-up artists on the Hollywood circuit and has worked on some of the world’s most beautiful faces including Tyra Banks and Rachel Hunter. She has also created the iconic looks of some of our favourite characters. Her recent film credits include; Sucker Punch, The Tron Legacy, Twilight: Eclipse and Twilight: New Moon. 

Leslie’s next challenge has bought her to Australia where she will train a new generation of artists in her craft at The Makeup Technicians School of Makeup. To learn how personalise your look TMT offers Personal Use courses the first Saturday of every month. Space is limited, so book early!

Tron Leslie On Set

(Leslie working on the set of Tron)

Leslie did some myth busting for us and solved some common makeup questions:

Girls with blue eyes can’t wear blue eye shadow.

Fiction: Blue eyed girls can definitely wear blue eye shadow. In fact it makes the eyes appear bluer. Just like brown eyed girls look great with brown eye shadow too!

When testing foundation you should match the colour to your jawline and not your hand.

Fact: Yes! your hands are often a different colour than your face. So test along the jawline and I even suggest you step into natural daylight to get a true colour match. Blend it in and if you don’t see the makeup it’s the right colour.

Waterproof mascara can damage your eyelashes.

Fiction: I don’t have any evidence that it’s damaging. However I don’t suggest wearing waterproof everyday, simply because it’s the removal that is more difficult and that can be damaging. Use an oily remover that’s made for waterproof mascara so you won’t need extra scrubbing and can avoid damage the lashes.

You should throw out your eye products every 3 months.

Fact and Fiction: It’s very important to keep all your makeup and tools clean and sanitary. I recommend a new mascara every 4-6 weeks. Creams and liquids can grow bacteria easily because moisture is present. Dry powders and shadows are inert which simply means they cannot harbour bacteria, so eye shadows can last years.

If you cut your eyelashes they will grow back longer.

Fiction: Don’t ever cut your eyelashes! Lashes have a natural growth cycle lasting 60-90 days. Your lashes have 3 stages of growth at any one time. You should never cut or pull on your lashes. For longer lashes, try lash extensions or lash building mascara.

Powder foundation gives less coverage.

Fiction: Mineral powders of today provide excellent coverage and you can go back over any areas that need more coverage. Use a big round brush or kabuki brush to tap and swirl in circular motions.


(Leslie’s work has appeared in the Twilight movies)

You should always use a lip liner the same shade as your lipstick.

Fact: This keeps lips looking full and beautiful. A darker toned lip liner can often look distracting or age a person.

Wearing makeup will give you pimples.

Fiction: It’s important to choose the right foundation for your skin type. For example, if your skin is oily you would want to stay away from heavy, oil based products and reach for a water based or silicone makeup. For normal to dry skin an oil based makeup will provide the moisture you need. Makeup must be thoroughly removed daily.

White eyeliner will make your eyes look bigger.

Fact: It’s an old school theatrical trick that was also popular in the 60’s. The white inner eye line tends to give the appearance of a bigger eye by making the whites of the eyes appear bigger.

You can keep your makeup brushes and pads sanitary by washing them with warm water.

Fiction: You should clean your brushes with a mild soap and warm water. You can also use brush cleaner or 99% iosopropyl alcohol.

Your fingernail and toenail polish should match.

Fiction: Matching is fine but not necessary. Often bright colours on the toes are fun and can last longer than on the fingernails.

Your makeup should match your clothes.

Fiction: You should not wear your makeup to match your clothes but your makeup colours should instead compliment your clothing.

You should avoid wearing red lipstick.

Fiction: Every woman can wear red lipstick. It’s the undertone of the red that makes a difference to the skin tone. Choose an orange, blue or pink undertone depending on your skin colour.

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