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Hair removal, the necessary evil that women across the world debate endlessly. There are so many methods of hair removal that everyone has their preference, and sometimes their personal preference isn’t what they would advise for others.

I think shaving is the simplest and most convenient method, though it is far from the longest lasting. I often have great intentions of using another method but when all is said and done I’m back to shaving because it’s a quick 5 minute job in the shower and it’s painless. I’m actually not sure which is the bigger drawcard to tell the truth.

Those of us who shave are often looking out for a new brand, a new design, a new innovation. Yes, once we find something we love it’s hard to change but sometimes something comes along that at least makes you want to give it a go.

Schick has two razors which do just that, and we have 10 of each heading to our readers for review so I look forward to what they have to say.

I’m a sucker for pretty colours and the Schick Hydro Silk is now available for a limited time with a Pink Handle, my favourite colour.

The Schick Hydro Silk Limited Edition Pink Handle offers a refreshing shave and silky smooth hair-free skin. Once the razor gets wet the moisturising serum, enhanced with marine extracts, is activated to moisturise for up to 2 hours after shaving.
5 curve sensing blades provide an incredibly close shave and unique skin guards help protect the skin from irritation, leaving silky smooth looking legs.


  • Water-Activated Moisturising Serum, unique to the women’s shaving category, moisturises up to 2 hours after shaving.
  • 5 Curve-Sensing Blades that gives incredible closeness
  • Unique Skin Guards to help protect skin from irritation
  • Soft touch handle, inspired by water for a beautiful look

RRP $14.25

The Schick Intuition is the only razor that lathers and moisturises in one easy step, while you shave. It is the simplest way to get smooth, beautiful legs. This unique 2-in-1 razor features four blades for an incredibly close shave with no need for soap, shaving gel or body wash thanks to the Unique Skin Conditioning Solid which moisturises during shaving.

The Schick Intuition razors now feature updated colour handles and are available in Intuition Sensitive Care and Intuition Pure Nourishment.


  • A Unique Skin Conditioning Solid – shave cream right on the razor! The Skin Conditioning Solid creates its own light lather when wet, allowing the razor to glide easily over skin, leaving you with noticeably softer skin after every shave.
  • Four blades to allow for a precise shave
  • A Pivoting Head to follow the contours of a woman’s body, helping minimise nicks and cuts
  • An Ergonomic Handle with soft rubber grip for precise control and a comfortable fit in the hand

RRP $12.69 and 3 pack refills are $13.49

The Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment features Coconut Milk and Almond Oil infused in the skin conditioning solid to help moisturise dry skin during shaving and has a new Lavender handle.
Each package contains two refill cartridges, a shower hanger and a convenient travel cap.

Available from Woolworths, Coles, Priceline and pharmacies nationally. For more information visit

10 of our Beauty and Lace Club Members will receive both a Schick Hydro Silk with Limited Edition Pink Handle and a Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment to review, and we look forward to hearing what they think in the comments below.

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9 thoughts on “User Reviews: Schick Disposable Razors

  1. I love these razors! No mess & great results. No more shaving creams that leave a huge mess in the bathroom. The scent is subtle but very pleasant. I like the design of the Schick Intuition. It makes it easy to hold and gives you more control over your shave. My legs did feel smooth and softer.
    The Schick hydro silk is also a slick little shaver that is great for those hard to reach areas. It’s also a no mess great way to shave. I’m keeping that one in the shower.
    I definitely recommend both shavers and I’m going to continue using them in my shaving future.

  2. The shape of the handle on the Hydro Silk razor is so ergonomic! It fits naturally and super comfortably into my hand. I have made a point of mentioning this because it is an outstanding feature to me of this razor. It really is incredible in the way it fits so perfectly snug into my palm. This could be a very important feature for those who have less strength in their grip, have arthritic problems or just want something to shave with that is super comfy and natural to hold. I can honestly say how amazed I was when I used this.

    Other features I liked was the colour of the razor – I know, it’s not that important on the overall scale of things but being a woman, it’s one of the big things we notice! I also was very happy with the smoothness of the shave. I would buy this again – this razor is great.

    The Schick Intuition on the other hand is not really one for me but my 12 year old daughter who has just started to be interested in shaving has been happy to take this one off my hands. I think it suits ‘beginners’ very well. The head is too chunky for my own liking. It’s great for those starting out and it does have a good moisturiser which self-applies so it’s nice on the skin in that way. It makes it easier for the beginner to not have to worry about rubbing a separate soap in front of the razor. It makes things simpler in that way.

  3. I like the razors they work well on my skinny ankles. I have use others and they have cut my ankles. Schick hydro silk works very good and Schick Intuition is good also.
    Great products.

  4. The Schick Intuition was the first razor that I used as a teenager and at that time I really used to love it.
    Trying it again many years later, I have to say that my favourite part is that there is no need for shaving cream due to the soap bar around the edge. It smells great, with the coconut and almond milk mixture being soft on the skin during the shave and after. Overall I preferred this over the Schick hydro, purely because my legs felt smooth and hydrated afterwards and made the often tedious shaving experience much quicker.

    The Schick Hydro was described as having a water activated moisturising serum, I found that this created a slightly slimy film while shaving which I was not a fan of. The handle was comfortable to use but this is not the razor for me.

    My preference between these two razors would definitely be the Schick Intuition.
    Thanks Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to test these out.

  5. The Intuition razor is an absolute joy to use. I love everything about it, including the holder that comes with it! I thought it was a little pricey at first, but totally worth it once I’d used it. This is now my favourite. Comfy to use, smooth, soft skin and it has its own little home. 🙂

    I also tried the Hydro Silk razor which was not too bad, but to me, didn’t really warrant the price. It didn’t feel much different to other razors and didn’t make me as excited to try it out. It’s still a lovely razor and did leave my skin feeling very smooth but just didn’t have that ‘fancy’ feeling that the Intuition did.

    All in all, both lovely and definitely at the very top of my purchase list!

  6. I really liked the Schick Hydro Silk! I found it gave a really close shave and my legs felt silky and soft after which is a big change for me as my legs are ALWAYS dry! It was easy to hold and seemed to work really well on all the little fiddly boney areas. I will definitely keep using this one in the future!
    The Schick Intuition was a little bulky for my liking. It didnt seem to give as close a shave as the Hydro Silk. It did leave my legs moisturised and smelt lovely and the lather during the shave was great but its bulkyness put me off this one a little.
    Both came with suction cap holders for in the shower which is always handy!
    Overall both great razors but its the Hydro Silk for me in the future!

  7. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to trial these Schick Razors as I am very much a Razor girl and not into putting myself through the pain of waxing and I certainly can’t afford one of the more permanent options.
    Not all Razors are created equal, so just because you may have tried a Razor and found it didn’t meet your expectations, does not mean that you should bypass all Razors. The Schick Hydro Silk and the Schick Intuition Razors are very different from each other.
    Firstly the Silk Hydro. This is a limited Edition Razor, but from what I can find out it appears that the Limited aspect of this Razor is the Pink handle and not the Razor itself. It’s a good thing when you find a Razor that you like. The worst thing would be for it to vanish from the supermarket shelf. This pack comes with the pink handle, a suction cup holder and 2 sets of blades. That’s nice, one to use and one as a spare. The Razor has 5 blades that are enclosed in a soft plastic guide and a moisturizing strip which moisturizes the skin as you shave. It keeps hydrating the skin for up to two hours after shaving, which is pretty wonderful.
    I found this razor very easy to use and it glided easily over the skin. After shaving my legs were very smooth and didn’t require any lotion at all.
    I would happily repurchase this razor.

    The Schick Intuition Razor is not a small compact Razor but more of a solid Razor. The blades are surrounded by a large amount of creamy soap that smells amazing. It’s infused with coconut milk and almond oil. There is no need to use any shave cream or lotion as that is all contained around the blades. As you shave the creamy soap covers your skin which allows the blades to glide smoothly. I found that it was a super fast shave. The head pivots easily eliminating nicks. My skin felt smooth and hydrated. Schick has mastered this aspect of shaving.
    This pack came with the handle, two blade cartridges (this is a 4 blade razor) and the suction cup holder for the shower.
    I have to mention that with this Razor I did have an issue with the holder. I was awakened at 3 in the morning when there was a loud crash and a clatter that scared the heck out of me. I found that the suction cup had released and my razor had fallen into the base of the shower. I’m not sure if this is a problem with the unit or if I didn’t attach it correctly, but I haven’t tried to reattach it for fear it will repeat the performance and wake me again at 3am.

    Schick certainly knows what they are doing when they create their Razors. If you can purchase a Razor and not have to worry about using shaving cream, then that’s an instant saving right there. That’s wonderful if you are traveling, as that’s one less thing to worry about packing.
    Next time you are looking at purchasing a new Razor. I would suggest checking out the Schick range especially the Hydro Silk and the Intuition.

  8. I loved using Schick Hydro silk Limited edition pink handle & i am very happy with the results. I enjoyed using it in the pink colour because i love this colour and it makes me happy. I loved its soft handle and it fits in the hand very nicely and makes the whole shaving process very easy. My skin became very soft , smooth and moisturised after shaving and there was no irritation, cuts or marks as it was super gentle on the skin. I enjoyed using it & i could feel the moisture in the skin after every use – i totally loved the water activated moisturising serum feature which makes this razor a unique one. The suction cup holder makes it very easy to keep it in the bathroom .

    I liked the Schick intuition as well .It is very cute and easy to use .I loved that it lathers & moisturises only in one step during shaving & made my skin soft after every use. I loved the mild coconut fragrance & it makes the whole shaving experience very happy one. This is also very gentle and there were no cuts or bruises in the skin. The best part was that there is no need to use shave gel or soap while shaving. I loved its handle because it offers a great grip while shaving.

    Thanks a lot Beauty & Lace for giving me a chance to try & experience these new razors.I will continue to use these regularly .

  9. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to review the lovely pink Schick Hydro Silk razor and the Schick Intuition . I found the experience absolutely pleasurable. Although these razors look incredibly different the results were very similar. The closeness of the shave was impeccable and given that they both have the ability to lubricate and moisturize the skin whilst shaving made the experience enjoyable and simplistic. If I had to choose between the 2 I believe I would choose the Schick Intuition, the smell of the moisture pad was very pretty and when I was using the razor in the shower it didn’t even feel like I was shaving. It just felt like it was floating across my leg, the moisture quality from the pad continued to moisturize my legs for many hours later, actually I didn’t moisturize until after my next shower the next day… The grip on both the razors were fantastic , I did enjoy the Schick Hydro Silk soft touch razor handle the most, the thinness of the handle with the finger support groove up near the blade itself made me feel like I had complete control over the delicate and easy to cut areas . I loved the fact that it was pink, I choose pink things when ever they are available, pink makes me happy! I was impressed with the packaging of both razors. I was happy to see the packet included a replacement blade for each of them, the blade heads on both razors where super easy to detach and reattach, the 4-5 blades incorporated in each individual blade head definately paid off as the closeness of the shave after just one stroke was perfection. Thank you once again, I highly recommend these razors, if there was a star rating I would give them both a 5 out of 5. x

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