New: Milky Foot Active

Milky Foot have launched a brand new addition to their range known as ‘Milky Foot Active’ to bring you softer and fresher feet in one application. Perhaps you recall Milky Foot from their visual TV ad (with those gross peeling feet) or maybe even from the Milky Foot trial we ran with some of our members – see feedback here.

For those of you who don’t know, Milky Foot is a foot treatment designed to exfoliate skin that is hardened and dead and it will leave your feet feeling baby soft. It starts to work after 5-7 days at which time skin goes through a (completely painless) peeling process – when this stage is complete you’ll be proud to show off your feet on the beach, at the pool or in your cutest strappy heels.



Milky Foot Active is similar to regular Milky Foot but has the extra benefit of combatting, a somewhat embarrassing problem – foot odour. Milky Foot Active’s  key ingredient for fresh smelling feet is the addition of Tannic Acid so whether you’re male or female with a foot odour issue, Milky Foot Active could be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Milky Foot Active is the perfect solution for smelly, coarse, tough feet – transforming them into beautifully soft and smooth baby-like feet – without the embarrassing stink!

For more details visit:

RRP $32.95 for one size (up to size 13 for women, size 11 for men)

Available in Chemist Warehouse nationally.

Note: Milky Foot products are not suitable for diabetics.


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